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"Making Friends Around the World" ~ Meeting friends from all over the world by shacommunity our personal homepages.

Gypse King's Encampent
A site about the people i love the most my family see pictures see dedication to my mother. apply for one of my awards.

This is about my family and some crafts and poems are listed

Tania Lebanese Site
Personal about me and my love for justice and human rights,Lebanon from A to Z, astrology,Free ecards,Homeopathy,natural medicines, phytotherapy, Horoscopes, jokes, Games cheats,free submission engines,Funny ...

Sassy's Nest
my site is a mixture of family , christian poems, photo's, a very family friendly site i have.

Sassie_brat's homepage
Site about me, my hobbies and things I like

Serenity Gardens
Events, committees, friendship and fun! Peaceful co-existance within our garden...stop by sometime.

The Irish Brat's Place
My homepage set in an Irish setting, from here you can view my other sites: Lighthouses, Pooh's, Mickey's World, Irland and memorial page for my daughter Dawn etc.

A Man's Journey
A personal Christian website..inspirational biographies.

It's my home on the web and there are a lot of things I love: poems, quotes, recipes, news, pen pals, awards, and more

Come on in and Meet the Family
A site about our family and the things we love to do, with many family photos.{;}

Cattery Kirazamber
Small cattery in Oriental Shorthair & Longhair, Siamese & Balinese. Health and character are our main goals in breeding, but type comes in as a very close second! Please visit our website to get acqua ...

The Bold & The Beautiful Women Of The Internet
This is a website that I created and dedicated to all the wonderful friends that I have made while being on the internet.

My personal site with opm midi and lyrics,linkware graphics, my internet love story, poetry, communitys that i manage and so much more.

Little Bit of My World
Hello... I'm trying to have a site with a little bit of everything. Please take the time to visit.

Li's pages
Literature, paintings, theater, dolls

Fascinating Words
my Site is family friendly and has poems. I have not long had my website and plan it to be a serendipity

Kristina's Home! ~ greatkris.com
Many Paint Shop Pro tutorials -- including pixel painting and selection tutorials. Penguins, bears, angels, and more. I also offer several linkware page sets.

family, love and illnesses about genetics in my family along with my new lil business

Muldrow Chasm
Mystical Universe. Mystical Landscapes. Mystical Universe Project in 6 parts. Sea, sun,sky,desert,space, sand, red...red...red....

Andrea's Realm
Among my many interests are two great loves. I adore old rock n' roll and I like to write short stories. I'm an undiscovered musical superstar and an unrecognized literary genius. I deal with it.

James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door
James S. Huggins is a professional speaker, author & technologist. With more than 30 years of Information Technology experience, he writes and speaks about technology, change and the social impacts, sprinkled ...

Katys Korner
My hobbies, children and soon to be graphics! *L* A new site that will grow each day.

Shawnas Place
Hi!{;}My website is my home away from home:){;}I have poetry I have written, cartoon dolls, adoptions, and alot more. Just come and visit me:){;}

Garden Of Serenity
A site dedicated to our family, friends in Pogo along with some of their recipes and poetry. Also a dedication page to 9/11, a prayer page for friends and relatives in military and more.

Pascale's World
My Homepage on Haitianconnection