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For everyone who loves Celtic things and displays that on your page...

Aisling's Site
A site containing pages about Irish and Celtic culture, literature, and genealogy.{;}

The Celtic Bookshop
Supernatural Celtic mysteries ~ each based on the mythology, folklore, legend and history of the various Celtic cultures ~ Come on over for a great read.......

Grannys Place
I spent almost 9 months in Scotland and is told as seen through my eyes.{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}

Medieval Novel Website
This site has info on my YA novel, 13th c. historical fiction, England, Ireland and Isle of Man. First chapter on site. Also many pages of medieval, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon history. History quiz, literature ...

Whiteworks Christening Gowns
A site maintained by an old Irish Grandma, with fun facts, links and Celtic smiles. Beannú!{;}

Prince Michael Stewart or Alexander IV of Scots?
Who is the true King/Queen of Scots? Is it Elizabeth II or the Duke of Bavaria? Or is it someone else? Find out more!

Brobdingnagian Bards - Awaken the Romance
Austin's Original Celtic Renaissance, The Bards play music fit for a fairy tale, traditional and original music at Renaissance Faires, Clubs, and Weddings throughout the Southwest.{;}

Joelle's Sacred Grove
Site created by a Celtic Witch to help others who are seeking the same path. Includes information about Celtic Art, history and traditions; Wicca & Witchcraft Info & Resources; Herbs; Candlemaking; Clipart; ...

Pat Fish's Tattoo Santa Barbara
Tattoo Artist Pat Fish bcommunitys the intricate interlaced knotworks of the ancient Irish illuminated manuscripts and the Pictish stones to life again in the skins of modern Celts.

Ealain Draoi Celtic Candle Luminaries
Unique handcrafted votive candle holders with tranlucent designs including Celtic Lovers Knot, Celtic Heart, Celtic Symbols, Welsh Dragon, Scottish Lion, Irish Lyre, and more. Custom work for Celtic/Irish ...

Michelle Parker\'s Knotwyrks
Knotwyrks is the official website for fantasy and Celtic artist Michelle Parker. You will find art here inspired by fantasy, myth and Celtic design. You will also find fairies, dragons, elves, unicorns, ...

Guinness In The Morning
Guinness In The Morning is a Traditional Celtic and Irish Music Band based in Western Illinois. Be prepared to have fun or don\'t come knockin\'...

Medieval Scotland
The World of Medieval Scotland--- The World of the Blue Bells Trilogy. This blog covers medieval European history, especially Scotland. Curious about calthropes? Wondering what a garron is? Present ...