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Calling all Caribbean Bloggers and friends. Join in the community and join in the fun.

Stunner's Afflictions
This blog discusses various controversial topics ranging from personal views as well as commentary on national and international events and situations.

Caribbean Free Radio
The Caribbean's first podcast!

Rantings and Ramblings
Just the thoughts that pop in and out of my head from time to time ranging from the insane to the somewhat sensible

Freshwater Thoughts
the epiphanous rantings raving and diatribes of a 20 something carib in this cold cold world.

Poet in Wisconsin
I have dual citizenship: I'm Jamaican and I'm also a citizen of the world.

Lowered Expectations
Might make you laugh, I sure do.

Doan Mind Me
Bajan in Toronto with no specific topic

The Guabancex Blog
Unapologetic sputtecommunitys from the sweltecommunity tropics, or to be more precise; 5 ninjas, 1 kitten and a fifth of vodka!

Moments in the everyday life of a almost 40 yr old Jamaican

The AngryDog's Kennel
A place on the web for a young Jamaican dog transplanted to Babylon to roam free and bark at all the little quirky things that makes our world as bittersweet and intriguing as it is.

Relay #70, Panel F
Another take on technology as it spirals.

Caribbean musings at Big Apple pace.

Just talking about life in Jamaica

Ria Bacon: Editor & writer. Linguist with wanderlust, from the highlands of Papua New Guinea to the halls of the Sorbonne. Currently resident in Arcadia, Jamaica.

Random Stories from a Kingston Girl
Stories from my life as a single girl in Kingston, Jamaica

Callaloo Soup
An almost daily look into the life of a West Indian scrapbooker living in France

My thoughts...on stuff
Visit the highly rated “My thoughts on stuff” blog, featucommunity witty commentary on current events by Leon Robinson.

So close, yet so far
Dominican (from the Dom. Rep., not Dominica!) living in Jamaica.

Geoffrey Philp's Blog Spot
Geoffrey Philp's Blog Spot features essays, podcasts, interviews, poetry, fiction and literary events in Miami, Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Island Spice
Living and Loving in the Caribbean. Based on a true story ..

AfroBella is a Website dedicated to product reviews, ruminations about style, and interviews with women all shades of beautiful.

Sweet Soca Euphoria
Observations on things related to Soca Music and anything else I can think of.

Cosmetic Science
Cosmetic Science will help consumers of cosmetics (male and female) understand the chemistry behind their favourite products.The goal is for presented information to eventually be driven by questions from ...

Out a Mih Head
Rants and raves on life in Trinidad and life in general.

This is a photo journalistic site about Barbados. Not to say this blog is or will be bias, it just means the photos and topics will be mostly of Barbados (Bajan) origin. So enjoy my thought provoking ...