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This is a community for blogs that have connections to BYU. It's for students, alumni, professors, fans, and anyone else who cares to be associated with a BYU community. It's for all three campuses: Provo, Laie, and Rexburg.

Sports, Cows, Politics, and Other Such Oddities
Saw this on Google's site and thought I'd give it a try. It won't be much . . . I don't have the time to spend on it to make it super cool. :-( What can I say? BYU's concentration camp guards, er, professors, ...

high on the mountain top
Documenting the life and opinions of an 18 year-old BYU student

The Adventures of A-Dawg
Like all blogs, it's pretentiously introspective...but at least in a mildly satirical way.

Things To Act
BYU blogging, plus political, social, theological, and other random commentary.

Jared's "Menace In Mesa"
Sinlge menace to society trying to make sense of life.

Top of the Mountains
I'm an English major at Brigham Young University and plan to go into the book industry (editing/publishing). Not too long ago I returned from two years in Thailand as a missionary for the Church of Jesus ...

Prospectus Y
Prospectus Y is a social experiment and Information Hub following a student through the entire BYU college process, from admission to graduation. An entire decade of life will be documented right here ...

Food for Thought: The Cafeteria Chronicle
A collaborative blog by a bunch of collumnist wannabes from BYU-Hawaii. Discussions closely resemble those held around the cafeteria table ranging anywhere from thought provoking and highly controversial ...

Monday Mornings of the World
BYU grad working in not-for-profit industry in various countries in the developing world. Blog used for personal observations and commentary on foreign cultures relative to my own.

Thoughts Before Me
I think people should be at least decent toward each other. And they should read my blog too.

Island Life

A forum for students to discuss (and warn) other students about the housing situation in Provo, Utah

Kate's Calendars Challenge
A chronicle of our goal to sell 900 units by May 2007 of our invention, Kate's Calendars. It's a personalized advent calendar geared for missionaries and couples about to get married. When we're not giving ...

Craig's Ideas
There are some things that I would like to discuss with you: Music, Education, Multimedia and Web Design, Civic Service, Project management, the LDS (Mormon) religion, Massachusetts, large families, ...

Day of Praise
A celebration of Praise, Worship and Gratitude ".....SHOUT ALOUD FOR JOY." (D&C 109:80) Alleluia !!!! I will make today A Day of Praise, Lift my voice and sing Your name, For the glory of heaven, The mercy ...

Thinking in a Marrow Bone
Latter-day Saint (Mormon) perspectives on faith, politics, culture, the arts, philosophy, and science

One LDS Girl From Provo
My life as a single, white, female originally from Boston, MA living in Provo, Utah as a Latter-Day Saint. The good, the bad, and the ugly of it all. I express my sojourn through out the gospel, school, ...

Adventures of a Provo LDS Student
The Life and Adventures of a new Provo LDS student right out of the Marine Corps.