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A Malaysian online journal or blog directory.

my so-called life
it's all about my life cycle from kl to tronoh and everythings in between.

Love Foolosophy

When Routine Isn't Exactly Normal I would like to think of myself as a normal boy born in a normal family leading a normal life. But if the life I'm living is normal, I shudder to think what is special ...

this is the afitechture.
My days will be a bocommunity C-grade movie, but hey, less dramatic than normal chick flicks. This is not high school, it's secondary.

On A Tank And A Prayer
A place where I post my thoughts, my photos and my opinions

Life Is A Flower
The fallen petals of a budding young woman who lives inside a pink bubble and prances around in her garden.

simon on books
simon reviews books he has read here

Foreign Object In Muddy Waters
Malaysian woman who got married at 30 (which is considered late for some people in her culture). Left her country to be with the one she loves. These are her stories of adjustment to the American life, ...

Muse N' Ramblings...
Can't really think of a good reason to have my own blog.... but what the heck, everybody's doing it!

Mixed Up Muppet
A little soul search, an online diary, some free of charge basic medical advice, and a travelog!

SpiralSpastic Blog
Dimana Kehidupan Bermula...

Mix N' Blend
1 sohai low ... want 2 meet a sohai gal... in a sohai malaysian country


v R@lty
In every Individual, there is a force more powerful, more mysterious than the inner workings of the Universe. Shaped by thought, fuelled by emotions, forged by life, touched by spirit and loved by love ...

Boss, You Are Fired!
Boss, You're Fired! covers topics on startups, capital fund, partnership, industry trend, etc. We aim to share with you some stories and secrets of those who have taken the path of being their own boss, ...

My Rules, My Life
diary of a reformed lazybum.3rd year med student.She is addicted to love, tattoos,sleep,good food&pinkcolor.constantly freaked by feathery beings,inevitably turned on by beautiful objects & intelligent ...

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.
This is about everyday encounter of a postgraduate student who is interested in almost anything.

Forlorn Inter
Something Are better left Untouched

:: I Don't Wanna Wait ::
Me, myself, and I

Extinguish that negative thoughts
growing up and longing for the past

Bleh Blah Blog!
Ramblings and babblings of a Malaysian boy!

my life....

The Tiger's Den
Imagine a man who's a cross between Thomas Moore, Pablo Picasso, The Rock, Sean Connery and the Mad Hatter. I guess that's why it's called virtual reality

The many faces of Baby Ali
The many faces of Baby Ali

blah..the site is about me!!It's about a taiping-kia who is currently trying to find her place in this chaotic crazy world.