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A collection of sites focusing on self-improvement by weight loss One Pound at a Time.{;}{;}{;}{;}

Tori's Place
Using WW to loose 100 lbs. I'm down 45 so far and looking forward to making it to goal this year. Come follow my progress in #'s and Pix. I update every Tuesday!

I am Losing It !
The story of how I got fat and how I'm planning to melt it all away{;}

Nadalie's Weight Loss Journey
Follow along with my struggles to reach my goal weight! Includes my journals, progress chart and pictures!{;}{;}

Chantree's Weight Loss Website
Me and the battle of the buldge, one on one. Who will win?!?! ME!{;}

Losing Rock Angel
This is a site about me and my weightloss. The focus is on my journal, which includes my daily struggles with weight loss as well as other things going on in my life that may or may not affect my weight ...

Love, Me!
Another weight loss saga...this time it's mine! My journal, photos, tips, links, ect..{;}{;}{;}

The Adventures of Shrinking Girl
A record of my journey to find a smaller version of myself.

the goddess and her weightloss mis-adventures
I'm now on Phase Four of 'Get with the Program' and so far I've lost 5 lbs!{;}{;}{;}

Filtered Vision
{;}4 year old webjournal detailing the life of a woman dealing with weight issues, changing her life, and discovecommunity who she is beyond her role as wife and mother.{;}{;}

Happy Roads
Join me on my weight loss journey.

Ceylonblue's Weight Loss Journey
My personal weight loss journey towards a happier and healthier life!{;}

We Can Do It!
This site was developed with the We Can Do It! members in mind. Although it was created for the members, it is for anyone who would like to get information about losing weight and getting into shape with ...

Diet 4 Health
{;}{;}{;}A page dedicated to helping me and others lose weight.

Angel's Quest 4 Health - My Personal Journey
Details about Angel's Quest to lose over 100lbs. Includes, weight and measurement charts, before and after photos.{;}{;}{;}

BLynn's Weight Loss Journey
a site about my weight loss journey complete with a journal and other inspicommunity links to weight loss journeyers.{;}

Marcia's WLS Information & Journey
{;}{;}{;}Information for WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) patients and the journel{;}of my WLS journey.

Wendy's Weight Loss Journey
My site follows my attempt to lose almost 150lbs. Contains info about me, my journal, photos and more.

be my diet and exercise programme buddy{;}{;}{;}

Journey To Fitness
Journey To Fitness: A Weight Loss Blog.

Time to Change
I have 70 pounds to lose and with my life as crazy as it is I plan to do it this year. I need a lot of help from the internet people for real help.{;}

It's Gottta Go!
{;}{;}Just about a girl trying to lose some of this excess baggage!

Diva On A Mission
Journal of a 24 year old on a mission to lose 200 lbs.

Jenn's Weight Loss Journey
A documented site dedicated to my weight loss. Includes stats, pictures, a forum and weekly weigh in journaling as I try to lose 70 pounds.

Panda's Journey To Skinny
This site follows my weight loss progress with weigh ins, food in take, journals. I am trying to meet my goal weight by 7/5/06

I wanted to create this site to have something to do while losing weight. Be accountable and put the good and bad in writing.