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Welcome to the BlogMommas.com community! This community is for all Moms who blog, we are open to stay-at-home, work-at-home, and work outside of the home Moms. All sites must offer something for moms, be it inspiration, comedy, or friendship. All sites are viewed prior to approval - no indecent, filthy, objectionable or illegal sites will be accepted. Business blogs will be accepted if the business is geared towards moms.

One Day At A Time
A sometimes funny, sometimes not so funny daily does of my life. -the life of a cancer survivor, a uber PTA Mom, small town activist and wife. It;s bound to be a fun ride!

Promoting Susiesplace of homemade arts and crafts. Sewing just about everything from purses to home decorations, Holiday gifts, Birthday gifts and lots more.

One of the Jones!
This blog was started origionally as a way for me to keep my family updated on how our family was doing, but as time progressed...I found out I was actually enjoying blogging, and so it has continued. ...

A work-at-home mom blogs about home based businesses, work at home jobs, home based business resources, and motherhood.

Abba Stories
Abba Stories is about four lives. Mine, my husband's, and our two sons. Each of us, as we grow, are a story God is writing.

mister mooch -- gimme, gimme!
A mama writes about her life under the pen name Mister Mooch. Includes stories about her children, crafting, recipes, this and that, and odds and ends.

Mom of 3 Girls
I am 36, married for 7 years to my hubby, Ron, and we have 3 beautiful daughters, ages 6, 4 and 1. Oh yes, and 2 cats as well. I work full-time out of the house, so between work, daycare, school and life ...

Salina's Home Journal
Married for almost 13 years, mother of four. A little bit of everthing here from homemaking and raising kids to crafty stuff.

The Crooked Maple
It's a light roast; funny, light hearted and full of little everyday life things that make me laugh.

A little crunchy
My blog touches on some subjects that most people like to shy away from in the name of being politically correct, I am ANYTHING but politically correct, you have been warned.


Handprints on the Wall
Personal reflections and experiences as I navigate my way through "mom-hood". Highlights giveaways and featured products.

Let's Get it Together!! Guide to Personal Development
Life is full of surprises, good and bad...but it's full successes and rewards. This website is committed to providing encouraging words and inspiration to those who really need it. We are not perfect ...

Diary of a Hope Filled Mom
The diary of a hope filled mom. Relying on God every second of everyday.

My Journey
The purpose of my blog is to share my journey with Christ. It shares how my journey affects my family and those I love.

Dearest Jessica...my journey of life!
I am just like you and willing to write about it!

It is My Life Laugh if You Must
A day in the life of your not so average Mother of 2. The trials and tribulations experienced are not fictional they are very very real. The joys and the laughter are normally G-rated but I can not make ...

Baby Let\'s Shop
parent shopping review blog, giving honest reviews on products and services from baby, child, tween, mom and dad too.

Perspective From My Comfy Chair
Just different pondecommunitys I come up with, articles or emails I've read, ect...

I stitch and sew and cook and create and do my best to guide a few members of the next generation.

Happy Mommy Thoughts
Our main site is a support site for parents. We used to be a paid membership site ($8.95) per month but this year I decided that it was time to make every resource available to everyone who wanted them. ...

Working From Home Makes Sense
About my experience with home business. resources for moms who want to be successful. encouragement for woman and moms.

Cooking 101
Cooking 101 ~ cooking made fun with Watkins. at Cooking 101 you can find fun recipes for the entire family as well as learn more about heathly all natural foods.

Thoughts Out of My Head
blog about everything

Solace For The Soul
Girl seeking solace...a time of quiet to ponder deep thoughts and answer bigger questions than "Mommy, what's for dinner? and "Mommy, do I have any clean socks?"...a look into the mind of a wife, mother ...