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Chibi Desu!
The Blog of Chibi ::insert holy music::

«~And So The Goddess Rants~»
personal website..about me, my beliefs, and people i know..

Ridiculous Obsession
Code is on site. My blog/site collective

personal weblog of a starving and broke university student who spent too much time online and drooling over j-rockers and anime/games bishonens when she's supposed to be working for assignments and projects ...

personal site, including a Final Fantasy collective, Jrock pages, anime, and stuff like that...

CODE IS ON SITE A personal blog of an isolated asian girl.

Aqueous Transmission
Kirisame's bloggie. A weird otaku pottermaniac girl ^^U

whatever is rambling in my head

Wakusei no Chou
My blog in French about my life...

<< utopia*s_fall >>
Random incoherant (or almost incoherant) rants of a maniac... whee ^_^

Listen Up
Thoughts and random ramblings from a 25 year old girl from Sydney Australia.

fuzzswirl's blog
the world according to me...a 20-year-old college girl

normalcy is coursing through my veins
'I'm telling you stories. Trust me.'

shaztah click

Random Prayers

Throwing Musings
k Blog of 20- something geek gurl in the middle of nowhere (outback Australia) . This is my place to rant, ramble, vent, think, dream and talk about my life, partner, cat, size acceptance,work and sometimes, ...

Raunchy Rave
This is my web log, an online journal all about me! (lol) But I have many more anime sites, which are linked on my web log. I guarantee if you come here you won't regret it...

blog/journal of a San Francisco student.

The Closet
Primarily my online diary...

ok a girl's gotta blog when a girl's gotta blog

my blog, all about me.

day 17
OK an obsessive australian females blog. read it and be either bored or somewhat scared. :)

The continued misadventures of an eccentric cartoonist leading a triple life. Warning: Parched sense of humor ahead.

[[ Kurisutaru no Bara ]]
The name means Crystal Roses in japanese, and it's the blog of a Swiss and a Mexican girl, who happen to be wonderful friends. XD

untitled <--it's a sad state.--->
i like muffins. it's the toast that must be stopped.