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Do you tell it like it is?

bluegirl life -- virtually existing
{;}the virtual life of a virtual no one

i rach, you who?...{;}

Bitching about the nowhere.

An online journal of rakish jargon & virtual backbites from an aberrant mind. Does that even make any sense?!

in the buff
just my secret thoughts{;}

Kitty Power
Disjointed dispatches from a young NYC woman on the verge of something or another.{;}

Blogging on the Side

Great Googly Moogly
{;}One woman's quest for normalcy, in an abnormal world. I don't have a bit of "give a shit," but I've got a bucket of "fuck it." Me, my relationship, my family, my past, and my future.

{;}My own personal bitchfest. Bitching about anything from my day, writers block, loves, losses, and/or the garbage truck that wakes me at 4am.

Dictated But Not Read
{;}Musings from the Miracle Girl

Philosopher's Stone
{;}Political/Philosophical analysis and commentary from a hard-as-nails leftwing perspective. Generally updated bi-weekly.{;}

My Musings
The life of a woman just learning to live. There are ups and downs on this roller-coaster, but it's great fun to ride!{;}

cigarettes and alcohol
about the socalled life of an angry/depressed/lovelorn/sad b!tch{;}

Tokyo Redhed
Being red, seeing red and wanting to be read in Tokyo{;}

Creepy Lesbo
UK based creepy lesbo spouts self-indulgent drivel and witters on about her recent obsessions in an attempt to feel better about life.

isn't she dead?{;}she was.{;}she got better, though.

A Room With A View
{;}Graduate student. Teacher. Wife. Bitch. I'm a little of everything.

wide-eyed & ignorant by the seaside
Ramblings of a (hopefully part-time) UK insomniac.{;}

The Mysteries of a Mermaid
The world of a mermaid where you may know some of her secrets, feelings, mysteries, and thoughts. There's also updated news, nice stories, jokes, pictures, and alot more. She can also put a spell on you, ...

La Velocita
dont like it? deal with it.

Journal of a Goddess Jen Girl Wonder
The somewhat daily thought and adventures of a SAHM of three and her lifelong mission to save the world or at least make it look nice.{;}

Musings from a semi-sweet choco-coated pumpkin dreamland {;}{;}

::yes i am nice::

Quest for the perfect man
personal, funny, tragic, adoption, life{;}

+LoUD iN ScHoOL+
Do you like noise?? Do you like school?? Or do you only like the noise..?? Why don't you try to like both, try to like +LoUD iN ScHoOL+{;}