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It seems to me that there are a lot more birthmothers blogging about their experiences these days. It's a great source of comfort to know other birthmothers. So I thought a community would be a good way for us to have a loose-knit little group. Please do not be offended by the name. It is hard to be politically correct for everyone, it is not meant to be offensive.

Birthmother; Reprise
I am a birthmother of 2 boys in an open adoption.

this sucks
A new mother realizing all she has lost when she became a birthmother almost 10 years ago.

Coffee & Cigarettes
mis-adventures of a birthmother in an open adoption.

Musings of the Lame
Everyday breathing and random thoughts and observations,ocassional epitimys, rants on adoption practices, chronology of my reunion of my son lost to adoption at birth, tales of motherhood and the quest ...

Wet Feet

One birthmother's musings.

Let Me Take Your Hands
I'm a birthmom in a very open adoption and am also parenting 1.5 kids

I gave up my son almost 15 years ago. I now have a baby daughter I am raising. I am trying to better understand who I am as a person and as a mother because of these two special children.

screams in the dark ...
Disembabied in the usual way, against my will, by an inhumane hospital and an avaricious adoption agency. Reunited with my daughter. If adoption is so great, then which one of YOUR kids would YOU like ...

A Birthmother's Journey
This is the journey of a birthmother beginning when she was a teenager up to and ducommunity the search and reunion with the son she relinquished in 1974.

Parenting After Adoption Loss
After 11 years of trying to conceive following the relinquishment of my son, I am again a mother. The ache of infertility, followed by the joy of birth, followed by the horror of the residual feelings ...

Reflections of an expectant birthmother
My journey through my pregnancy

Paragraphein (on eBlogger)
This is my blog. In it, I mostly write about adoption, with a few interludes on my day-to-day life. It's a mixture of memoir, personal beliefs about adoption, stats about adoption, and ideas for adoption ...

I'm your average 20 year old, broken hearted birthmom...and have been in the "club" for over two years now.

Adoption Truth
True tales from a mother who lost and learned along the traumatic path of adoption.

The Adoption Triad Network
benefiting everyone the adoption community

A Birth Mom's Blog on Adoption
A Birth Mom's Blog on Adoption

Tk-connection-it's what I want
I have been part of an adoption triad since Sept. 1991. I am a birthmother in an open adoption. I am looking for connection, healing, and direction. Can my experience with adoption make an impact on ...

I relinquished my baby girl 10 years ago and, thankfully, I am in an open adoption.

Surviving Adoption Loss
Adoption is a wonderful thing, or so they say,unless you're the one living without your child. Stepping out of denial nearly destroyed me when I realized that the adoption of my son was unnecesary...not ...

Life is but a dream
The life and times of a birth mother to Bryan - age 29 and mother of almost 7-year old twins - The Bunny Rabbit and the Dolly Llama. A pregnancy through reunion story is interlaced throughout.

From the mind of a bmom

Athens Runner
This blog is sort of my open letter to my 18 year old son, I was always lead to believe that he would be told he was adopted but now have found out he has not been told. I want to make contact but I'm ...

birthmom who is not in an open adoption and gave up my daughter a little over 6 months ago....

Texas Birthmother
I've been a "birthmother" since 1991. My daughter will be 18 later this year, and that opens a whole new realm of emotions for me. I'm terrified.