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This community is for individuals who are bipolar and/or have a loved one that is bipolar.

Cutter (oh no not another writing site!)
Writer, artist, poet but don't let that put you off! Into low quality science fiction & ale, with a generous dose of English Surreal/Bawdy humour. Am bipolar- i.e. cyclothymic personality

A little crazy...aren't we all?
The ramblings of a bizarre woman poucommunity out her soul into her blog about life, bipolar disorder, and inner thoughts.

The Cheesemeister's Psychological Sewer
How the ups and downs of bipolar disorder affect my life. My thoughts, as they are, no apologies.

A quest for purpose.

getting into the right lane
This is where i, a freshly diagnosed Bipolar get to vent about my moods to the general public as a completely anonymous poster

Mercurial Mind Bipolar Blog
Excitement, turmoil, slow-motion fury, over-reacting recluse Tap, tap, tap always on The soft tissues of my brain... My mercurial mind, a bipolar blog.

-Been Broken-
One man and mental illness - an occasional diary

Moon Moods
An on-line diary of a manic depressive, Bipolar I who is coming to terms with such a diagnosis. And other mentally unrelated crap that goes on in her life. Warning: author is prone to rants about issues ...

BiPolar Daily
BiPolar Roller Coaster ride. Seatbelt fastening recommended.

Wild Abandon
Bipolar Blog

Living With A Purple Dog
The ramblings of a bipolar product of the seventies.

Uneven Pieces
Reaffirming the link between creativity and madness by allowing users to share art, writing, and other media inspired by the affliction of mental illness

Binary Abstractions
My life living with Bipolar Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Weirdfrida knows all about it
I'm bipolar by birth and curious by nature. A pro pseudo-psychologist and know it all extraordinaire.

Scenes from a Wasted Life
Bipolar struggles with life and recent diagnosis.

Shithouse rat
Bipolar, sometimes psychotic NYC writer's (mostly) humorous essays on (sometimes) serious topics. Comments--short or long, nasty or nice--always welcome.

bloggo chicago
30-something Chicagoan managing life with bipolar disorder, 4 cats, a husband, and a great love for Star Wars (not necessarily in that order)

Ninja Poodles
About my...Daughter, Husband, Family, Horses, Soap, Singing, Reading, Movies, Playing, Fishing, Internet Addiction, Mental Health Awareness, Assorted Flotsam & Jetsam...and lots and lots of Poodles. Ninja ...

Weird Cake: Treats from a Bipolar Mind
Welcome to the daily view of life as digested by a bipolar brain. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Type II in January 2001 and like to share about my Witch Doctor visits, meds, work, politics, football, ...

MixedThink: Bipolar Health and Other Issues

Ravings of a Bipolar Gothic Witch
Philosophy by a gothic bipolar single mom, pursuing my dream in of a Ph.d physics. I write about anything that interests me including global events, human rights, human stupidity and my bipolar illness, ...

A Revision
I am bipolar and enjoy blogging to express my varying moods, from serious to silly. I am the conductor of the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band, which meets on Friendly Fridays to visit friendless ...

Bipolar & Me
I'm a bipolar girl recording my thoughts to see if "being bipolar" really does affect my day to day life. In trying to overcome this disease and live in the "normal" world, it requires me to analyze my ...

invincible summers
in the depth of winter, i finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer (albert camus)

Pendulum Parenting
Pendulum Parenting is the author's attempt to break down the barrier between parents who are suffecommunity from very real and often debilitating mental health disorders by shacommunity my her experiences ...