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'When I find you again, Pegasus, I will lay you down on the soft sand by our ocean and cover your soul with my wings and kisses. Kisses are feathers. My wings are very strong.' Set in Melbourne in ...

Innocence Lost: Fushigi Yuugi Style
A new Fushigi Yuugi page, with pictures, wallpapers, Gw,FY, and Yu Gi Oh Yaoi Fanfictions, polls and much much more!!!!

Akane's Bishounen
Original bishounen and vampires: picts, fics, adoptions.

Inner Id the mind of Mog
Demented yaoi site featucommunity shrines to Vincent, my fave, Sephy, Kahr, Irvie, Vash, more, fics, art, doujinshi reviews, and you get to smack Sephy.

The hub page for the Boys Heaven Yaoi Community. Come here for updates and info! Don't forget to submit your webpage, too!

Crazy Angels
An original online comic about a bunch of pretty boys in highschool who are slowly losing their minds

Boxer & Rice - The Tales of 2 Princes (GohanxTrunks)
The greatest DBZ yaoi shrine dedicated to the paicommunity of Gohan and Trunks. As official archive of the GhxTr ml we have : {;}{;}Tons of cool fics & amazing fanarts, the best gohanxtrunks doujinshis, ...

An online shounen-ai manga.{;}Jezebelle is an idol singer who is so popular, her fans actually kill each other to see. But Jezebelle isn't all "she" seems to be. Filled with cross-dressing-pretty-gay- ...

A generally yaoi site, which is still small at the moment. I've got a special love for Taishiro of Digimon, and it's visible, but I try not to stick to it.

Site dedicated to Gundam Wing's solitary dragon, Chang Wufei. Features include fanfiction (yaoi/non-yaoi), fanart, images, doujinshi, lyrics, wallpapers, AIM icons, sounds, Meiran/Meilan, Chinese cultural ...

BlueVampyre Yaoi Art
HOT YAOI!!! A collection of the hottest bishies on the net! With sketches, outlines, and fanpics of various hot anime guys! Also the best Yaoi WALLPAPERS! Free CELPHONE BACKGROUNDS for those who have phones ...

DP:SCHISM, an online manga by Kurama Barton's original world and characters. Has shounen ai/yaoi (male to male romantic relationships) + fantasy + some future violent/mature content

Cruel Aesthetics
Anime and manga fanart, original art, commissions, and a webmanga with a shounen ai flavour about a normal boy and the freaks surrounding him ^__^

Visions of the Inner Eye
A small spot for my Shinkidousenki Gundam Wing Yaoi and Shonen ai fanfictions. I also plan to soon have fics from "Gensomaiden Saiyuki", "Final Fantasy 8" and "Fushigi Yugi - The Mysterious Play" as well. ...

Under the Moon of Pars
A yaoi site dedicated to Narsus and Daryon of Arslan Senki, mostly fanfiction and fanart.

The Yaoi Knights
A yaoi fan site with an ever growing picture gallery.

aoi yaoi --- for the love of boys love
a yaoi site with fanfics and pictures as well as real life exploits and other things. Lots of WK fangirlness. always open to submissions!

Everlasting....... A personal fansite that deals with YAOI. It hosts fics of Slamdunk, Yami no Matsuei, Saiyuki (for now), and has fic recommendations for Ai no Kusabi, Fake, Gravitation, and Gundam Wing. ...

All about Koji Nanjo (it's in german)

Dragonspell's Lair
Small site with fanfiction archives for Weiß Kreuz, Harry Potter, Trigun, and YYH.

Lover not a Fighter
A GW yaoi support site with TONS of doujinshi, a growing amout of fics, and fanart/fic contets!

Twlight of the Mind
A site dedicated to my fan-fiction (anime) and original fiction. Most stories contain a relationship between two male characters.

Jade Turned to Air
Jade Turned to Air is a site for my original art and fiction. C'mon in, the men are pretty. ^_^

Private Heaven
Personal Blog with a fangirl's drooling ^^;;;, life adds and random shounen ai/yaoi series comments.

the broken magician
mainly original yaoi, with some non-yaoi fiction. pertains to science fiction and fantasy, and some heavy duty spice.

Hosts fanfics for Ronin Warriors/Yoriden Samurai Troopers, Gundam Wing, Weiss Kreuz, Heroic Legends of Arslan and yaoi originals.

Silk Kitty
Cerise's original art and fiction site ... Contains shounen-ai/yaoi hints ... Includes a yaoi fiction recommendation page and extensive gallery of CG, original media and sketches ... online manga possible ...

Too Soon to Tell
Brand new site. Possessive, slashy vampires anyone? All original writings and updated very regularly. Gallery now open!

Moonlight over Peshawar
A site dedicated to The Heroic Legend of Arislan, with shonen ai/yaoi fanfiction.

Elite Bishonen
This site is dedicated to all the elite bishounen out there. Gundam Wing, Weiss Kreuz, Saiyuki, plus more. Check it out now!!!

Yaoi Games
YaoiGames. Information and galleries.

Dream Shadows
Anime fanfiction, focusing mainly on Gundam Wing, Gravitation, Weiss Kreuz. Non-hentai.

Lo que más Importa son los fanfictions cierto? Pues no!! Lo importante es que conozcan el tamaño EGO y orgullo de una escritora de fanfics.

Gravitation, its like fate.
This site has a Yaoi page, and links will be added on soon. I will make more sites, which will be shown as links to this site. Enjoy!!!

Last Deep Kiss
Scanlation of mangas by Yuu Higuri, Marimo Ragawa, CLAMP, Tori Maia, pictures, fanfiction wanted!

Bishounen Soup
This is a site dedicated to my fan and original works of yaoi fiction and art. Still under heavy construction and more to come soon.

Mini-Feru and Yoiko art´s
Furry , cosplay , Comics online ,hentai , original art and fan art galleries. Felicia a catgirl fron the video game drakstalker.

A Shounen-Ai/Yaoi forum Roleplay.

Sea of Darkness
A Yu-Gi-Oh yaoi site dedicated to Seto/Yami!! Contains doujinshi scans, manga scanslations, fanart, fancomics, and more!

Moonlight Jewel
My site with original yaoi fiction and various types of fanfiction.

YFU (Yaoi Fan's Union)
The YFU is a roleplaying forum for all fans of yaoi. Most of the roleplaying is original, but we have a special board sectioned off for anime/manga roleplay if you so desire. Come on in and have some ...

BlackBolt's Dungeon
a german original-fic and -art archive :) only yaoi !

Utopia is a scanlation site for various yaoi doujinshi. Although it's mostly dedicated to SasuNaru doujinshi, you can also find doujinshi from other series here.

Dangerous Yaoi
Original Yaoi Saga. A young man is hunted by a supernatural force that won’t stop until it gets what it wants. Only one man can save him.

The Yaoi Review
A site dedicated to yaoi anime and manga.