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Boys' Heaven is a long standing community for webpages dedicated to some yaoi anime or manga theme, couple, or series.

For Your Eyes Only
Fanfics, arts, and comics of FF7-10, Zelda, Metal Gear, KOF, etc., etc. If you like Yaoi and games, please come and visit*

The Bishonen Cage
Yaoi fan works related to Gundamwing, Final Fantasy 8,Weiss Kruez,Xenogears,Final Fantasy 7,Kindom Hearts. More will be added. Some really great Fan art and original plus some super cool fanfiction.

Neko's Sketchbook
a fan girls site featucommunity lots of bishounen images, links, fanfiction and fan art done by me and my friends.

DetaOmega - Perfectly Oblit
Deta Omega - It's a Personal Website enableing pople with Yaoi/Yuri,Webcomics,Other Websites etc. I havent really gotten much done with it,but it seem's to be a good site that is doing well. All we need ...

Freeze My Love
Screencaps gallery of various shounen-ai/yaoi series. ^^

A Little Piece of Heaven
My own anime fanfiction and fanart site featucommunity series such as Slam Dunk, Gravitation, and a little bit of the Chrono Cross game.^_^

All Kinds
A site that allows all anime/manga and hosts fan authors. A small gallery with well pick graphics.

PaŽmon Gomory's Home
Not that much here yet, but there is some of my origianl fiction and artwork. Fanfiction will be coming soon, as will the English version of my stories. >^^

A shrine dedicated to Lucy from Silver Ash with yaoi fictions^^~

Moods and Phases
A growing collection of yaoi fan fiction based on such series as Saiyuki, One Piece, and Gravitation.

The stories part of my site contains my own original yaoi fiction and some fan fiction

Video game, anime, manga and original yaoi/slash fanart, along with an uncensored forum and oekaki BBS. Specialties are SNK and Square yaoi. You'll need to request a password to enter.

This is the realm of dreams ... i cant say, if it is bad or good. It includes storys and pictures (in the gallery and in the copyright-area). Come in and see yourself ...

The Yaoi Collection
A collection of yaoi only fanfics and fanart. The stories and art are from many anime, manga, games, and books.

A Cleesy Story Line
This is the Yaoi (and Yuri) fiction written by Mistoline and Mysticlees, mostly treating Gundam Wing and Hiei and Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho. Writing it together as well as on our won) was a loooot of fun, ...

amber rose: plan B
Orginal writing and art with a manga bent, a dash of fanfic/art, plenty of randomness. Would it be redundant to say queer friendly?

Lady Douji's Addictions Page
Just a little site featucommunity fics, doujinshi and various goodies from animes I have become addicted to.

Kabuki no Koibitos
A yaoi fanfiction haven for all sorts of anime/manga series. Shrines devoted to under-appreciated bishounen.

e n t r i s t e c e r : s a d d e n
A manga information and translation site. Holds manga translations, extensive image gallery and selected scanlations of Kohri / Koori no Mamano Monogatari (The Ice-Cold Demon's Tale) by Shiho Sugiura, ...

Bishonen no Palace
This is an Spanish Anime and Real Bishonens. Is like and index from series and bishonens. And Jrockers. Also have a Yaoi Shrine.

Fixation is a yaoi/slash fanfiction archive home to a wide range of fandom's. Submissions are accepted.

Rose's Grave
Revolutionary girl Utena based fan site featucommunity, yearbook layouts, library,yaoi and yuri fanfiction and pics.

+L'Ange Rose+
A place dedicated for Sha Gojyou. Cg-coorporation art with Japanese. Love overflowing,there is a section for Gojyou receiving -uke- .. Have an open mind. english/japanese

yaoi fanfics and art (Cyborg 009, Devil May Cry, Vagrant Story, Ruroni Kenshin and much more!) and the original shounen-ai online manga "Angelic: Precinct 57"

Touma and Seiji's Memorial
Site includes: fanfics, fanarts, galleries, oekaki board, wallpapers, plus a wedding garden for you to marry our favorite bishies, Seiji and Touma.{;}