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A community for knitters with blogs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Christine Rambles
Fibers, food, flowers, and lots of random thoughts!

Tickled Pink

on knitting, this and that

Warm Fuzzy Knits
A stitch in time...thoughts from an addicted Bay Area knitter.

Daily nattecommunitys of a professional fiber artist in the SF Bay Area

The Knitist!

Missy B
A crafty blog.

knitting. traveling. eating.

sissy says

Mommio Knits!
Art, creativity, knitting, and being a mom.

The Weaving Inn
The online journal of a yarn addict who wants nothing more than to stay home all day and knit, drink tea and eat chocolate.

zoot, a knitting blog
the blog of a new-ish knitter

Knitster's Blog

Not Invented Here
Miscellany about my work, crafts and reading

Athena Dreams
Knitting, beadwork, collage and found object art and design.

Celadon Cupcake
Inspired by crafty blogs..a bit of knitting, crafting, cupcakes, and a new beagle pooch!

Left Coast Knits
The wanton ramblings of a left coast knitter and wanna-be pattern designer

Knitting in the Slow Lane
The adventures of a job-hunter in the South Bay who manages to fit the rest of her life around her knitting.

Sil's Knitblog

Blog about my knitting, traveling and reading.

Maia Spins
I am a knitter/spinner living in Richmond, CA.

Ceallach Knits
a day to day knitting journal

Confessions of a knitholic: I need to face reality and admit that my hobby has turned into an obsession.

spinnity knits
my adventures in knitting & fiber-y stuff.

Knit Flix
A knifty knitting knarrative.