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A List of Baptist Bloggers. All Baptists who have a weblog and add the Baptist Bloggers link to their weblog can be added to the list. No theological screening applies.

Howie Luvzus
A man struggling to overcome being hurt by Christians (particularly Southern Baptists)and seeking to find the grace to love them.

Baptists Affirming Reconciliation, Opportunity, and Servanthood. A place where Baptists seeking to unite and serve Christ in humility and love can gather and grow.

This is an on-going journal of all things concerning Baptists & our revival throughout the world. Here you will find hard-hitting reports and no-nonsense analysis of various topics and events that effect ...

Texas in Africa
Personal sight with thoughts on Baptist life, Texas politics, live music, and anything else that seems interesting.

Bcommunity All The Walls Down
This is just a collection of thoughts as I'm experiencing some spiritual "growing pains."

The Young Evangelical
A look at life, church, and (of course) Baptist politics from a young evangelical Baptist trying to sort his way through the tensions of grace and truth in the world...

Blanket in the Grove
A space set apart for writing as spiritual discipline

The Grapevine
Promotion of Small Group Studies

Skewed View
A preacher's kid living in a small Texas town, full of the wicked, the weird and the woefully uninformed. I love it here.

Ph.D. seminary student in Christian philosophy, blogging from the classical Christian perspective

Future Bard
The musings of a fledling writer on story, craft, politics, religion, love and creativity.

Post Conservative Baptist
A moderate Baptist site from a minister who was once conservative.

Rev. Gil
The thoughts and experiences of a moderate Baptist student at The Divinity School at Wake Forest University.

Hastey Words
The social and thological musings of a young reformed Christian. I'm always up for conversation so drop by and leave a note.

Okpreacher's Christian Resource Center
A place for find everything you need to live the Christian life for the glory of God.

Br. Tom's Soapbox
My thoughts and ramblings as they relate to the Christian life.

Mike's Musings
Sermons and occasional musings from a moderate Baptist minister

Mainstream Baptists
Group weblog for Mainstream Baptists -- Baptists for Separation of Church and State and for Compassionate Justice

Growing Towards Excellence
Would you like to become a better person? If I did a survey asking people this question, I%m sure I would receive 100% response YES!!!! %Who started today deciding on one thing they were going to be a ...

Partial Prophecy
I am a seminary student in the Southeast United States. There are a lot of issues that the church is facing that require serious prayer, serious discussion, and serious answers. All too often, religous ...

Unnamed Feelings
Thoughts on life, the church, theology, culture, politics and whatever else comes to mind.

earth as it is in heaven
Reflections on being God's people, following Jesus, and walking in the Spirit while living in Durham, NC, loving a good woman who is changing the world, being a dad, reading good (mostly) books, doing ...

Melissa Hatfield.com

Thin Places
Thin Places - those places or events in life where the dividing line between the holy and the ordinary is very thin... to the point that the ordinary becomes holy and the holy becomes ordinary

Theologian of the Cross
Thoughts on Scripture, theology, culture, and Christendom.