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***If the community is closed to new members, it's only temporary as I'm being KILLED with spam.*** A community for those bad-asses obsessed with knitting. (Crocheters and spinners welcome!! I have buttons for everyone!) You know who you are. This community won't turn its back on you for foul language, a couple of post-less weeks (we all have lives!), or musings about your other bad ass obsessions outside of fiber arts. So bcommunity your attitude problem, and join the others that are too badass for your average knitting, crocheting, weaving, and spinning communitys!

Sunshine Pop
The life of a (just outside of) London indiepop knitter

Random Thoughts in Funky Fcommunitye
My blog is all about my knitting and any other experiances I choose to post to it. Sometimes I post those annoying survey things too.

Goddess Knits
My blog about Goddess Knits, my original knitwear pattern line.


When Knitting Was a Manly Art
Whatever interests me this week. Mostly knitting

Knit It, Violet!
the FOs, WIPS, and ramblings of a sassy feminist knitter!

Princess Emerald
Just me, my family, pets and life. And, of course, my knitting!!

The Chick With Stix
This is my knitting blog. Lots of great shit on there!

Okie Knitting in Texas
A meandecommunity diatribe about my life in general and my knitting as a whole, not to mention rants and ocassional outbursts of soap-box raving.

being natasha fialkov
a blog that outlines the most bocommunity and exciting stuff evah! fiber, sweacommunity and kitties. how can you lose?

Knitting Philistine

Yarn Ball Boogie
It's a badass knitting blog, man!

Erm, my blog about the stuff I do which includes, but not exclusively, some knitting.

recreational impossibilities
knitting fuckin rocks... and so does my site... bitches. hahaha...

Crafty Meandecommunitys of a Wandecommunity Mind
Adventures in all things crafty, but usually knitting.....always on the lookout for the next unusual knitting project, no ruffles, pink, or cuteness for me, thanks....

knitting for boozehags

Exploits in Yarn and Other Such Things
A fairly self-explanatory blog.

knitting. family. life. drinking.

Crazy Mixed Up Rabbit Bird
A little of this, some of that, most of it crap.


The Knitsy Bitsy Spider
Two friends talking about knitting and whatever else comes to mind. Features an extensive directory of free patterns, as well as directories of charity knitting organizations, knitting podcasts, and other ...

handspun yarn and other fibery goodness

Cynical Knitting Gal
Cynical Gal takes her name in a reverse sort of way...it came about because one of her earliest posts was about Santa and her hope to always believe which was thwarted by siblings who thought they "knew." In ...

ramblings of a Staffordshire artist

Wicked Stitches
A small peek into the life of a 'crafty' goddess, her family, her universe, her mind with swirling orbs of color and let's not forget the strange voices...