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This is the Original Autism Support Community. It was created to develop a community of families and/or professionals in which they can share their stories, experiences, knowledge, information and support regarding AUTISM. Please visit the Autism Support Community Homepage, there are certain criterias listed to be in this community.

Ariel's Homepage
Ariel's Homepage was developed by my mommy so that we can educate others about Autism and how it affects family life.{;}

ABA and autism
An informational website for products, services and research links related to applied behavior analysis, autism, and special education.

The Spectrum 32176
Books on Autistic Spectrum Disorders -current treatments and therapies. Educational products -language development, puzzles, blocks, pretend play, puppets and puppet theaters, music, musical instruments, ...

Todd's Journey
{;}Website about autism with autism info and links.

Always Reach for the Stars
Personal/Informational site on a family dealing with autism.{;}

BBB Autism
Providing information and support to families dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is our hope to present autism in a positive light. You will find more than 600 links here, along with parent stories ...

This is my Autism and Aspergerís Syndrome page, which is one of the pages on my Invisible Disability links site. Each Page has links to the best information about the individual Invisible Disabilities ...

Angels with Autism
An informative web site on Autism. Support,Treatments,Books,Defintions and signs of Autism. Also has an art page with Donna William's Original art work.

Hannah's Austism Page
A place to go when you have a question and are looking for a answer.

The Puzzling World of Autism
Information on what autism is, definitions, links, personal story of my son who has autism and more.

The Autism Online Store
This site's main page is dedicated to our online store specializing in autism awareness products. Also provided are support, services, and personal links to other autism sites, recommendations for autism ...

TASK: Tennessee's Autism Spectrum Kids
TASK was created by me, Lori, a mother of an autistic child. TASK was designed to connect families, professionals, and resources. It offers links to and explanations of various autism therapies, including ...

Thank Heaven for little boys
This site is dedicated to my sons, it has stories about my son who has been diagnosed with functional autism recently.

ASPIRES is an on-line resource for spouses and family members of adults diagnosed or suspected to be on the autistic spectrum. Our approach to one another and towards our \"significant others\" is directed ...

Mama Mel's Lovies
My sight is dedicated to families with children like our daughter. She has autistic tendancies and has Sensory integration issues. I make weighted products for these children at a very low cost. I couldn't ...

Michael\'s Journey
The story of Michael from 24 weeks and 5 days to the current day, our journey through prematurity to Autism and learning disabilities as well as other complex health needs.

The Center for Autism Treatment, Inc.
The Center for Autism Treatment, Inc. (The Center) offers a full spectrum of services provided by a team of experts. Our mission is to provide the highest quality services for children with autism spectrum ...

life with our 9
Life with our 9 children, 1 of which has Autism.

Maxwell vs Maxwell
adults living with dianosis later in life

a resource for families and individuals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area dealing with autism and related developmental disorders

A positive blog written by a mom of four kids..three of whom are on the spectrum. I am a mom who celebrates and finds joy in all of her kids. These are our adventures.

Autism Reoriented Community Housing (ARCHway)
ARCHway is a one of a kind site dedicated to helping parents of loved ones with ASD to solve the problem of where their child will live, once they reach adulthood. ARCHway was designed for family members, ...

Get over it...I did
I have a husband and a teen son who are both on the Autism Spectrum, and a possibly undiagnosed older daughter who doesn't want to know. Until now my husband and son have wanted to keep their journey ...