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This community is for all artcar and artcar related sites. View the decorated cars and see what it's like to truly drive something different.

The GravityBowl is unlike any other vehicle you've ever been in. Its omni-directional, meaning that is has no front or back. It can move in any direction and smoothly transition between directions. ...

Seek out the adventures of the GypsyMermaid and her Mermaid Mobile: Check out the Roadtrip, the Funky Art Car Festival 2000, the Funky Art Car Festival 2001, pics and links all around the waters!

TopcatWhimsy's Homepage
A look into the whimsical and diverse world of Bill Stevenson with his artcars Whimsy and Topcat. Come visit and share the joy of smiles.

Gremchild's Gremlin Page
Everything you ever wanted to know about the AMC Gremlin. See my '75 Gremlin tribute to Kermit the Frog.

An Email list for the Art Cars of Burningman
This Email list is specifically for people who build their art cars, and use them at Burningman.

The Ponti-Wreck
All about my art car the Ponti-Wreck.

S.A.N.E. Society of Artcars in New England
The official website of S.A.N.E., the Society of Artcars in New England. See our members' cars, and check out any events we're going to be at.

Mr Black's Toy Car
Datsun 710 sporting TOYS!

The Elements
Tim Klein's yarn-covered art car

The CowCar Network
The meetingplace, for CowCars from all corners of the earth.{;}{;}And don't worry, your not the only person with mad cow disease!

ArtCar community Homepage
The official site for the ArtCar Community. find out news on the community, submit a site, or join the official mailing list.

The Cat
Home of The Cat, a taurus wagon covered in well over seven hundred different quotes and sayings.

Providence Rhode Rally
Website for the Providence ArtCar Rhode Rally. Happening in September in Providence RI.

Home of The "Holey Mercatoy'd" ArtCar
Check out how I transformed a rusted out 1987 Mercury Cougar into an ArtCar.{;}{;}It's Full of Holes, It is a Merc, and Full of Toys It Will Be.

Fashion Police, or Apocolypticar

The Incredible Motorized Couch
A story in pictures of the construction of a gasoline-powered motorized couch, its trip to Burning Man, and a marriage proposal on the Black Rock playa.

Mercedes Pens Art Car
I am The Pen Guy and I have an 1981 Mercedes Benz art car called the Mercedes Pens covered in over 5,000 pens. See videos, photos articles and events about this very unique car.

Mini Dymaxion or Danger Mouse
A small site about our 2004 BM art car. There is video of us driving it around and the motor blowing up on the last day. Thanks for looking

Drive an ad-wrapped car and get paid
A free list of companies that can pay you to drive your own car placing a vinyl wrap ad on it or give you a new car with an ad to drive for free. The web site is based on modern software and it benefits ...