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In Amateur Radio, APRS has many uses and is many different things to different people. APRS can be used for tracking moving vehicles, tracking yourself as you drive around, fox hunts, keeping track of weather conditions and watching propagation. Or just about anything you can think of.. See ya on-line soon. And Thanks for supporting us.{;}{;}73, The Community Master (K9APR)

Kansas City APRS Working Group
This is the website of the original Kansas City APRS Working Group. We are not affiliated with the other \"organization\" in the area.


Open Source APRS / AVL Sys Dev't Proj
Open Source Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Systems{;}{;}Our goal is to design & develop{;}Open Source software, hardware & combinations useful for cost-effective AVL & some Mobile Data facilities{;}{;}At ...

Ham radio site of Jim Howard NUWY. Info about his ham activies, webcams, websites and getting online with APRS and EchoLink.

Amateur Radio -- KI4HHL
Amateur radio station KI4HHL. Personal web site to discuss ham radio operations in general, with specific emphasis on digital modes such as APRS.

N4LFU on the Web
UI-View Webserver in Glen Allen, Va. just north of Richmond.


On the RADIOROOM.ORG website you will find information and manuals for various ham radio gear. There is also a page devoted to APRS with lots of links to various projects and interesting sites. Take alook ...

Site dedicated to my volunteer activities and hobbies.

The Australian APRS WWW Site
Australian APRS page{;}Australian APRS activity and links{;}Details on home made APRS equipment and GPS antennas.

G.A.L. Gruppo A.P.R.S. Lombardia
The Italian official G.A.L. site for APRS. General info APRS site with links to most of the APRS software and key APRS sites.{;}Full of italian Maps and documentation on the downloading, installation ...

KD7DPU's APRS Tinkecommunity
Some details of my latest tinkecommunitys with aprs.

Baton Rouge Area Aprs
APRS information for the Baton Rouge Louisiana Area.

K5KJ's Ham Radio Page
Ham Radio, APRS lins, SKYWARN and Storm Chasing

APRS for the PocketPC APRS/CE
APRS for the Pocket PC (windows CE version 3.0) APRS/CE is in beta development. Also information on mobile APRSsetup for the Tiny2 and THD7e

France APRS
The official French ham site dedied on APRS. Le site officiel Franais consacr l'APRS.

VA3HST's Amateur Radio
VA3HST's Amateur Radio site, with Current APRS Information, Hardware setup tips for KPC-3+ TNC, Local Repeater information.

Tri-State APRS Working Group
This site has everything you need to get started in the exciting aspects of APRS. Join in the excitement today ! 73, de K9APR.

Screen capture on my Ui-View screen, updated every 10 minutes. Clayton, NC

Amateur Radio Station in Northern Peninsular Malaysia

N5HQ Amateur Radio Home Page
N5HQ Amateur Radio Home Page featucommunity Information for all hams with concentration on Arkansas Ham Radio interest.

Southern California APRS Guidelines
Suggested settings for APRS operating in{;}Southern California.{;}

WA6YLB's home page
home to central Ca maps for APRS. Also settings for digis.

KA8OAD's Amateur Radio Page
See APRS traffic in the vicinity of my station (Summit County, OH.) and other info relating to Amateur Radio and Weather

Addons for UIView and other APRS software
UItools addon for UIView32 and several other programs of interest to APRS users.