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moonlit toonluvr
Originally a sailor moon site, but other anime titles are contained within.

Arisu-chan's Ranma Shrine
A brand spankin' new Ranma Shrine only about a couple weeks old! But its got some great stuff! Fanart, quizes, character info, YKYLRTMW, etc... Perfect for Ranma lovers everywhere!

Saiyans Revenge
An awesome picture gallery site, pictures of saiyans from the bardock movie, toma, celipa, panboukin, hanayasai...minosha, tapion and kaioshin pictures...!

The School of Hard Knocks
Home of "Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned from?: Cowboy Anime" a goofy list of all that can be learned from Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and OutlawStar.{;}Enjoy the list, and submit your own lessons, ...

xdxrx: winds of chaos
once in your life, you shall meet a rabitt. a rabitt is a messenger, a guide, a bcommunityer or fortunes. but to meet up with a dark rabitt, well then, that will be the turning point of your life. fall ...

The Mobile Suit Journal
Mobile Suit Journal{;}This is a forum for shacommunity creative Gundam stories. Here you, like me, can be whatever you want as long as it`s in the Gundam Universe. Write yourself into the story! Create ...

Ninth Ninja
a blog with 2 and a half authors.

The Nightmare Of Vincent Valentine
A Vincnet Valentine Shrine, anythings welcomed here, and yes you cna mention tons of anime charctrs 2

JV's Anime Palace
A small anime site that has pictures from a few series, a music page, and a page with pictures from Chrono Trigger. More pictures and series images coming soon.

Studio Subby
a site dedicated to my fanart/fancels as well as my original art and manipulated photographs

Dragonball Z Lives On: The Residence of Ali Mystic's Fanfics
This site is dedicated to my fanfic, Dragonball Z Lives On, which centers around Piccolo and includes the other DBZ characters.

Kitty Kat's Anime Wallpapers
Wallpapers of all the best animes around, made by me. Including Fushigi Yugi, Gravitation, Cowboy Bebop, Tenchi, and many more.

Correna's CardCaptor Sakura Site
free email pic's bios and more!

A site where I create and run many different cliques. Including a Sailor Moon clique.

Tomoe Support Community Home
Home of the Tomoe Support Community.

Shards of Dewprism
A highly animated site with character info, images, gifs, fan fiction, fan art poetry and etc. about Threads of Fate, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Weiss Kreuz, Gundam Wing, Fushigi Yuugi, Rurouni ...

Evoke Designs
Want a new look for your site? Youve come to the right place. Featucommunity anime layouts plus blinkies, adoptables and tons of other freebies..enjoy!

Scions Anime Art
Anime art by anime fans, for anime fans, it's as simple as that!

The Cat's Domain
The dawn breaks, casting slanting rays across the perfect surface of a computer screen. And lo! There, upon the screen lies an endlessly growing supply of anime and original pieces. Do you dare to enter ...

Perfect Night
A site dedicated to Trigun's own psycho, telekinetic hottie. Includes Legato information, pictures, fanwork, etc.

Detailed Fan site, episode guide, time lines and technology, totally obsessed

Has info on Berserk and Chobits Galleries and what not! Visit!

Awe-Inspicommunity Anime
Lots of stuff to do. We have over 1000 pictures and getting more. Talk about your favorite anime shows or just talk about whatever. Post your fanart or post anime pictures. Come and have fun. We have much ...

Lan25\'s Anime Vault
A place where you can find lots of Anime Stuff.

ummm it's an anime site. and it has a cool flcl layout.