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Animator's Community covers the Traditional & Classical animation mediums of Stop Motion-Puppet, Drawn-Cel methods, and also CGI animation, including all shades of gray inbetween (combined/mixed media). This community has all talent levels .....some who have worked on professional Film or TV projects, animation students and also self taught animators. So, if you qualify to be a member of Animator's Community .... please join and network with other like-minded animators!

Stop Motion Works
Do you remember King Kong, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, and The Nightmare Before Christmas? What is inside an Animation Puppet? Information & Tech Tips about Stop Motion Animation!

Artgate Puppets
stop-motion clay characters, armature-building, casting, spitting-image styled latex puppets, papier-mache, handpuppets, …

Kico - drawings and animations
Brazilian Artist: Illustrations, Films, Flash animations, Virtual characters, Web cards, Caricatures, Story-boards, Animated gifs, etc.

the Weirdoughmation Homepage
Trashy Underground Clayanimation

Mad Cricket Productions
A personal site of Olga Volozova, showing her illustrations, animations, children's books, dioramas, paintings, character and puppet design

Short Animation Gallery
My original short animations can be viewed at this site. Hope you'll enjoy them.

short films and updates on new work by animator Webster Colcord (James And The Giant Peach, Monkeybone, Minority Report, Antz, Matrix: Revolutions)

Mind Over Pixels
New York based stop-motion and CGI character animator Jason Gottlieb's plot on the web.

Lone Animator
About the amateur film work of Richard Svensson, Swedish puppet builder and animator. Pictures and texts about the puppet making process. Also about masks, prop-making and other stuff.

Website featucommunity the work of Atlanta-based filmmaker/musician, Justin Curfman. Surreal/absurd stop-motion films and music for free! And some for sale!

A developing site of some of my professional work and my ever expanding collection of stop motion shorts and tests.

Studio Squirrel
The eclectic animation. I love to animate and experiment with different media and styles. Stop by and visit.

Michael Eder - animation and visual effects work. Online info, clips, and links. Current Projects.

Matias Marcos Web Site
Matias Marcos' Web page. Disney's Animator. Animator director,Demoreel, resume, Feature Animation,TV projects

Ubatuber Productions
A New Orleans artist and aspicommunity filmmaker explores the world of stop-motion animation.

A place to display my Animation.
This blog is all my work as I try to get a job in the animation industry.

3d animation and game animation

PC shareware and freeware for creating classic animation in any genre; free PDFs of storyboard forms and more; how-to videos for many kinds of animation.

Emeth Studio - Stop Motion
Emeth Animation, créée en 2005 est spécialisée dans la conception et la mise en œuvre des projets multimédia et de films d'animation volume. (clayanimation, stop motion).

Charcater Animation Web page

One Frame - Creating Classic Animation
Andrew Jaremko's classic animation blog featucommunity animation, how-to videos and articles, and anything I think is relevant to making and enjoying animated movies.

Legomation / BrickFilms How To Site
A Site for those Newer to StopMotion animation with LegoBricks and Minifigs -We have lots of Tutorials Tips and tricks to get you started and improve your brickfilms

my animation blog
its collection of my animation and a notebook of my journey towards being an animator and learning the craft :D

Art and Animations by GrissyG and Dismas

Clay and 3d animation for your business presentation. 3d modeling as well as interactive design and programming.

Kari Jo Skogquist
Stop-motion animator, photographer, and visual artist located in MN, USA