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Pastor T's Weblog
A children's ministry blog.

Fun 'n Faith for the Soul
A fun 'n faith Christian blog extending the ministry of Peggie's Place on the Web (peggiesplace.com), "the most fun Christian home on the Web!"

Musings of a Missionary Mom

Dayton Assemblies Of God Section
Greater Dayton Assemblies of God Sectional Website

Grace Today
Appreciating the blessings we have from God each day, finding humor and joy together, pondecommunity Truth.

Redhead Reverend
I am a minister (associate pastor) and a pastorís wife (both at an Assemblies of God church), a stay-at-home mom of two preschoolers, and a part-time church secretary (at a United Methodist church). I ...

The Back Forty
Being real about the life lessons learned as a mom, wife, and pastor's wife...and LOVING everything about it ... well ... almost everything!

The Sound of Thunder
This blog is my humble attempt to deal with questions people ask me as a pastor, and to talk about things that concern me as a pastor.

Blessed with Olive Plants
Our life as we live for Jesus and homeschool our 'olive plants.'

Musings of the ScifiPastor
Reflections upon life from the perspective of a science fiction loving, mac using, Starbucks addicted Assembly of God pastor.

Through the Storms of Life
Shacommunity the struggles, the victories through Jesus Christ and the lessons that I've learned living just an ordinary Christian woman's life.

Our Adventurous Life
Follow our family on our daily adventure on this thing called "life" as we try to be God's hands and feet to the world around us. Matthew 28:19-20

Chocolate and Coffee
Devotional site ministecommunity too women of all ages.

Weekly devotions posted that encourage women to become women who pray. You can check out the weekly polls that give insight to what Christian Women have an opinion about and most likely show up in the ...

Sue always has a \
Sue Duffield's lighter side

A blog dedicated to whatever is on my mind - whether it is ministry, life, marriage, some obscure observation about...whatever! I am an Assemblies of God children's pastor who is also very passionate about ...

Iron Sharpens Iron
This verse is Proverbs 27:17. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. I chose this passage because as Christians we need to build each other up. On our own we get misled, discouraged, or lazy. ...

Assembly of God Blogs
Why? (Our Mission) 1. To be an agency of God for evangelizing the world via the Internet. 2. To be a body in which man may worship God by giving Him praise and thanksgiving on the Internet. 3. To ...

Treasures in Jars of Clay
This blog was created with the hopes of helping women find the treasures in God's Word and find the treasure He has placed in them! Sometimes serious, mostly whimsical, but always - finding treasure!

My Blog about Friendship

The Life of a Pastor
The life of a pastor between Sundays.

Connecting Points
Daily devotions from my heart to my church family. All visitors welcome.

Big Weiss Blog
Faith, fun, family, and everyday life with ordinary people hoping to do extraordinary things for God.

Lifetime Intimate Portrait Deanna Shrodes
The personal up close an intimate portrait of a woman in ministry/pastor's wife. It's about what I'm currently learning, things God is showing me, things others have taught me, non-sensical stuff I'm thinking ...

Beyond Microbursts!
Get to know DaNella other than just her quirky Microbursts. The more you know about her, the more you will realize that she does not have to go into a special mode to write Microbursts, she just lives ...