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I am creating this community to gather Recovery based blogs together, so to gain more expierence stregnth and hope to those who are in recovery

This is a clean and sober therapy blog, host to the Carnival of All Substances, generally extremely pro-12 steps.

The Top100 SoberBlogs
Make Friends.Find Support.Help Others.Embrace Recovery

A Step 11 blog with writings and discussions from varied religious views.

My Recovery from Gambling Addiction
Addiction and Recovery related thoughts ---Is it a choice? ---Is biology a factor? ---How does one break free....and stay that way.

Early Recovery From Addiction
Early Recovery is a blog for the alcoholic or addict new to sobriety. If you are in early recovery and the idea of just one day clean and sober seems too much - take heart and know that there's always ...

One "such unfortunate"
Learning to look the world in the eye and stand free.

One Crafty Mother - Motherhood, Art & Life, One Day At A Time
I am a woman and mother in recovery from alcoholism. I blog about recovery, life, art, parenting and living the sober life.

Suboxone Detox Medication
Suboxone is a medication used to help addicted men and women safely and successfully make it through the withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate detox.

Tweaked, Twisted and Tore-up
The tales of my voyage to the other side of the looking glass. Read how a forty-something year old HIV+, HepC infected, gay crystal meth addict went from a married, professional, established man living ...

Blogging on Recovery
A compilation of relevant conversations and topics on the subject of recovery from addiction and addictive behaviors. The author is in recovery from substance abuse and is active in the field of recovery. ...

Addiction Treatment
All about addictions and treatment information.There are many drugs those are used legally and illegally.They are addictive and thats the information i am giving you about.Like:hydrocodone,oxycodone,actiq,percocet,ambien, laam,marijuana,etc.a ...

My Journey To Recovery
In this blog I shall share my journey with you... and any other random thoughts, ranting and ravings, or memories. I thought sharing may be theraputic so, please join me for the ups and downs and all ...

The Last Chance Texaco - Tales of Recovery from Crystal Meth Addiction
This is my personal experience, strength and hope in my path of recovery from alcoholism and addiction, specifically to crystal meth. I began writing this on my 5th day sober and have continued ever since ...

BRB Queen
I'm a woman in recovery. My sobriety date is 3-30-04. I am a follower of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonmymous, yet my mind and heart is open to other recovery teachings. I utilize a lot of what I have ...