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Since this is a journal/diary/blog community - I see it as something obvious that you keep an online journal on your site. The code must be placed on the page you submit to the community. It can be on a splash page, on a communitys page, or on the journal page itself. If it is on a pop-up page, you will have to submit the URL of that page. No exceptions! I want this to be a quality community. Please no hate sites or porn.

Thinking Out Loud Again...
The thoughts and musings of coming to terms with turning 50 and what I want to be when I grow up. Funny at times, insightful and thought provoking...ALWAYS! A must read!


Garrett Jones
The Secret Diary of Garrett Dean Jones

Camellia Heart
Just somewhere for me to ramble and ramble and ramble to my hearts content! ^_^

existential suicide
Whatever perturbs/excites me on a given day, and existential thought (well, sort of...) Put your thoughts on the message board (or email me) and contribute to the conversation!

The Rogue Angel
A wife and mother blogging about a multitude of topics - all in relation to faith, service, family, and life in general.

Blissfully Eccentric
Barely Adult Knitter Dancer and Historian Takes on World with Knitting Needles, Dancing Shoes and Pen...(well keyboard anyway)

this little life of mine
Welcome to my little life.

The journal of an Australian woman living in Wisconsin, trying to live a life of self-worth and integrate her own personal spiritual beliefs from all sorts of areas such as Taoism, Paganism, Hinduism, ...

Small Ripples in the Pond
Just tossing thoughts into the pond, leaving small ripples in the water where they land. Nothing profound. Just the simple workings of a middle aged mind, living in the Pacific Northwest.

...thanks for the memories
As I walk the path of life today At times, a recollection is jogged... Of things I've experienced, cherished or saw... Hence, my memory is blogged. ©Wą 2006

The Arkives
The filing system of my life.

Curiouser & Curiouser
A weblog for those who live actively, artfully, thoughtfully, passionately and with great curiosity.

On A Whole New Level
Diary of a Mad Black Fat Woman...