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Wool gatherers gallop
Ramblings about all things crafty especially knitting and crochet and i'm always accompanied my my 2 small fur babies Teddie and Furryboo

Up Knit Creek
Late night ravings of a self-confessed knitaholic and cat-lover

Spinning Sue
My ramblings about my fibre-y adventures

From Fleece 2 Fantastic
My woolly escapades and adventures with other fibre. A journal of my knitting and spinning projects.

knit obsession
The musings of an obsessive knitter and stash collector

Louise makes stuff
knitting, sewing, baking, gardening, faffing,

Emma & Co.
Knitting,yarn,colour and life.My passions !

Six Skeins Under
An online diary of my knitting and crochet experiences - good and bad!

Knitty In Pink
The blog of a fairly novice knitter who has picked up the pointy sticks and yarn again after a number of years. Mainly knitting but some other stuff too!

Too many crafts, not enough time.
My ramblings on life, knitting, crochet and cardmaking...Pictures of my WIP and FO and links to good blogs and websites.

Morecambe Sands
A Lancashire Lass who knits, stitches and generally dabbles.

Sunshine Pop
My blog about knitting, being in a band and other things that make me tick and clickety-click.

Knit the Knits
Kate's trials, tribulations and some triumphs in the world of knitting.

Canny Cat
The crafting blog of a canny 20-something brit living in Swindon :)

My Knitting Machines And Me
A blog about my machine knitting successes and failures.

Dawn, blog, knitting. In London.

The Knitting Princess and the Pea

Knitting Mummys Everyday Life
A bog about a mother of 5 who knits, homeschools and tries to keep her head above water.

Knitknack Paddywack, Give a Blog a Home.
A general mind drivelling sort of blog, where I attempt to share a slice of my chaotic life. Take a snippet of knitting, a smudge of art and huge chunk of the great outdoors and mix lightly with a touch ...

A simple guide to knitting afloat! Ramblings from a beginner on a boat.

Knitting blog with gardening notes, forays into foodiness and our travels.

Girl's Guide to Make and Boo
Scribbles and pictures about all things creative - especially knitting. Fun things, pretty things and things to make and do.

ambermoggie, journey of a cat through yarn
the mogs blog, a journey of a cat through yarn

La Cosa Knitstra
Domestic intimidation tactics

Alive and knitting in north-west London.