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A community created to bcommunity together all the sites dedicated to The Sentinel. Includes fanfiction, downloads, and tons of other stuff.

Melrae's Fandom Den
Very infrequently updated site hosting some Sentinel fanfiction crossovers and other stories.

Wildeskind's and Captain Outrageous' Sentinel Fanfiction Page
Sentinel Fanfiction by Wildeskind and Captain Outrageous.

Cascade Underground
Web page for the TV Series "The Sentinel". Includes Episode Guide, Image Gallery, Articles, Sound Files, etc.

Celstial Cat's Sentinel Pages
Fiction, information, links, fun.

The Sentinel
This is my Sentinel homepage.

The Sentinel community homepage
The main page for joining The Sentinel Community.

Skeeter's Orchard
Skeeter's Orchard is the home of several author's fanfic pages and Skeeter Press, a zine publisher.

Fic By Carole
This site contains my GEN TS fanfic, along with TS pictures and links to other TS sites.{;}{;}

Cascade Police Department
Cascade PD - Where the criminal Element hangs out. Here you'll find - captioned screen captures, fanfic, strange stats about the show and links.

Homepage for the CascadeTimes List, a gen list for the TV show, The Sentinel.

...Mightier Than the Sword--The Sentinel Fan Fic
A site for fic from many show including The Sentinel, Buffy, F/X, and more...

I n C a m e r a
Here, you'll find detailed reviews of many Sentinel episodes, various rants and rambles related to both the fandom and the show itself, and many fanfiction recommendations in various categories.

Susan's Sentinel Fan Fiction
Suan's AU Sentinel fan fictions stories, plus stories by other like minded writers

Autumn Skies' Fanfic
Welcome to my fanfic site of Sentinel stories.

Chryssalys' Cocoon
The writing of Chryssalys - Sentinel Gen, Slash, & Poetry, Buffy Gen. Also contains the writing of Beth B. in The Phoenix's Flame.

kindred spirits
This site is dedicated to the two kindred spirits that we all know and love - Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg. It has characters/actors guide, episode guide, image galleries, top ten lists, things that ...

Dar's World of the Sentinel
Fanfic for The Sentinel

Helen W.'s Fanfic for "The Sentinel"
Helen W.'s fan fiction site.

Nancy Taylor's The Sentinel Fanfic Page
Contains fanfiction for the TV series The Sentinel written by Nancy Taylor.

Remma's Home World
Slash fanfiction, with some Stargate crossovers.

Basically a listing of various plot bunnies annd fiction challenges, as well as some of my own fiction from various fandoms

Rygel Wolfe's Expanding Universe
I originally created this site to help me with my sci-fi collection cataloging. Most pages now contain links to what I consider to be some of the best sources of information for sci-fi and fantasy television ...

The Stade
Sentinel fanfiction by Brate and Gemini.