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This community consists of websites created by women active in the 21st Century. Women who offer empowecommunity sites that assist people to thrive in the new millenium in balance and health of body, mind, heart, and soul. This community is also open to sites that provide contemporary empowecommunity information for women. {;}

Akashic Awakenings
All we have ever been, all we have ever said, felt, thought and experienced is recorded in our Book of Life. Your book with your name upon it is stored within the Akashic Records, it is always available ...

Enter and experience the intriguing realm of Donnadreamland, Cyber Donna's original lair of care where she offers you her powerful, inspirational poetry in a themes: World peace; philosophical; odes and ...

WWWriters Writing & Research Services
We do the WRITE job for You! Whether you need business, website, academic or general writing or research services, we can do a superb job! Fast, economical and guaranteed.

Usborne Books At Home
My on-line shopping service for Educational Children's books. A site for women interested in owning their own business and Fostecommunity Literacy- one Child at a time, one Family at a time or one Community ...

We'll take your idea, craft, or existing business and turn it into a E-Commerce WEBsite. No charge until your site is making money for you.

Just Jen Gallery
A University of Kentucky student wishes to share her art work with the world while providing cheap custom made portraits.

Visions of Adonai Fine Art & Design
Unique aesthetic web and graphic design for the discerning. Web templates, fantasy portraits, CD cover design, mystical art, wedding templates - making the web profound in the 21st Century.

Fabiana Kofman - Art and Web Design
Art site of the argentinian Fabiana Kofman. Acrylics, watercolors, portraits, digital art. fantasy art, landscapes, Greece, fairies, interiors, and more. Also, subsite of Web design. Spanish and engli ...

Silke, textile art
When someone names himself he ratifies his existence. {;}When someone knows what he says upon saying his name, he has made the path of life his own.{;}Silke means silk. Silke is also my name.{;}The path ...

Pegasus Art Gallery
A non-profit virtual gallery devoted to showcasing the work of over 150 international artists. Millennium gallery, Virtual gallery, Community gallery, awards and resources. Helping 21st Century artists ...

DynoWomyn Web Haven
A Place for 21st Century women to explore, discover, dialogue, and reflect. Holistic health of body, mind, heart and spirit. Articles, newsletter, chat, coaching, mystical gallery, shoppes, and more!{ ...

Women 2000
A Place for empowered 21st century women can plan, collaborate, and work to create a new millenium of passion, peace, and power.{;}{;}

Rajuna's Refuge
Rajuna's presentation of the mystical arts, including runes and tarot, guide work, crystals, astrology, numerology, past lives and more! Come tarry, gentle Web traveler!

A professional development initiative to assist nurses in becoming proficient in nursing informatics and computer literacy.

Blog, blinkies, the virtual church of Benevolent Deities, Inc (pick up your share of stock) and of the Women of Academe community. Advice for recovecommunity Jehovah's Witnesses, pregnancy and infant loss ...

Great Radiance
interactive weblog dedicated to the divine feminine in art, literature, lore, religion and in present day living exemplars, especially Amma who delivered a great speech at the Internaltion Women's Spirituality ...

Art Gallery Dona Bryhiel
Dona Bryhiel is a very creative artist and painter, focused on the Caribbean and especially the role of wonderful Caribbean women, their beauty, their exotic flair and their role in daily life. If you ...

Bittersweet Me
poetry site

Gizzy Girl's Journey
My personal site about my life since I moved from New Zealand to London in 2003. Lots of pictures and anecdotes

Healing Intent
Offers expert articles and resources related to applying one's intent and will to boost health and healing of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Reincarnation Central
Learn to tune-in to your Past Life memories, gifts,loves & lessons. Articles, resources, workbooks, news.

Tarot at BellaOnline
Explore the fascinating practice of tarot reading and interpretation from a holistic perspective at one of the top women's portals on the web.

Learn Numerology to Divine Your Purpose and Lif e Path
This is the place to buy mystic Samantha Steven's fifth book "The Book of Numbers" which is a guide to holy numbers , master numbers and magical number systems.

Destinys Light Radio
Internet Radio that UpLifts You and Your Life. Encouraging, refreshing, inspicommunity conversations and InnerViews with women and others from around the world whose interest is living in peace.

Angel's Sanctuary
An abuse survivor site that features resources, information, poetry and much more.