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Eyebrow Rings 

Eyebrow rings are normally not rings at all; they are normally just plain bars. They’re also certainly not for everyone and are a bit of an acquired taste really though definitely becoming more popular. Basically eyebrow rings are rings that are worn on the eyebrow above the eye and you can get them in a couple of different styles. Let me warn you though that they aren’t the easiest piercing you can get by any stretch and do require some care.

Taking care of your piercing is a long and tedious task, but an absolute must if you wanna avoid developing some nasty infection. You will need to keep it clean—really clean-in order to stay free of infection.  I should probably let you know not to be alarmed when it starts oozing or bruising, as this is completely normal.  The easiest way to keep it clean and free of infection is to wash it with anti-bacterial soap 2 to 4 times a day. Turning the piercing around will also help dispel of this nasty but inevitable ooze.  The piercing has to be kept in—no matter how much it hurts—so that it can work like a drain and must not be removed before the piercing heals.  If the oozing doesn’t stop but instead increases then you’ll have to contact your doctor.  It is recommended to put a plaster or patch of some sort over the eyebrow ring when you go to bed, since this will keep it clean and won’t allow for movement of the ring which may cause pain or discomfort while sleeping.  Some people advise you to get a new pillow because of bacteria that builds up after constant use or exposure.  Some doctors say that using an anti bacterial soap on the wound will make to healing process take longer, while others say that it is healthier and worth the risk, so in the end it is up to you. The best cleansing product of a piercing is brine. Use a 500ml container of boiling water and add one teaspoon of normal sea salt (or any other brand salt) and stir till dissolved. Use an ear bud and clean piercing with salt water twice daily. Personally I would prefer keeping it very clean to stay away from the risk of infection… 

You may not wear any make-up or base on or near the piercing until it has completely healed.  This includes hair products such as hair gel or mousse.  All of these products have chemicals in them that are extremely bad for your piercing.  It would also be a good idea to avoid heat, like tanning, saunas, etc. It is also not recommended to bathe because you lie in dirty water which can also cause an infection! Stick to showers. The easiest way to remove a ball from your piercing is to do it after a shower or bath because the water reduces the friction. If removing ring for cleaning take ring out and disinfect the ring and area of piercing then apply a warm face cloth to your piercing area and replace ring as this loosens skin and creates less resistance.

Once your piercing has healed you can change the bar as much as you like but make sure the ring is always clean to avoid infection and make sure the size of the ring is coherent with the size of your piercing as if the ring is to wide this may tear the piercing and create an even worse infection and stretching of hole. Aside from all of that; you’ll be good to go and ready to enjoy your piercing…until your boss asks you to remove it on Monday morning anyway.