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  • Fundamental Baptist Community
    A community of independent fundamental Baptist ministries using only the King James Bible.

  • "I Am The Bread of Life"
    Tired of Being Your Own Pope?? So Jesus and the bible is your authority...you say? Then why is it that no matter what you believe as a christian, you will not find two christians who believe the same as you do? "But who do you say that I am?" Only Peter, of all the apostles answered him correctly. And so Jesus said to him, "Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah. For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my heavenly Father. And so I say to you, you are Peter, And upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys to the

    This is a Catholic Community for Catholic Sites to group together.

  • The Rosary Community
    A Community to connect the sites that share this special prayer of Our Lady to the world!

  • Candle of Friendship
    Circle the world with this candle and join sites in friendship.

  • For His Love
    A community for all christian based homepages,graphic sites,prayer,support or any family friendly Christian site. You must list the page the community segment will be on. Romans 5:5. Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

  • Jewish Groups
    Jewish Writing is a forum for networking ideas, resources, tips, and outlets about writing that relates to Jewish or Hebrew topics, and also for notifying subscribers about relevant job leads.

  • Sacred Moon Circle
    This community is for a variety of Pagan related sites. If your site covers subjects such as herbs, crystals, aromatherpy, divination, moon phases, witchcraft, wicca, druidery or any other pagan path, etc. then please join.


  • IN HER ARMS Community
    This is a wonderful Catholic Community for sites devoted to spreading the word of God

  • Angelic Magick
    Angelic Magick is a community all about Angels, who they are and how to work with them to better your life.

  • The Way of the Nazirene
    The original spiritual teachings of Yeshua/Jesus as practiced by the people of The Way who where known historically as the Essenes, Ebionites, and Nazirenes. The teachings of The Way are spiritual -- and provide a means to walk the narrow path, open the strait gate, and enter the Kingdom of God while still alive in the physical body.

  • Alternative Spirit
    A community for positive spirituality beyond the regular organized religions. Open-Minded sites that do not preach hate, or are completely comercial, are more than welcome to join.

  • Melkite Catholic
    Melkite Catholic Community links together sites on Melkite Catholicism.

  • Community of Michigan Pagans
    Community for Michigan Pagans--Wiccans, Witches, Druids, Asatru, Pagan Reconstructionists of all sorts. Pagan Michiganders are welcome to submit their individual pages, as are organizations serving Pagans in Michigan; commercial sites are welcome if they also include substantial non-commercial content.

  • AmeriYank's Reason for the Season
    A collection of Christmas web sites which take sometime, someplace on their page or site, to remember the true Reason for the Season. In other words, there might be Santas and elves and other fun things, but there is also a mention of the First Christmas in some way.

  • Paid 4
    Jesus paid the price!

  • Circle of Religious Equality
    A community embracing the ideal of religious freedom for all. All paths, traditions, and denominations welcome.

  • Wiccans United
    A community for wiccans every were.

  • DragonMoon Community Community
    The wonderful world of Paganism. This community will cater to the learned and learning. You will find rituals, ceremonies, celebrations, stories and graphics. A place to wander and learn or a place to wander and teach. Come in sit down and enjoy your tour.

  • The Circle Of Angels
    This community will show many sites, and may be of varied religious paths. The only requirement is that your site *must* be about Angels.

  • Bibelquiz-Community
    In diesem Community verbinden sich verschiedene Bibelquizzes zu einem grossen Quiz, in dessen Zentrum das Buch der Bücher, die Bibel, steht.

  • Heather's Angels
    This community includes web pages of angel graphics and pages dedicated to lost loved ones.

  • Baha'i Community
    This community focuses on the Baha'i Faith, with it world headquarters in Haifa, Israel, Anyone who operates a Baha'i website is welcome to submit your site to the queue.

  • Enchantment Of The Tarot
    Bcommunitying together pages with a common {;}theme. Psychics, healers, divination, {;}channelers, pagans, and all related {;}artists. Those who may not practice any of these crafts but have a web page {;}that is some way reflects any of these {;}crafts mentioned, in a respectful way. {;}

  • Spiritual Sisters Mystical Readings
    A community that hopes to bcommunity together all like minded individuals, psychics,tarot readers, earth religions and those who are drawn to the spiritual life.

  • Spiritual Journeys
    a community of journals and diaries for those who include faith as part of their journey through life

  • The Ranting Witches
    A community for Wiccans and/or Witches fed up with the nonsense on the Wiccan/Witch 'net.

  • Branch of Yew, Feather of Owl
    A unique community dedicated to the beauty and inspiration found within the darker aspects of Nature. I welcome sites that appreciate and celebrate topics including darkness, individuality, contemplation, night, silence, solitude, introspection, melancholy, the shadow, chaos, creativity, mystery, spirituality with depth, diversity, wisdom, self-expression, and all artistic endeavors. Your site does not need to be entirely focused on these ideas, but it should show definite consideration for some of the afore-mentioned topics. Above all, your site should be a representation of your own personal

  • Spirituality Community
    ANY kind of spiritual site may join this community - no hate sites or sites with much nudity or sweacommunity, please. This community has a very small image, won't take up much space!

  • Warriors For Jesus Christ
    For Christian Webmasters to share their sites by linking them together.

  • International Theravada Buddhism
    The Community listing Websites on Theravada Buddhism which is mainly practised in Myanmar (Burma),Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, etc.

  • Pagan Honour Net Community
    Wonderful sites on paganism and witchcraft

  • All for Jesus Christian Community
    This is a community for born-again Christians. If you have a website and are interested in joining, please visit the community's homepage.

  • whispecommunity wolf
    A circle of peace where women can come and learn Native American spirituality, learn to live life by the Medicine Wheel, personal totems, Spirit Guides. Learn to live life in Honor & Harmony with our Mother Earth.

  • Spiritual Reflections
    Open to all denominations, religions, beliefs, gender or sexual orientation. The purpose is to offer unconditional love to all people in the Third Millennium. All welcome No One is Refused.

  • The Alliance for Progressive Religion
    A partnership of organizations committed to providing resources and networking opportunities in the area of liberal/progressive religion.

  • Spiritualism And Mediumship
    Welcome to A Path Of Light ,We are a Spiritualism community with the aim of promoting {;}spiritual awareness and help to those with an interest is spiritualism and mediumship.{;}There are a large amount of forums full of Spiritual information at your disposal as well as information{;}on some ancient cultures.This is a community of Mediums/clairvoyants and Healers all learning{;}from each other as we take this path.Whether you are just at the beginning or your journey or you seek the company {;}of like minded people,we are the place for you!,call in and see us ,a warm welcome awaits you and all

  • Religious Freedom
    This community is to for anyone who believed in religious freedom, and therefore believes that taking out the 'under God' bit from the USA national anthem has been LONG overdue. Believe in religious tolerance and freedom? Join here!!

  • Theotokos-online
    This is a Catholic community for the Catholic and Marian websites.

  • The Lastdays Net Community
    This community is for websites that deal in Biblical prophecy, the end times, and tribulation.

  • Angel Encounters
    It's main focus is stories of angels, but I also have poems, pictures, polls, links and biblical references to angels.

  • Witches of Washington Community
    Witches of Washington Community was created to Unite Pagan, Wiccan, Witch and Witchcraft related sites from the State of Washington.

  • Green Raven Sanctuary
    This Community is designed to give a pathway to Pagan/Wiccan/Witches Websites/Homepages and topics of{;} interest, such as herbalism, mythology, stonecircles, books, tools, artwork, etc. To allow for linking to various groups{;} and solitary practioners for networking. We want to positivly promote our religion in a {;}good way, so everyone{;} can get a better understanding. Our whole goal is to promote religious tolerance for all {;}reigions, not just our own.We ARE NOT and DO NOT support, promote or accept any form of demonic{;} or satanic practice.

  • Web Wiccans Community
    This site is for wiccans/pagans (and any others with an open mind and will to learn) to get to know each other and learn from each other in a very tolerant and relaxed online group :)

  • Jesus Is Our Hope Community
    This community is here to promote our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • The Celestial Community
    Pagen/Wiccan begginer help site, info on Sabbats, Esbats, Bos, Candle Magick, Recipes, and Poems. Other links to great sites, a News Group, and awards! Come Join the Celestial Community!

  • Common Ground
    a community to bcommunity together sites shacommunity information about various religions including christianity, pagan religions and others. also sites devoted to religious tolorance and religious freedom

  • Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem
    Web sites that support the biblical version of Jerusalem and its role in end time biblical prophecy.

  • Mystical Creations Community
    Creation is the ruler of all. Join us and show off your Mystical, Hand Crafted or Thought Creations. The more you learn, the more you can teach.

  • Religion: An Overview


    Although scientific discovery and explanations for our existence have become very popular in the last century, religion still remains a very viable avenue for those seeking answers that science simply cannot provide. Some of the gravest aspects of life, such as death, morality and life’s ultimate purpose, are still better explored by religion than by science. For some of us, there is simply too much emotional investment in religion to justify abandoning it without conclusive proof against it – which has yet to surface. Wherever there is the slightest crack in answers provided by science, religion will be there with a chisel to expose the hole beneath. 


    Many have claimed to have made discoveries that disprove the possibility of the supernatural – in which beliefs in religion have their theoretical roots – but there are always unanswered questions. Religion offers explanations for life’s origins that go far deeper than our empirical abilities can ever take us. With scientific theories on origin, there is always the unexplainable moment just before the beginning, which continues to present itself with each step our inquiry takes into the past. While religion may offer differing explanations for what happened the moment before the big bang, the moment before that, and so on, at least it offers us away to stop the backward time travel at some point. If matter is not eternal, it has a beginning, and only religion is able to take us to the place to imagine that beginning.


    There is something else crucial to many of us that religion provides, which is what happens next. What happens after we die? Since science is purely physical, and “rational” thought fuses itself so firmly thereto, it is currently only religion that offers us an real explanation for where our consciousness goes after it leaves the flesh and bone resting atop our shoulders. Science may be able to explain the “what” and “how” of housing that consciousness, but consciousness it is still a difficult subject to fully explain.


    If we were to use evolutionary science to support or explain morality, the world would indeed be a frightful place to be human. According to science, we are merely animals behaving according to instinct, with the incentives toward any behavior being survival. There is no objective right or wrong way for the human creature to behave outside of the morality offered by religion. There is a real benefit to our individual survival in doing our part to maintain stable social and civil environments; otherwise our instincts would lead us to violent and narcissistic behavior. Granted, religion has caused much violence and strife, but it could be argued that the perils religion has wrought are still dwarfed by the consequences of a world without it.


    Science is unable to offer us any hope or peace, whereas religion at leaves gives our human minds some comfort in believing that there is more to existence that the execution of biological and evolutionary processes. Religion offers personality to our origins, existence and the conclusion thereof. The mind and heart are not comforted knowing that our consciousness merely ceases to exist upon death. Religion gives to humanity that which makes it human.

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