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  • The Pro-life Community
    The Pro-life Community,{;} created on 2/21/97, links{;} sites together that promote{;} the pro-life viewpoint and{;} contain pro-life information{;} relating specifically to{;} abortion. This community is open{;} to any type of pro-life{;} site/anti-abortion site,{;} whether it be liberal,{;} conservative, religious,{;} progressive, etc. The community{;} has no politica

  • Magickal Spirit
    Linking together sites full of Magickal, Spiritual, or New Age information.

  • Inspirations
    A Family-friendly community of sites containing collections of inspirational material dedicated to people at low points in their lives.

  • Screen Dream
    For those who document their unconscious dreams and nightmares.

  • Freethought Union
    Our mission is to elevate reason; expose, chronicle and parody the errors in logic and fact of the god-feacommunity while advancing a unity of diverse testimony through links among people who understand that the absence of religious belief is a necessity of conscience, a natural consequence of reason and honest inquiry and is not subject to popular consensus, religious indoctrination, calumniation, bribes or threats.

  • the Daemian Community
    Community for daemians. Do you know your daemon? Have a website or blog? Please join!

  • The Kindred Spirits Community
    A collection of sites that inspire emotion through personal content, including poetry, graphic art, true{;}stories of human experience and feelings, and personal philosophies{;}and outlooks on life.

  • Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry
    Information and instruction on Astrology and charting service. Free Chart of the Month

  • Dandelion
    This community is for those who experience life in all its agonizing glory; they embrace the light and the dark as they flow with the winds of change. They move on because they believe that there is always room for hope. They are dreamers, individualists, idealists, wanderers, and bruised souls set on a never-ending healing journey. Do you belong here? Then join us!

  • Inner Beauty Is A Joke
    This is a pro ana site community. Sites that best represent this philosophy and show good design skills will be accepted.

  • Conscience
    A community for those moved by religious or ethical concerns to speak out about the war, the environment, or human rights.

  • Open Minds
    The Open Minds Community is a community created for those who are not afraid to think. Everyone of every spiritual path, belief, religion, or way of thinking is welcome to join. Whether you are a Witch, Pagan, Satanist, Christian, Chaoist, Discordian, or Atheist (etc.), you are welcome to join this community. Whether your site is

  • atheist
    Upon searching communitysurf one day, I noticed that, while there were many christian communitys and communitys devoted to other religions, there were quite few for the atheist. Thus, I created this community to bcommunity together personal sites belonging to those professing no belief in a deity. {;}

  • CynikerCommunityen
    Cynikercommunityen är communityen för dig som är cynisk skeptisk och ironiskt lagd och uttrycker detta på din hemsida på ett upproriskt sätt!

  • Enochian Community
    A community for Enochian web sites.

  • Solaris Spiritual Community
    Community de sites espiritualistas,esotéricos e paracientíficos que busca unir a todos os que procuram a verdade num só caminho de Paz e Amor para a Humanidade.

  • Sin Dioses
    Ateos, agnósticos, escépticos y humanistas en la red. Personas sin dioses, demonios, deidades, energías mágicas o creencias primitivas.... -pensar es mucho mejor que engañarse a sí mismo- **El mundo sin obscuridad**

  • Start The Love
    How do we "get back to where we once belonged"? How do we become like little children? How do we learn to love again after all we've learned and experienced? We change our minds. We change our attitudes. We make a conscious decision that we are going to start loving. We can look around and see what distrust and fear and hatred have created for us. Maybe it's time to see what love can do instead. The choice - the decision - is ours.

  • Critical Theory
    The study of knowledge involves more than just learning, it involves the critical accessment of the facts presented, the method of research concluded and the subjective nature of the material studied. This community is for critical theorist who maintain a well designed and informative website.

  • Abouting your passions: After Hours
    Did the version of this ring at that other provider not leave you satisfied? I saw you in the corner, reading my words "A ring for philosophical satire. Instructions for those who wish to join can be found on the homepage." as you silently mouthed "Say it, you big, post-existentialist hunk of rule utilitarian meat. You know you want to." But we're online, so all I can do is type, as you writhe in frustration pondering those words "scholarly intercourse" that promise so much, but generally add up to being nothing more than another night in the library, and not even in the back of the stacks wit

  • Spiritual Warriors Of The Community
    This community is for all men and women who would like to fight for the rights of others and their selves. We are a group of internet Warriors, fighting for the freedom and rights of all.

  • American Indian Women
    A collective gathecommunity of the American Indian Women. With other sites as well on Native Americans. With wolf pages accepted.

  • Nova Scotian Pagan Web Sites
    This community is open ONLY to Pagans living in Nova Scotia.

  • The Great Brain
    The Great Brain is a community for freethinking individuals online. {;}(its actually our ploy for worldwide domination, but don't tell anyone)

  • Council of All
    The Council of All is an effort, probably the last, to re-unite the Traditionalists and the Radicals creating a new order of online energy communities with a common goal of good and further development of all.

  • Pro-Life Vegetarian
    This community is for webpages by webmasters who at the minimum possess basic sanity, i.e. who abstain from eating the flesh of animals and do not condone the murder of innocent people in or out of the womb.

  • Virgo
    A community for those born under the Virgo starsign.

  • ([ Upon the Lotus Flower ])
    Let us be respectfully reminded: Life and death are of supreme importance. Time swiftly passes by, and with it, our only chance. Each of us must aspire to awaken. Be aware. Do not squander life.

  • KNerds
    Knitting{;}Verb{;}nI tIng{;}(1)To exert undo effort on a project or goal for the sake of exerting said effort. Going above and beyond the required objective for an added degree of professionalism {;}(2)Tending or able to Knit. {;}

  • Modern and Post-Modern Misfits
    For people who want to analyze and/or criticize the world today. Be it politics, pop culture, society, ethics, mores, or a combination of everything in between.

  • Have You Seen Steve? - ONLINE!
    Steve? Where is that Bastard!{;}{;}Penis!

  • Ethics
    The Ethics community is for sites dedicated to ethics and morality, both ancient and modern, and the effect ethics and morality have on life.

  • StandOpposed
    Dedicated to the preservation of our REPUBLICAN form of government, the preservation of our rights to raise and educate our children free of government interference, the rights of the unborn to live, the preservation of our individual second amendment rights, and standing opposed to all forms of tyranny in government. {;}{;}Believing that: {;}{;}Rights are a gift of God, not government. {;}{;}

  • Space Monkeys
    this is a community for space monkeys. if you need an explanation, you aren't a space monkey. but by all means, don't let that stop you. watch fight club and join. a blog is preferable, but any personal site with a tinge of cynicism and/or sarcasm is fine.

  • The Savage Nation
    The Savage Nation community is for people who listen to or share the same views as Michael Savage of protecting American borders, language and culture from further erosion.

  • True Enlightenment
    A community for PC-Free Futurists, Transhumanists, and other progressive thinkers.

  • The Black Turncoat Forum
    This community is open to prosepctive members of ALL, not just CONSERVATIVE opinions and philosphies. ANYONE (except racists, black or white)CAN JOIN, as long as your connection to this community is based on expressing and discussing your political philosophy.

  • Imagine
    A community for people who are looking through fear to a hopeful peaceful healthy world. Just like the song says:

  • Feminine Flowers
    Women embracing their Femininity and Sensuality, and transcending the sexually repressive cultures and radical feminism.

  • Free Speech Protection Agency
    A group dedicated to the belief that free speech is the fundamental right of every human being, that censorship is evil, and that knowledge can break down barriers of hatred.

  • A Brief Explanation: Philosophy


    Philosophy is a study of universal problems relating to matters like survival, information, truth, splendor, fairness, validity, intelligence, and language. Philosophy is differentiated from the other ways of addressing these questions (like mythology or mysticism) by its important, usually systematic approach as well as its reliance on logical argument. The phrase philosophy is of prehistoric Greek origin: which means "love of intelligence."


    To give a thorough list of the major branches of philosophy is hard, since there have been dissimilar, evenly satisfactory divisions at dissimilar times, plus the divisions are usually relative to concerns of an exacting period. Though, the following branches are generally accepted as the major ones.


    • Metaphysics examines the nature of being as well as the world. Conventional branches are ontology and cosmology.
    • Epistemology is related with nature as well as scope of knowledge, plus whether awareness is feasible. Amongst its inner concerns has been the challenge created by cynicism and the relations between belief, truth and explanation.
    • Principles, or ‘moral philosophy’, are concerned with the questions of how persons should act or if such queries are responsible. The major branches of morals are meta-ethics, normative principles, as well as applied beliefs. Meta-ethics concern the nature of principled thought, assessment of different moral systems, whether there are fixed principled truths, as well as how such truths might be recognized. Ethics is also linked with the thought of principles.
    • Political philosophy is a study of administration and the association of communities and individuals to the state. It comprises questions on justice, the good, property, law, and the rights and responsibilities of the inhabitant.
    • Aesthetics deal with art, beauty, pleasure, sensory-emotional principles, insight, and matters of sentiment and taste.
    • Logic deals with the patterns of thoughts that guide from factual premises to accurate conclusions, initially founded in the Ancient Greece. Starting in late 19th century, mathematicians like Frege concentrated on an arithmetical behavior of logic, and nowadays the subject of reason has 2 broad divisions: mathematical logic and philosophical logic.
    • Philosophy of mind deals with nature of mind as well as its association to the body plus is characterized by disputes among materialism and dualism. In current years there is a rising link among this branch of philosophy as well as cognitive science.

    • Philosophy of language is reasoned question in the nature, origins, as well as usage of the language.


    The majority of educational subjects have philosophy, for instance philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of science as well as philosophy of history. Additionally, a variety of educational subjects have appeared to deal with the areas that would have traditionally been the topic of philosophy. These comprise psychology, anthropology along with science. The introduction of terms "philosophy" and "philosopher" has been attributed to Greek thinker Pythagoras. The ascription is founded on a way in the lost work of Herakleides Pontikos, follower of Aristotle. It is measured to be the part of widespread legends of the Pythagoras of this era.