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  • The Pirate Community
    This community is mainly about piracy on the high seas and sites with a related pirate or nautical topic. Sites can be about historical or present day pirates, fact or fiction, serious or fun as long as they are of interest to most of us seafarin' pirates. Visit our Pirate Community Homepage for more complete information about this community.

  • Cercle Médiéval Francophone
    Ce community est ouvert ŕ tous les sites (privés ou commerciaux) qui traitent du moyen-âge et qui possčdent une version rédigée en français. ....................................................... Seront refusés bien sűr les sites diffusant des propos racistes, diffamatoires, injurieux, agressifs ou violents. Pour plus d'informations sur le fragment de code ŕ insérer sur votre site : http://home.nordnet.fr/~ccogo/LECARREAUMEDIEVAL//community.htm

  • The Gode Boke Community
    A community for the sites listed within A Boke of Gode Cookery, a Medieval & Renaissance food & cooking website.

  • Civil War History Web Ring
    This community links many sites that deal with the history of the Civil War. Site owners may be historians (both professional and amateur), history buffs, persons researching Civil War ancestors, and/or reenacting unit members.

  • Americans Unite
    This community stands for Freedom and the American Way, For Standing up to Our {;}Rights as Americans, For paying respect{;}for what our ForeFathers fought so hard for so we might be FREE....

  • European History Web Collection
    The continent of Europe has a fascinating and rich heritage. This collection of web sites focus on Europe's history and offers resources for high school and college research, in addition to, educational entertainment for the enthusiast.

  • Maidens of Ren Community
    This is a community for Maidens of the Renaissance Maidens only.

  • Medieval and Renaissance Cookery
    The Medieval & Renaissance Cookery Community is for all Internet sites featucommunity Medieval & Renaissance food, drink, cooking, & feasts. To be a part of this community, each site must be at least partly focused on food & cooking from the Middle Ages & Renaissance and MUST present original material (i.e. NO links collections unless accompanied by other material).

  • Ancient Homes Community
    This is a community for people who enjoy historical discussion and roleplay.

  • Old West Reenactment
    This community bcommunitys together and promotes all websites that are active in preserving the spirit and culture of the American West. Authentic Old West Reenactment: Old West Reenactors - Old West Living History groups - Gunfighters - Merchants - Ghost Towns - Time period 1860 through 1890. Fill out the form to submit your site. You will receive the community html in an email. Save the Old West Reenactment Community Logo image to YOUR computer or ask us to send it to you Copy and paste the community html on your home page, a links page or a communitys page. The Old West Re

  • Circle of Hope and Unity
    Originally a community for members of Women With Attitude... now open to anyone who has made a page dedicated to the events of September 11th, 2001.

  • Old West
    This community is a collection of sites all about the old west. Each site has been individually reviewed to make sure it's content is about the old west. Free [email protected] email available to all users and members.

  • AncientWorldsGroups
    AncientWorlds.net is the successor of AncientSites, a community-based subscription service in pursuit of Ancient History. This community serves to provide a community to link together Groups within AncientWorlds.net that wish to "exchange" links.

  • Sutlers' Community
    Businesses who sell tools, materials, clothing, patterns, or artifacts usable by historical re-enactors and living history museums, in their efforts to re-create the past.

  • Medieval Studies Community
    Community linking together sites related to authentic medieval studies and philosophy

  • Women in History
    If your page contains anything about women in history, whether famous, infamous or unknown, then this is{;}the community for you. Celebrate the role of{;}women in the development of the human race. Reclaim the stories of women who are margin notes in the pages of history.

  • The Kingdom of Meridies Web-Community
    This community is intended for members of the Kingdom of Meridies, within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), Inc.

  • Military History Web Ring
    This community links sites with subject matter relating to military history. Sites may be on specific branches of the military, specific wars/conflicts, or on military history in general.

  • Native Longhouse
    Of Native American interest. Sites submitted should have some content relating to Native tributes and/or lifestyle. Deseroka's native Longhouse offers free NativeLongohuse.com Email.

  • 1250-1325 studies and living history
    This community bcommunitys together sites that hold usefull information related to the history of Western Europe ducommunity the years 1250 till 1325. 75years specific.

  • Gateway To Ancient Egypt
    Gateway to Ancient Egypt community is home to any websites with some or all of their content connected to the ancient Egyptian history or culture. Sites can contain factual information or purely photographs of the country and its monuments. Any site which shares a passion for the glorious past of the ancient egyptian culture is most welcome here.

  • Dominican Republic
    The Dominican Republic Community was originally started on 10/28/00, The purpose of this community is to promote the best of the Dominican Republic, using history,pictures,hotels,beach resort,travel information and more.

  • The Ancient Rome Community
    This community is an enducommunity circle of remembrance and honor to an age long past. Each site in this community is one devoted to some aspect of the history of ancient Rome.

  • 2996
    The bloggers who volunteered in 2006 to write tributes to the 2,996 victims of 9-11-01. Additional tributes (to subsequent victims, buildings and communities, animals, etc.,) are also eligible.

  • Bad Hombres
    BadHombres - The old west still captures the imagination of millions of people, and in particular, outlaws of the old west. Many of course weren't actually outlaws, just fellas that fought a corrupt system in the only way they knew how, their six shooter. Only sites about outlaws with excellent content are admitted. So kick off your boots and set back a spell and learn about these wild characters.

  • Everything Victorian
    A community of Victorian related websites.

  • Southern Heritage News & Views
    The SHNV's community is for Pro-Southern sites that have a truthful understanding of Dixie, Southern Independence, past and present struggles and our heritage. Sites must not contain, hate, porn, anti-God, or condone the death of the unborn, any site with links to same will "NOT" be added to The SHNV community. Community panel "MUST" be on page linked.

  • Ocean Liners
    This community is for websites dedicated to ocean liners and passenger ships. Before the arrival of Jet Travel, the most advanced countries of the World competed to produce the fastest and most luxurious seagoing vessels possible. It was an age of technological wonders, an era when the biggest liners dwarfed even the largest battleships and oil tankers, Ships like the Titanic and the Queen Mary were mighty sources of national pride and also state-of-the-art engineecommunity icons.

  • Homes and Hearts
    This community has been organized to bcommunity together sites from around the world {;}that feature regional information including a bit of history, culture, plants, {;}animals, people, places.... backed up with photographs. {;}Sites that help others to learn more about this wide and wonderful world we live in. {;}The goal is to link together sites from every Continent, Country, State, and Region.

  • Ancientsites Alliance Community
    Come and view our community of the members of the Ancientsites Alliance! The Ancientsites Alliance is a website aiming to keep the families and groups of the deceased site Ancientsites in contact with each other! It is open to all families, groups and individual members of Ancientsites, as well as any webpage that used to be hosted on the Ancientsites Webspace.

  • Community of Vikings
    This community links together authentic Viking related historical sites (not the football team.)

  • Old World Hungary Community .. Óvilági Magyarország Web Gyürü
    Pages include: Hungarian cultural,historical, educational pages, Hungarian org., museums, churches, cuisine, pages about former Hungarian terr., now under Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Ukraine and Romania, etc.{;}Lap elfogadhatók: Magyar kulturális, történelmi, oktatási oldalak, Magyar organizációk, muzeumok, templomok, konyha, stb. Ugyszintén a volt Magyar területekre , (Ausztria, Horvátország, Szlovákia, Jugoszlávia, Ukrájna és Rumánia) vonatkozo oldalak is elfogadhatok.

  • History With Charm
    History With Charm is Community for websites that are about the century of Charm: The Victorian Era. These sites can be Historical, Educational, Commercial, Personal, Christian, Victorian Themed, Artistic~~~~but obviously Victorian or about 19th Century topics.{;}{;}These website must be clean with language usage and such and uphold the standards of a true Victorian Lady or Gentlemen.

  • Livadia
    A community for Romanov and Imperial Russia sites. Sites must be family friendly and refrain from using other people's colored photos without permission.

  • East Broad Top Railroad Community
    The EBT community is for the naviagation of sites that have significant content relating to the East Broad Top Railroad, the last original narrow gauge railroad east of the Rockies and the oldest surviving narrow gauge in America.

  • SCA Artists and Artisans
    This community is for SCAdians (and Rennies too) who are Artists and/or Artisans (bard's too).

  • Fallen Knights
    A safe haven for All, where we can share tales, humor and friendship in a renaissance setting

  • Mythological and Ancient Lands Community
    This Community is for sites that have a Mythological Theme or a Site that has a Ancient Lands Theme...eg Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greek....etc..

  • Lost Coast Historical Fantasy Costume and History
    This community is dedicated to historical and fantasy costume creators, reenactment participants and anyone who likes to create costume, collect the real thing, recreate film characters and share knowledge. The site contains both non-commercial and items for sale. Further categories include family friendly sites.

  • Sheela Na Gig
    This community is dedicated to sites that hold information on that most curious of carvings the Sheela na gig

  • Spiral Timeline
    A group of sites that either take a broad or specific view of historical events, dealing mainly with the interactions of events over time.

  • Seekers of The Truth
    This is a community I have started to bcommunity like minded thinkers together to share their views, ideas and personal efforts in the fields of speculative Archaeology, Ancient History, Earth Sciences and Conspiracy theories. We hope to explore the mysteries of the past in a non restrictive atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding. We are all building the greatest jig-saw puzzle of all time and all of us have at least one of the pieces. Would you like to add yours to the board ?

  • House Ironrose
    A collection of sites both personal and informational belonging to the women warriors of House Ironrose and those who support them

  • The Ancient Civilizations Community
    A CommunitySurf Community for all Ancient History related Web Sites.

  • Machu Picchu
    A fortress city of the ancient Incas, in a high saddle between two peaks NW of Cuzco, Peru. The extraordinary pre-Columbian ruin, 5 sq. Miles of terraced stonework link by 3,000 steps; it was virtually intact when discovered by Hiram Bibghan in 1911

  • Indiana History Community
    A community for Indiana History Lovers who love Indiana or history period.

  • The Covered Bridges Community
    A covered bridge community where you can surf and see many of the historical bridges of the world.

  • American Colonies
    The American Colonies community is dedicated to sites that offer historical information concerning the early settlers of the American frontier.

  • History of Art
    History of Art is a community devoted to those sites dealing with art in the history of the world. The site must be of top quality to be admitted to the community. The final decision on admitting member sites and/or removing sites remains with the communitymaster.

  • Advancement of Scottish and Celtic Heritage
    This community is for all those who are interested in learning from, advancing or promoting the growing interest in traditional Scottish and Celtic {;}Heritage.




    The History of History


    "History is the story about past which is significant as well as true." It is a study of Past, with special consideration to written evidence of the behavior of individuals over time. Scholars who inscribe about history are known as historians. It is the field of study which utilizes a tale to inspect and analyze the series of events, and it usually attempts to examine impartially the patterns of reason and outcome that determine the events. Scholars discuss the nature and environment of history as well as the tutorials history teaches. A well-known quotation by George Santayana has that "Those who cannot memorize the history are destined to repeat it.” The stories common to particular civilization, however not supported by outside sources (like the legends nearby King Arthur) are generally categorized as Cultural heritage rather than "disinterested investigation" required by the regulation of history.


    Since historians are concurrently participants and observers, the chronological works they create are written from standpoint of their personal time and at times with due anxiety for feasible lessons for their personal future. In words of Benedetto Croce, "All history is the contemporary history". History is assisted by the creation of a factual discourse of history during the manufacture of narrative and study of past events concerning to human race. The contemporary regulation of history is devoted to the institutional manufacture of this discourse.


    All the events that are remembered as well as preserved in some genuine form comprise the past record. The job of chronological discourse is to recognize the sources that can most helpfully add to the creation of precise accounts of history. Thus, the foundation of the historian's records is an outcome of restricted a more general files by canceling the practice of certain documents and texts.


    The study of the past has at times been categorized as part of humanities plus other times as part of social sciences. It could even be seen as a link between those 2 wide areas, incorporating methodologies from the both. A few individual historians sturdily hold one or the other categorization. In contemporary academe, the past is gradually more classified as social science. In 20th century, French historian Fernand Braudel transformed the study of the past, by utilizing such outside regulations as economics, geography and anthropology in study of worldwide history.


    Usually, historians have recorded events of the past, either in writing or by passing on an oral custom, and have attempt to respond chronological questions during the study of the written documents as well as oral accounts. For the commencement, historians have even utilized such sources as pictures, monuments and inscriptions. Generally, the sources of chronological knowledge could be separated in 3 groups: what is on paper, what is said, as well as what is physically preserved, as well as historians frequently consult all three. But writing is the indicator that separate the past from what comes prior to. There are various ways in which the history could be prepared, comprising chronologically, ethnically, territorially, as well as thematically.


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