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  • Christian Women Online
    CWO - Uniting women of faith in the blogging community, regardless of our diffecommunity ages, our roles as women, or the signs that mark our church doors.

  • St. Blog's Parish
    A Community for Catholic Bloggers and those interested in Catholicism.

  • RevGalBlogPals
    An open table for women clergy, women church professionals and women in religious life, and their blogging friends, to support one another in pursuing and discerning our vocations. You must be an active blogger for the previous three months in order to join and to maintain membership.

  • Blogging Episcopalians
    A community for Episcopalian bloggers--lay and ordained.

  • Christian Webmasters
    Webmasters' sites that are welcomed into this community are Christian and express the Biblical gospel of the free gift of eternal life through trusting faith solely in Jesus Christ.

  • Christian Community of Communitys Fellowship
    This is the Christian Community of Communitys Fellowship. A Christian Community of Communitys. We receive into this Community membership of Christian Communitys. Please see the community homepage for rules and qualifications. http://crorf.godsholyword.org/

  • Presbyterian Bloggers
    A community for those whose blogging is decent and in order.

  • Women of The Word Community
    Community of Christian women devoted to God's Holy Word the Bible. We invite women who will demonstrate their Christian faith in God's Word on the internet to join our friendly community.

  • Christian Bloggers
    Since this is a journal/diary/blog community - I see it as something obvious that you keep an online journal on your site. The code must be placed on the page you submit to the community. It can be on a splash page, on a communitys page, or on the journal page itself. If it is on a pop-up page, you will have to submit the URL of that page. No exceptions! I want this to be a quality community. All sites must be Christian in nature. No porn, no hate sites. Sites should reflect Christian beliefs. Denomination is not important. This is a family friendly community and will be maintained as suc

  • LDS Blogs
    Join author, Candace Salima, as she walks you through the possibilities of life, religion, the intricacies of politics, the pathways of history and the beauty of pursuing your dreams through it all.

  • Faith Lifts
    There are many great bible study themed blogs out there, and it is not our desire to replace or over shadow any of them- We firmly believe that Christ is working mightly in the blogging world, and is using all of us! Faith Lifts, however, does want to be a bit different than the rest. Every day we all face struggles, disappointment and hardships. We sometimes feel as if we are traveling this journey alone, but that is where we at Faith Lifts want to help. We want to share His love and grace with you on the days when you need it the most. We also want to be able to just sit back and giggle

  • Assembly of God Blogs
    You are welcome to join, however at this time the administrator of this community does not have regular computer access, due to taking care of her Mother who recently had a stroke. PLEASE visit the network site to read user agreement and to obtain the code! Assembly of God Blogs network site: http://assemblyofgodblogs.blogspot.com/ Code page at network: http://assemblyofgodblogs.blogspot.com/2008/03/assembly-of-god-blogs-code.html Currently there is an unspecified waiting time for the administration to add your blog to the community and the network site (http://assemblyofgodblogs.bl

  • Jesus is Lord of My Life
    This is a Christian community, a family of websites devoted to our Lord Jesus Christ, and bold enough to proclaim to the world and for all to see, that Jesus is the Lord of our life! We invite you to proclaim Him as well!

  • Blogging Lutherans
    This group is designed to help connect Lutheran bloggers, be they lay or clergy.

  • Churches of Christ Net RIng
    This Community is for Mainstream, non-instrumental church of Christ sites, personal or congregational.

  • Youth Ministry Blogs
    A community of youth ministers

  • The Holy Bible Community
    This is a community of Biblically fundamental Holy Scripture presentations, Old and New Testaments, on the internet. Homepages highly devoted to the display of Holy Bible passages on the web.

  • HFC Christian Writers and Ministries Community
    Always welcome to Ministry Sites dedicated primarily to Women's Ministries, to the Teaching of God's Word, to the Ministry of Prayer. Also looking for Christian Writer Websites! Also open to Inspirational Poetry Outreaches and Women's Fellowship Circles that uplift the name of Jesus Christ.

    This Catholic Community is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Son Jesus Christ our Savior. The beauty of Mary is that she was a lay person and did what we all need to do, namely, to bcommunity Christ into the world. All who respect Scripture and Tradition and the Catholic Church, are invited to join.

  • Christian Mothers on the Web
    This website is for ALL Christian mothers on the web. ALL ages welcome! If your site is Christian-based and you're a mother, please join us!{;}

  • Christian Peace Bloggers
    A place for Christian bloggers who care deeply about peacemaking.

  • The Charismatic Community
    A Christian community of sites professing the truth of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as active in the modern-day church.

  • Touched by Angels
    A community for sites about angels (anything angels) or for angels (memorial sites)

  • The Gospel Community
    A community of homepages that present the full gospel of Jesus Christ in its biblical, fundamental and evangelical nature.

  • The Christian Community Bus
    The Christian Community Bus, this community is designed for your communitys only; no home pages will be accepted. The idea is to link our community in a central area for easier joining. The code for the community MUST go on the same page you have your community on for it to work. Any Christian community may join, as long as you meet the membership Guidelines.

  • Baptist Bloggers
    A List of Baptist Bloggers. All Baptists who have a weblog and add the Baptist Bloggers link to their weblog can be added to the list. No theological screening applies.

  • Blogging Methodist
    This is the homepage for the Blogging Methodist community -- a voluntary community of ordained and lay methodists who maintain weblogs. Open to all blogging Methodists who blog regularly on topics of their choice (theological or otherwise). We represent a diverse group of people who understand what it means to agree to disagree.

  • Christian Banners Community
    This is a community of Christian homepages that raise up the banner to exalt the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • Ring of Reformed Sites
    This community promotes the Reformed Faith. When the church drifted from the truth of scripture in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, men were called by God to shed light on error, and call the church back to true faith. The Community of Reformed Sites is a collection of websites, dedicated to holding on to the Reformed Faith, as expressed in the scriptures, subordinately expressed in reformed confessions and creeds, and in the doctrinal system of Calvinism. There would be no such thing as a Reformed church today if God had not sent the great Reformation. But the Reformation was not

  • SisterBloggers
    Catholic Sisters, Episcopal Sisters, women in formation, those discerning a religious vocation and others who want to join the conversation. This community is meant to be a respectful and welcome place for all Sisters and others who find themselves on a journey with God and would like to join the conversation. We are all at our own places on our journeys. We all have different perspectives and experience the power of God differently in our lives. With that in mind, I hope and trust that all members will be open, honest and respectful of others. Let's be an inclusive community where e

  • Catholic Writers Community
    This community is for websites of Catholic writers of any genre. One's writing need not be religious, but the site must convey fidelity to the Roman Catholic Church and the Papacy in some way.

  • Reconciling Christian Bloggers
    A collective of bloggers who believe that the Kingdom of God includes all of God's children, regardless of race, age, class, gender, ability or sexual orientation; and who long for the day when all of God's children - lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, straight - are fully welcome around the Table of the Lord.

  • CIN Bloggers
    A community for active Catholic bloggers and friends of CIN (www.cin.org).

  • Soacommunity Dove
    Uplifting Jesus Christ and shacommunity his love with all the world. I know you will be blessed by your visit to the Soacommunity Dove Community.

  • The Singles' Blogward
    A community of blogs belonging to single mormons. Hate your real singles ward? Then join the singles blogward. Even if you love your real singles ward, you should join the blogward. No stupid activities! No age limit. But if you get married then it's time to get out, just like in the real wards.

  • The Evangelical Community
    Homepages of this community are of Evangelical Christian faith.

    The purpose of our community is Christian unity, as in the times of Jesus. Jesus prays for Christian unity in John 17:11, and unity echoes throughout the Bible, such as the Epistles of St. Paul [Romans 15:5-6, 1 Corinthians 1:10, Galatians 3:27-28, Ephesians 4:1-5, and Philippians 1:27]. We emphasize our common bonds - our love of Jesus Christ, the Son of God the Father, who sends us the Holy Spirit; Baptism; the Bible, especially the New Testament, the same for all of Christianity; and our respect for life and the natural law.

  • One Lord, one faith, one baptism community
    (Ephesians 4:4-6) This community expresses the unity of Christians which is through trusting faith solely in God's Son Jesus Christ.

  • The Holy Scripture Community
    This community has Biblically fundamental internet presentations of Holy Scripture from both Old and New Testaments. Homepages in this community are highly devoted to the display of Holy Scripture passages on the web.

  • Prince of Peace
    The Prince of Peace Community has been created for those websites glorifying Our Savior Jesus Christ, and to proclaim His 'Good News', and agape love throughout the W.W.W.

  • Catholic Moms on the Internet
    Cathmoms is a community for Catholic mothers who have made homepages loyal to Rome and Our Holy father. Web pages submitted to the community must be Catholic in nature, but some exceptions will be made depending. Feel welcome to browse through the already listed web sites.

  • SBCCommunity Web Page
    We are a community made up of Southern Baptist from around the world.

  • Christian Banner Exchanger Community
    Join this unique community and you can display your Banner logo on all members’ sites. Banner size must be “468x60” or it will not display properly inside the community code. This community is combining a community and the benefit is exchanging banners with all the members that are in the community. Please see the home page for details.

  • The Protestant Community
    A community of Biblically fundamental, evangelical websites representing Protestant Christianity.

  • Disciples of Christ Blogger Network
    This is a blogcommunity for lay and clergy members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). All are welcome at the table!

  • A Time to Heal
    A collection of sites dealing with the theology, faith, and issues of Christians in recovery from addiction, abuse, or other suffecommunity. It is intended SPECIFICALLY for the RECOVERY community rather than general interest Christianity sites. Please be aware that sites that contain no recovery-specific material may not be accepted. Apologies, but that's just the nature of this community.

  • Writing For Christ
    This community is for, and to connect, Christian writers of all genres. You must believe that Jesus is the Son of God who died on the cross for our sins and was raised from the dead three days later. You must believe that the Holy Bible is the Word of God.

  • The Bible Community
    This is a community of sound Bible doctrine website presentations of Scripture. Websites submitted for joining this community should be greatly committed to the display of Holy Bible verses from Old and New Testaments on the internet.

  • United Church of Christ Blog Network
    A blogcommunity for pastors and laypeople with an active interest in issues related to the United Church of Christ.

  • Fire of Pentecost
    a community for sites to the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ

  • Inside Christianity


    One of the largest religions in the world today is Christianity.  Jesus Christ, known as the savior of lost souls, is worshiped as the Son of God by Christians and is said to have died on the cross so that God will forgive us for any and all we commit in this life.


    Christmas is celebrated by many, not just Christians, but it has a very special meaning to it for those of the Christian faith.Religious practices in Christianity include celebrating Christmas as the day of Jesus’ birth. This is not the actual date, the actual date is unknown, but it is a symbol of the hope he gave the world. We show the love of God to others by giving gifts and gathering with family on Christmas Day.


    Easter is another celebrated day in the Christian tradition. This is the day that Jesus rose from the dead, as he prophesied he would do. If he had not risen then salvation would not be possible. Christian churches celebrate this with Easter egg hunts for the younger children, as well as singing hymn songs of praise to the Lord, and often having a church dinner.


    The Christians consider Sunday as the day of rest.  In the Bible it has been said that God created the world and mankind in six days, and on the seventh He rested. Christians try to honor Sunday and keep it holy; if it is possible they will not work, though current economic times usually make this hope fairly unrealistic. Church services are held on Sunday mornings to worship the Lord, and sometimes again on Sunday night. Many churches hold other services throughout the week as well, and host a vacation bible school during the summer. Church, as we all know, plays an important role in the lives' of Christian followers.


    Not only is Christianity the largest religion in the world, the religious practices followed by the Christians are also very simple and straightforward, though it doesn’t appear so prima facie.  The two major groups in Christianity are the Protestants and the Roman Catholics. However, the religious practices in Christianity are all involved in some way or another with spreading the good word of the salvation of Jesus Christ and the love of God. The idea is that by spreading peace and love, not only will harmony come to the world, but all will be saved from Hell's fire and can rejoice together forever one day in Heaven with God Almighty.


    Baptism is very common in most branches of Christian religion. When someone asks Christ for forgiveness, they are then baptized to show that they have become a Christian and have been accepted into the church. This is very important, because salvation is believed to be the only way to go to Heaven. Many religions believe that a person must also be baptized to enter Heaven's gates.  Though a majority of the Christians readily acknowledge that God loves them, most admit that their worry, doubts, and unhealthy behaviors reflect that they really don't believe that his love and grace are enough. They think they need something more than what God is providing.

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