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  • Kenyan Blogs
    Karibu to the Kenyan Blogs Community. For the all the information, news and requirements check out our permanent home online: http://www.kenyaunlimited.com/ Kenyan blogs is a community for weblogs written by Kenyans or about Kenya. The community is inclusive rather than exclusive. If you want to join you probably can. We intend for this community to bcommunity the growing number of Kenyan bloggers together into a vibrant online community. Do not try to submit illegal or indecent websites, we vet each site before admitting into the community and will block your URL immediately.

  • Community Against Terrorism
    This Community is for all of us who are against Hate & Terrorism. We need to come together to form one voice and let the terrorist of the world know that their evil acts will not be tolerated! *****PLEASE NOTE - ACCEPTANCE OF ONE OF THE RING LOGOS IS MANDATORY. THE GENERIC RINGSURF BANNER IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR THIS RING****

  • Northern Irish bloggers
    Bloggers from and in Northern Ireland

  • Pinoy Ako
    Sites that are for Filipinos, by the Filipinos. Any Filipino (whether 100%, half, quarter, etc) are included.

  • CariBlogrs
    Calling all Caribbean Bloggers and friends. Join in the community and join in the fun.

  • Belg'Expat' - The Belgian Expatriates Community
    Belg'Expat' - L'anneau des belges à l'étranger - The Belgians Abroad Community - Belgen in het buitenland community

  • The Australian Community
    Originally started in 1996, to promote Australian Websites and their Authors. "The Australian Community" connects Websites that are by Australians or about Australia. You do not need to be an Australian to join but your Website must have something directly to do with Australia......

  • Francophile Blogs
    A community for fans of France, the French language and the French people.

  • Afrikaanse Blogs
    'n Community vir Afrikaanse blogs.

  • Southern Thangs
    The best way to get your site seen, is. Getting your URL: "LINK" on as many like-minded sites as you can. "Be sure those sites are free of any subject matter that could hurt our cause". Southern Thangs Links ONLY Page is such a place. If you have a Southern site, that is pro Dixie... about, true history of TWFSI, Southern heritage, defense of, living history, cooking, sports, you name it. It must be pro Southron and a site for the whole family...Please consider letting me add your link to THANGS. "You do not even have to link back unless you wish too. It would help us all if you did".

  • The Donut Shop Web
    This community is made up of Law Enforcement, Fire, and E.M.S. personel and their spouses or family members. Get to know each other better, and talk to other people in the same fields as you who know what you go through at work each day and understand how you feel! Come and see the one and only Donut Community. Get a cyber donut or donuts for free.

  • International Windmill Community
    A collection of windmill sites from all over the world

  • Community of Friendship
    Welcome to this new Community. We starded this Community on Januar 01.2001.{;}This

  • China Adoption Community
    If you have a webpage that deals with adoption from China, then I invite you to join our community! The China Adoption Community was developed as a way to share information and support on Chinese adoptions. This will allow pages on this subject to easily link together, so they're easy to find and to navigate. {;}{;}Your page should include content on China adoption, such as your personal story, or information on your agency. Commercial sites are welcome to join the community, as long as they have content that pertains to China adoption.{;}{;}Your page should include some original content, not

  • The Guardians of The Battle
    This community was started by The Guardians of The Battle of The Ancients for its members.

  • inmobiliarias barcelona
    inmobiliarias en barcelona capital: una inmobiliaria especializada en la compra venta de pisos en el centro de Barcelona, pisos con encanto, aticos, lofts. http://www.stayinbarcelona.net/es/

  • Kenya Top Blogs
    Kenya Top Blogs is a collection of links to the very best of Kenyan bloggers. We undertake thorough vetting of blogs before listing them. This is the place to be for any serious Kenyan blogger.

  • russian blogs
    Russian blog

  • Every Second Counts
    This Community is Dedicated to Reaching out to Others. It's Members and/or their sites show they care.

  • International Order of Job's Daughters
    Websites related to Job's Daughters, or the Masonic Family!

  • World Hearth
    This community links sites containing recipes or information on cooking from various parts of the world.

  • international couples community
    this community is for international couples from all over the world

  • The Friends of The Guardians of BOTA
    This community is for the Friends of the Guardians of the Battle of the Ancients.{;}All members are welcome to join.

  • Ebay-Fan
    Internationaler Community für Fans von Ebay und anderen Auktionshaeusern - International community for fans of Ebay and other auctions!

  • I Love Mona
    We are just plain folks, male and female, young and old, who LOVE The Mona Lisa.

  • International Couples' Community
    This community is for people who is in love to someone from different country,or both from same country but living abroad.That's what int'l couple community is all about.

  • Français de l'étranger
    Pages créées par des Français établis hors de France, traitant de l'expatriation ou offrant une perspective multiculturelle francophile. Cet anneau est aussi ouvert aux établissements scolaires Français de l'étranger et à toutes les associations de Français expatriés, y compris religieuses ou politiques (de tous bords non extrémistes) en France ou hors de France. Les Etrangers établis en France sont également les bienvenus. International Francophile sites (in English) are welcome.

  • Dancing on Dreams
    An informative, easy to navigate Irish dancing site created by a dancer. A place to buy/sell new and used dancing items, message board and chat area, loads of dancing tips, page for beginners, clipart collection, Irish history and more!{;}

  • Fenix Rising
    This community connects members of Fenix Rising, a group at Yahoo for those who are 21+ and have seen life straight in the eyes and went on living.

  • Sheffield Blogs and Sites.
    This is a newly set up community for Sheffield people with blogs and / or websites. To qualify, you must live in, or come from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK. The blog or site's subject does not have to be Sheffield-focussed, though. Photoblogs, online diaries, blogs, websites, message boards and more, are all welcome to join the Sheffield Community.

  • pisos madrid
    Inmobiliaria internacional en madrid, especializada en la compra venta de pisos en madrid

  • psychic advisor

  • Models-Portfolios
    The models-portfolios Community has been set up to link together and showcase Models Portfolios sites on the Internet. Any Websites focused on Modeling and Photography of Models may be admitted to the community. Commercial sites dedicated only to photos of models are not permitted unless they are the official site of that model. Model Agencies sites and organizations promoting or assisting the employment of models and photographers are welcome.

  • @ Least You May Take A Look
    The Community Without Wordsspecial
    Dedicated to beautiful sites that surfers keep missing...

  • Rainbow Family of Living Light Caravan Tribe
    The Rainbow Family is many things to many people, many belong to regional tribes. Some find themselves on the road all the time.... this is the place for them.

  • i Blog
    Step out and say, i Blog! If you blog, this site is for you. Everyone is welcome.

  • Christian communitys sponsored by dokimos
    Please visit our website for Christian communitys we sponsor.

  • Highcourt's nederlandse weblogverzameling
    In deze \"community\" zitten Nederlandse welblogs. Iedereen die een Nederlandse weblog heeft kan zich aanmelden.

  • CommunitySurf: Jenga Mali
    A network of new generation Africans aspicommunity to leadership in their chosen fields. ‘The doer’ - stand up and be counted!

  • Pisos Madrid
    Este community es de un Portal inmobiliario internacional en Madrid y agencia de inversiones inmobiliarias a nivel nacional. Te ayudamos a vender tu piso, terreno, edificio en toda España y Europa. pisos madrid1446 todo para anunciar su piso, atico en Madrid y en toda españa

  • pisos barcelona
    Pisos en venta en barcelona

  • individual graves and cemeteries
    dedicated to information about graves, cemetaries, funeral cultures and individual graves of all people with information about these people.

  • Arab GLBT online
    Arab lesbians, gay men Bisexuals, transgender, cross dressers, etc.. websites related to LBGT or queer Arabs.

  • Anillo Encantado
    Anillo Encantado variada info

  • WelshGenealogy
    Genealogy Webring for any Worldwide websites that contain information for mainly Welsh Genealogy

  • All Things International


    International or globally or internationally most regularly describes interface among nations, or including 2 or more states, constituting the group or organization having members in 2 or more than 2 nations, or usually reaching away from nationwide boundaries. In the American English, "International" is even normally used to indicate "outside of country".


    • In group sports, "international" usually refers either to the match among 2 national teams, or to the player restricted by his nationwide team.
    • In politics, "The International" such as, "First International", "Second International", or "Socialist International" might be small for any association of socialist, communist, radical or union associations from numerous countries.
    • In linguistics, an "international language" is 1 spoken by people of as a minimum 2 nations, however if possible a great number of states.
    • In Interlinguistics, International usually has to do with the languages more willingly than states themselves. An "international term" is one which occurs in a minimum of 2 languages, however preferable a lot of more, as with the linguistics above. These words are composed from extensively spoken basis or power languages as well as normally used to found language systems which the people could use to converse globally and at times for other reasons like to discover other languages more rapidly. The terms of Interlingua has principally broad range, since the power languages of Interlingua were chosen to give its affixes and words their maximum geographic range. In fraction, the language Ido is even a product of the interlinguistic investigate.
    • In the North American unionized environments, the word "international" is the euphemism for central union place, which is normally in Washington, D.C. area. An instance is IBEW (International Brotherhood of the Electrical Workers), whose global office is at Washington, DC, while its local offices are extended all over the North America. A local union office which provides as an umbrella organization for over one local office might still be known as "international" by its position as well as file members.


    Global is usually utilized as the synonym for "International", on the other hand such usage is characteristically mistaken as "global" entails "one world" as single unit, whereas "international" identifies that different peoples, languages, cultures, nations, borders, ecosystems and economies exist. The term however sees practice as in a variety of media buzzwords, like "global economy".


    The International Workingmen's Association (IWA), at times known as the First International, was a global socialist association which intended at uniting a diversity of diverse left-wing trade union associations and political groups that were founded on working class as well as class struggle. It was established in the year 1864 in the workmen's meeting occurred in Saint Martin's Hall, London. Its initial congress was occurred in the year 1866 in Geneva.


    In Europe, a time of cruel reaction followed the extensive Revolutions of 1848. The next main phase of innovative activity started almost 20 years later with founding of IWA in the year 1864. At its peak, IWA had five million members as per the police reports, though the administrator journal reported eight million members.