Recreation- Take the Time to Chill!

Recreation of some form is available all over this wonderful planet. It comes in a myriad of ways or means and is a different experience for each individual. It could be something as simple as reading a book or something considered extreme such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!

If you get the chance to relax and unwind it’s always beneficial for your stress levels, not to mention your overall health and spiritual wellbeing—and those poor peeps around you that half to tolerate your moods! But, believe it or not, some stress is good for you and a little bit of adrenaline from white-water rafting can aid you in functioning a lot better. What is the point of life if you cannot enjoy it and take some time to indulge in some recreation? Recreation is all about fun so there is no point in forcing yourself to jog twice a day if you do not like doing so; yes you may end up with a body to die for, but you may end up driving yourself crazy too!

There is a common misconception that partaking in recreational activities means that you have to splash the cash. This is simply not true; some of the most enjoyable and fun ways to relax cost nothing at all! You could go for a walk in the park alone or with someone else; take a picnic and chill watching the world go by and the kids playing soccer. There is nothing more relaxing that spending time with the ones you love (and tiring out the kids is a bonus too!). Of course, some activities for adrenalin junkies will cost a bit of money but those who do them will say it is worth every cent. Keeping active is a great way to spend your spare time whether it is playing tennis, walking your dog, speedboat racing or bungee jumping. And of course we are all told that keeping active is good for our heart.

Browsing the Internet or going to lunch with your girlfriends for a chat are great ways to unwind too. And many new first-time mothers will tell you that getting 10 minutes sleep or a hot bath are wonderful activities too! Great recreational ventures are those that can be done solo or with a bus load of friends. As you can see, recreation is truly in the eye of the beholder and it can be as simple or as intense as you like. Anything which makes you feel good could be classed as recreation; if my partner had his way we would be being "recreational" twice a night! It goes without saying that this is one of the best ways to relax and unwind- and it is free!

Whatever you choose to do in your spare time to help you relax it should be safe (well, relatively if you like extreme sports!) for you and other people, and should not contravene any laws of the country. So go on, decide what you might like to try and take the time to chill- your body and mind will be thankful that you did!