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  • Blogging Mommies
    Do you have a weblog or online journal? Do you write about being your experiences as a parent, daily events and of course your adorable kids?

  • BlogMommas.com
    Welcome to the BlogMommas.com community! This community is for all Moms who blog, we are open to stay-at-home, work-at-home, and work outside of the home Moms. All sites must offer something for moms, be it inspiration, comedy, or friendship. All sites are viewed prior to approval - no indecent, filthy, objectionable or illegal sites will be accepted. Business blogs will be accepted if the business is geared towards moms.

  • Homesteading Webloggers
    A circle of homesteading women and men webloggers from rural to urban areas. Shacommunity our experiences, ideas and wisdom on living sustainably, green, self-sufficiently, etc. All are welcome providing you are respectful of other's practices and beliefs. No weblogs promoting pornography, violence, abuse allowed. We are RESPECTFUL of our varying beliefs and lifestyles. oh, and your site must be a weblog, hence the ring's name. No adverts.

  • Keepers of the Home
    This "Keepers of the Home" community is for home educating (homeschooling) families who choose to train their children to follow Jesus. ... "Teach the little children to come to me".... We home educate. ... We blog. ... We place a high value on Christian family life. ... We love to incorporate great literature, nature study, music, art appreciation and real-life experiences into our lives. We encourage creative endeavours such as handiwork, thoughtful writing, photography, art, poetry, music, lapbooking, or whatever gifts God has given us to share. ... Jesus said,

  • Christian Moms
    Are you a Christian? Are you a Mom? Then this community is for you...join us!

  • Still grieving
    A site for all children gone to heaven too soon

  • Soul of Adoption
    This community has been created for adoptees, foster kids, birth parents, adoptive parents and foster parents to share their blogs and personal websites. Please, no commercial adoption or solicitation sites.

  • FIAR Bloggers
    This group is for bloggers who are currently using or have used the FIAR curriculum.

  • Internet Force Against Child Abuse
    This community is to bcommunity all of the Internet together as one force. A force against child abuse. We must all come together as one body and make a change. It is time to make the Child Abuse a heinious crime to commit. As I look around I see that the consquences and punishments for these crimes against children, in no way shape or form, are as they should be. If you want to make a difference. If you want to see change. If you have a heart, then this community is for you. Won't you join?

  • Thank Heaven For Little Boys Community
    Do you have a website about your son, no matter how old he is? Then please Join this community!=) Memorial site are welcome.

  • Children Missing Community
    A community of those interested in helping to find missing children... and helping to try to prevent others from becoming missing.

  • Lapbooking
    This community is for blogs which (at least occasionally) feature lapbooks and/or minibooks used in homeschooling. These blogs have any of the following: pictures of completed lapbooks and minibooks; link lists and bibliographies for research related to lapbooks; ideas, templates, and how-tos for minibooks.

  • HomeBasedWorkingMoms
    A network of sites supporting Home-Based Working Moms (HBWM.com).

  • LIFE is Good Tribe
    A community for members of the LIFE is Good Unschooling conference tribe. Whether you're an unschooler who has been to the conference or just hopes to attend someday, we welcome you to our tribe!

  • Cosa MOFstra
    The Cosa MOFstra blog community makes it easier for members of our private LDS parenting board to link blogs. Feel free to surf through our community! To join our blog community you MUST be a member of the LDS MOFs private discussion board. Former members may also join. (pending approval)

  • Baby Pages
    This is a community for personal baby pages created by moms and dads to show off their little ones. We have a newsletter, chat, message boards, parenting links and more, more, more!!

  • Shine With Unschooling Photo Blog Community
    This blog community consists of members of the Shine with Unschooling community, who have created a Project 365 Photo blog.

  • Snips and Snails
    This is a community to show off your little men! If you are proud of your little guy and have a child safe site about him, then please join!

  • Knattecommunityen
    Only in Swedish " Sorry"{;}"Knatte" heter jag och detta är min webbcommunity för ar alla barn mellan 0- 13 år (med undantag).Hos mej finns det massor att titta på ex. Topp 20 listan,Tävlingar med fina badlakan med ditt namn på som pris.{;}Veckans hemsida,ja du hittar det mesta här.Så Välkommen du också.

  • Sids Community
    Home page to the sids community

  • Angel of My Heart
    Angel of My Heart is a community for those who have lost a child or loved one and who consider their loved one to be an angel of their heart. The only requirement for joining this community is to love someone who is an angel of heaven and to be proud of that person and the life you shared with them. Time is of no essense, because in your heart they will always be.{;}If your site is in the queue for 30 days...it will be deleted.

  • Sisters With Heart
    This community is for women only. We are a christian group that gets together to laugh,pray for each other and just to enjoy friendship with each other.

  • Dream Babies Community
    A community celebrating the beautiful babies on the web. Whether you have babies or not, as long as you love babies, come join our community! {;}

  • Friend-2-Friend
    We are an online group for men and women over the age of 18. We want to build a group where people can feel like they can be themselves. Please think about joining the community and the online group which requires you to be active on at least one team.

  • The Original Community of Special Needs Children
    This is the sister community, to the ORIGINAL special needs children from community.org. Owned and run by Forgotten Kids. Forgotten Kids IS RETURNING! Stay tuned!

  • The Heart of the Matter
    The purpose of The Heart of the Matter is to provide a place for homeschooling parents and teachers to find all of the resources they desire in one convenient location. It is our hope that you will find inspiration, practical advice, objective reviews of curriculum and products, fantastic giveaways and more! We are a group of average moms with the same concerns and obstacles as you. We have come together to encourage you in your walk through your children’s educational experience.

  • UltimateBaby.com
    Mommies and Daddies who have created a "pregnancy" or "baby" web page are invited to join the ULTIMATE collection of baby websites maintained by the Ultimate Internet Baby Guide. No vendors pages allowed. If you would like to announce your pregnancy & baby to the world, share ideas with other new and soon-to-be mommies and daddies or just share in the fun, frustration, and excitement about parenting with other mommies & daddies, this is the community for you!{;}

  • Mommie's Heavenly Girls
    This community is for Mommies of girls who think their daughter is just a lil heavenly angel. No specific age requirement.

  • Thank Heaven for Little Girls
    Thank Heaven for Little Girls Community for they get Bigger, Stronger and Smarter everyday!: Celebrate having daughters!! Celebrate having granddaughters!!! Celebrate having nieces!!! Celebrate being a girl!! {;}

  • you all.

  • Creative Kids of the Web
    This community for all sites for, about, and/or by kids. If you or your child has a site or page that they helped create this is the community for you. All kids sites are welcome to join. No adult material or links.

  • Angels In Heaven
    This community is for those that have made memorial pages for their lost loved ones due to pregnancy or infant loss.

  • Amazing Pregnancy
    This community is for sites that are about pregnancy, trying to conceive, or about our babies.

  • Magnolia Lane & Graphics Boutique
    This ring belongs to the group Magnolia Lane. If you want to be a member of the group you just have to join this ring and you'll be added to the mailinglist. Read more about the group on the homepage, where you also will find more logos: http://vetteljus.org/magnolia

  • Soulful Education
    This community offers the opportunity to develop a community of like-minded homeschoolers who believe education is not about what a child can do but what they need ... not about proving their capabilities but touching their souls.

  • Baby Community
    This is the community to belong to if you want to show your baby off. The Baby Community is devoted to web sites about babies, and how they got into this world. To join this community, your web site need only to be about your baby or babies. Expecting moms who have web sites about future babies are also welcome. {;}{;}

  • Payton's Angel Friends
    A community joining memorial sites for children who are now angels. All memorial sites are welcome to join and become a member of Payton's Angel Friends. There is no age limit for the death of your child...you are a grieving parent whether your child died at birth or age 50. Welcome to Payton's community and please accept my most sincere condolences in your loss.

  • The BabyChain
    Welcome to The BabyChain! All proud parents with webpages devoted to their child(ren) are invited to join.

  • Adoption World Community
    Adoption Worlds community is for anyone who has adopted, plans to adopt, has questions or stories on adoption. Also for searching for family members. Commercial sites with products relating to adoption are welcome.

  • Kind Acts of Pooh
    pursing the goal to create a friendlier WWW by bcommunitying the love of Pooh and a simple act of friendship

  • Spcommunity Babies
    This is a community for your Spcommunity Baby! You must have a baby/child due or born in March, April or May. We offer communitys for all seasons babies, so check them out!

  • Baby Love
    This is a community for parents who have children of all ages.

  • Pooh's Place Community
    Pooh's Place Community is for pooh lovers of all ages! Lots of pooh things to do and places to see. Win Awards, take some graphics for your website and meet other Pooh fan's around the world!

  • A Mothers Love
    My Community is for Mothers, Whether it is Grandmothers, new Mothers, etc. its' for the love we mothers have for our children even our Special Children.

  • Millennium Babies
    This community is for pages devoted to babies born in the new millennium.

  • Winter Babies
    This community is for all winter babies! You must have a baby/child due or born in December, January or February and a webpage dedicated to them.

  • Summer Babies
    This is a community for your Summer Baby! You must have a baby/child due or born in June, July or August. We offer communitys for all seasons babies, so check them out!

  • World Wide Grandparents
    This is a Community for Grandmothers and Grandfathers who have WebSites...either showing off their children and/or Grandchildren.

  • Fall Babies
    This is a community for your Fall Baby! You must have a baby/child due or born in September, October or November. We offer communitys for all seasons babies, so check them out!

  • The Little Star Community
    This community is for children 13 years of age and younger who have a web site of their own. It will be a community where children can surf freely and safely. They will find games to play, awards to win and much more! Won't you join us today?

  • Fighting Issues on Drugs With the Family’s Force


    Drug addiction is a growing global dilemma. The young ones, being the vulnerable generation to such influential situations, is being directly targeted by the said social problem. As a result, the lives of the young generation end up as wasted creations, which are supposed to have been lived in a better way. Considerably though, after many years of investigation and observation on which solution works best for this particular situation, experts began to see the strength carried by family-based help given to the particular patients being treated for rehabilitation. The application of family counseling has been believed to have better results compared to plain rehabilitation procedures. The fact that the young patients feel that they are strongly supported by other people that they love, they are more motivated to take the steps in recovering form their present situation.


    The family has indeed a great role in the personal developments of the individuals within the human society. This is the primary reason why empowering this basic section of the society is a must. Strengthening the link keeping the members of the family together could be observed as one of the most important issues needed to be addressed by psychologists in an aim of reducing the potential prospects of young drug abusers within the human society.    


    At present, there are several family assessment procedures used to assist family members reconnect with each other for the aim of creating better linkages that would help every member of the family become a part of the solution that needs to be handled to avoid drug addiction among youths today. One of the hardest and most critical branches of psychology is the observation it has to make regarding family relations. This is mainly because an observation such as this is not only concerning one or two members of the family. Instead it seriously deals with the family function as a whole. This is why the Family Assessment Device or FAD has been initiated to be able to scale the possible problems within a family, and also to see on how much a certain family could face a specific change of life due to many situations that govern the family living. The Family Assessment Device has been designed to measure improvements concerning the Family Therapy. In a busy and complicated world that families have to deal with these days, it is very vital every family be able to face the challenges of today’s world. Although at times, the hardships that families has to face makes it difficult for its members to keep close and intact relationship with each other.


    Aside from this, the results of such a complicated life leads to different emotional and physical depressions which makes it harder for every family member to comprehend to each other’s needs and be able to cope with life’s changes at the same time. This is why many families chose to undergo several family therapies to be able to solve the growing gap between their members and thus lead a better family life.


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