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  • Amateur Radio
    Home page of the Amateur Radio Community. The Amateur Radio Community was started in July of 1997 and is now made up of over 1900 Ham related web sites from all over the world. If you are a licensed amateur radio operator add your site to the Amateur Radio Community and increase the traffic to your own web page.

  • Australian Amateur Radio
    Australian Amateur Radio Community contains links to Amateur (Ham) Radio related sites exclusively for, and from, the VK (Australia) area.

  • Amateur Radio Lighthouse Community
    A community mainly for ham radio operators who are also interested in lighthouses/lightships. The emphasis is on lighthouses and only sites with this theme will be accepted whether they are ham radio sites or otherwise. Sites must be of a high quality with good graphics and also be informative about their lighthouse activity. THIS RING IS CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS

  • Radio Ham Zone Net Community
    Radio Ham Zone Community - Amateur Radio related information - SSTV - Packet - CW - Software - Great Links and much more. Well worth a look. http://www.ham-search.co.uk/hamcommunity/

  • Skywarn
    Dedicated to the Skywarn (National Weather Service) Spotter. The Skywarn Community is open to all Skywarn members, clubs and Orginizations supporting the Skywarn program. If you have a website suporting the Skywarn program in your area, you are invited to join.

  • The Radiobeacon Community
    For websites relating to the monitocommunity of Non Directional, HF Propagation, and Amateur Radio and DGPS Beacons.

  • HAMs On The Net
    This Community is dedicated to promotion of Amateur Radio over The Internet. I wish to attract new People to amateur Amateur Radio Sites (the one that are made just for fun and amateurism).

    A Community for cb sites based out of Oklahoma.

  • Lone Star Radio Operators
    This community is devoted to radio operators from the great state of Texas.Sites submitted must be from residents of Texas.

  • The KAMC Amateur Radio Clubs Only Community
    This community only accepts Amateur Radio Clubs. They may be from any country, but must have english content. You can change your community banner fonts and colors only. Thanks, Paul KRWU

  • County Hunters Community
    Pages relating to the hobby of Amateur Radio County Hunting.

  • Dutch Radio Amateurs all round the World
    Dutch Radio Ham sites from all round the world, with their roots in the Netherlands.{;}Are you an Radio Amateur (send or swl), and do you have some relatedness with the Netherlands, by yourself or someone in your family. Please let us know and join this community.{;}

  • UI-Webserver
    A community of amateur radio sites based on Roger Barkers UI-View32 UI-Webserver Add-on.

  • kb9ocq hamcommunity
    A ham operators hamcommunity for surfing to ham web pages.

  • Ham Operators
    A hamcommunity for amateur radio operators to surf and find all resources and info they are looking for.

  • Amateur Radio World Community
    Home page of the Amateur Radio World Community Linking Radio Hams sites from all round the world. The Amateur Radio World Community has moved To Join the New Amateur Radio World Community visit the Amateur Radio World Community Home Page. http://www.g6dpp.com/worldcommunity/

  • The VHF Net Community
    Community devoted to all Hamradio stations dedicated to explore the VHF bands.

  • Mabuhay Ham Community
    Mabuhay! Welcome to Mabuhay Amateur Radio Community.

  • Indiana Hams Community
    A Ham community for all hams to surf

  • 9A on WWW
    This is a community for 9A (and ex 9A) radio amaterurs that should help my HAM friends to find each other.

  • Amateur Radio & Members Sites Community
    Ham Radio & IRLP Top Sites And The Bass Amateur Radio IRLP Group. Victoria Australia ...Info IRLP stands for the Internet Radio Linking Project. The aim of this project is to link radio systems separated by long distance without the use of expensive leased lines, satellites, or controllers... {;}Ham Radio ops and IRLP Members...more info see url www.irlp.net ....Join our unofficial community !{;}you can mod your code to sute your webpage..Please note this...is the Unofficial Amateur Radio Community

  • 2 meter hamcommunity
    A 2 meter ham radio page with other ham radio info also.

  • Sandpile Community
    This Community is for all operator's on the pile and then some.

  • RSGB Regional Community
    Community for RSGB Regional Groups websites.

  • 4F1KYW Homepage
    About amateur radio hobby, electronics, computers

  • Carolina Hams Amateur Radio Community
    This community is for all licensed amateur radio operators. Especially Hams from N. Carolina. {;}

  • OKC CBers
    A Community for CBer websites

  • National Skywarn

  • National ARES

  • Alfa Tango DXers
    The Alfa-tango DXers community is for members of the group worldwide to promote web use and another form of communication when the DX is not so good

  • 147.435Mhz Community
    The Official Community of the Notorious 147.435Mhz Repeater in Los Angeles California


  • Get Talking: Ham and CB Radio


    Ham radio, also known as amateur radio has been a well-liked hobby for a lot of years. Even nowadays, with all the technological advances seen in the globe, it remains a foundation in a lot of people's lives. It is been an accepted practices ever since the late 1800's amongst lots of people. Indeed, nowadays there are a predictable six million people taking part in this addictive pastime.


    Amateur radio is described such since it is not used for the marketable purposes. It does not actually mean that the workers are not knowledgeable. There are a number of reasons that one would desire to get occupied in this hobby. A few people do it for leisure, public service, pleasure and practice. In tragedy situations, hams have been recognized to pull together as well as spread essential information rapidly. For this cause, it is over just a straightforward hobby. It could assist a lot of people in the right situation.


    With technical advances, running your personal radio station has turn out to be more available than ever. Using the wireless technology, a lot of people can employ in the radio broadcasting on the go. Irrespective of how you learn, ham radio is the wonderful hobby to get mixed up in. It is rising in recognition and you could learn it in your extra time.


    A CB radio or (citizens band) radio is great medium range connections tool. The normal store purchased 2 way radio generally operates on FRS or GRMS frequencies. These frequencies are restricted to some miles as well as are incomplete even added by buildings, mountains, tress, and all problems. CB radios could acquire ranges till 150 miles, at times more. CB's function on a special frequency than customary consumer radios which permits them to get these extensive ranges as well as makes them a favorite communications tools.




    Radio waves are the electro-magnetic waves which rely on antenna to direct their signal. Radios could fluctuate at a definite frequency to get or broadcast these waves. Megahertz means lots of cycles for each second, therefore when the signal is calculated in about 500 megahertz means that the frequency is oscillating at about 500 million times for each second. As an instance following are the ordinary frequencies used in the globe.


    • AM radio - 535 kilohertz till 1.7 megahertz

    • Short wave radio - groups from 5.9 megahertz till 26.1 megahertz

    • (CB) Citizens band radio - 26.96 megahertz till 27.41 megahertz

    • TV stations - 54 to 88 megahertz for the channels 2 by 6

    • FM radio - 88 megahertz till 108 megahertz

    • TV stations - 174 to 220 megahertz for the channels 7 by 13




    Antennas function best with their radios when length of antenna matches wavelength being transmitted. CB radio starts at 25.01 megahertz means that the antenna will require to be just more than 39 feet to go with the wavelength. An easy way to calculate is using this ordinary formula.


    Types of CB Radios


    There are essentially 2 types of CB radios; moveable ones or stationary ones. The moveable CB has a much lesser range because of a small antenna however operates magnificently with close by Base station that has a long range. A lot of choose to purchase a base station for utilization in the car ever since it has total functionality as well as can be utilized with antenna in their car or separate antenna at house.