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  • Angel Moms
    Mom's supporting each other through the loss of a child.

  • Women Against Domestic Violence,Inc.
    This community is to bcommunity about awareness of the problem of domestic violence. Domestic Violence does not discriminate against age, race, color, creed, gender or sexual orientation. There can not be any pornography, gender bashing, or excessive vaulgar language. It must be as family friendly as possible when dealing with this issue.{;}So if you want to help in spreading awareness about DV then this is the community for you.{;}

  • Women With A Unique Soul
    This is a woman's community, where ideas, communication and life events can be exchanged between the members. The group has PSP classes, graphics, tutorials, cyber adoptions, and many more features.

  • You Will Not Be Forgotten
    This community is for all memorial, tribute and like-wise sites for the tragedy that occured in America on September 11, 2001. We will never forget all that has been lost.{;}It is also for anyone who has lost a loved one in any war or tradgedy who will never forget.

  • self improvement
    bcommunitying self improvement blogs together

  • Woman Against Violence Community
    Woman Against Violence Community is for all who support joining the fight to stop the violence! Men may join if they support the fight to stop violence against all women, children and men as well!{;}

  • Women Who Believe
    Community for members of Women Who Believe ONLY please.

  • The Newlywed Community
    The Newlywed Community represents a collection of newlywed and wedding-related websites. ALL newlyweds and soon-to-be marrieds welcome. This community, at its former home, grew into one of the largest newlywed and wedding-related communitys on the 'net!

  • Strong Women
    Strong . When people mention this word, a big muscular figure usually pops into one's head. Usually a male figure. But women are STRONG, maybe not as physically strong as men, but emotionally and mentally we believe we are the strongest. We are women with extraordinary strengths. We overcome obstacles. We endure hardships. We survive. And nothing and no one will bcommunity us down. We have strong minds, strong hearts and strong voices. Let's come together and show how strong we really are. *Strong * - having moral or intellectual power *****PLEASE NOTE - ACCEPTANCE OF ONE OF

  • Angels Forever Loved
    A place to add your memorial site to your babies or children that sadly went to Heaven too soon. We welcome sites offecommunity free memorial sets, Angel poems or free websites to parents suffecommunity the loss of a child. This community is for families of Angels Forever Loved to come together and seek support & guidance from others like themselves.

  • One of Many
    Multiple Personalities letting the world know it is not a fake or a hoax. It is real and it's sometime very painful for the people experiencing it. {;}People that have experienced Sexual,Ritual,Mind Control,Spritual Abuse, and any kinds of trauma and that needs Support. {;}We need to join together and fight the abuse that exists in our would. So we can continue healing and other will not have to have these experiences. {;}

  • Remembecommunity Mom
    A community of touching websites dedicated to the memories of Mom's everywhere. {;}The loss of a Mother effects people so deeply, the pages here may prove{;}to be helpful, to both website owners, and browsers alike.{;}Useful reference links, such as grief, cancer, diabetes, alzheimer and others.{;}Poetry, stories, photos, and many, many memories! For the children left{;}behind - we are Remembecommunity Mom!

  • Community Of Unconditional Love And Tolerance
    Devoted to promoting unconditional love and tolerance on the net and in the world. This community was created in response to an act of downright intolerance against a very gentle soul. We are here to spread the word of unconditional love and tolerance for all, regardless of gender, race, creed, sexual orientation, disability, ethnic background, etc. Adults and older children only please at this community. Some sites are survivor sites, and could upset young children.{;}{;}Thank you for understanding!{;}

  • diary of a feminist community
    a community for any online diarist who believes in equality.

  • Survivors by Choice
    This Community is dedicated to victims and survivors of abuse. Features survivor's stories, poetry, links and information. You are not alone. Take care and stay safe.{;}

  • Idas Community för Svenska Tjejers Hemsidor
    Detta är en community för tjejer som har hemsidor på svenska.

  • Fantasy Wedding Community
    This wedding community is devoted to all the weddings out there where a bride and/or groom threw themselves into creating a dream, a fantasy, a fairytale...For all those whose life became completely devoted to one single day and the person they love...For all dreams that have come true...

  • Celtic Sites
    This community is for sites whose main theme is Celtic. This can be history, culture, fiction, fact, or anything Celtic.

  • person of size
    A body-positive community of people of [any] size, substance, and intelligence.

  • Feminism On Trial
    A collection of web sites that criticise the modern feminist movement, on the grounds of sexism or for other reasons. Quite a mixture of sites by both men and women.

  • Accept Me
    Tired of people making fun of you, trying to change you? Tell them to just 'accept me' the way I am! It's what's on the inside that counts, not appearance, sexuality, etc.

  • DykeWrite3
    The third community in the trilogy of DykeWrite.

  • Sisters Of The Soul
    Come and share in the glory and uniqueness of being a woman.{;}{;}{;}Celebrate every aspect of our gender and embrace all sisters {;}{;}regardless of age, religion, ethnicity, cultural or sexual orientation. {;}{;}Here too we welcome our daughters and invite them to share in the joy {;}{;}of being, or becoming, a woman.{;}

  • Enchantress
    "Enchantress" is a community for women with web sites that are unique, elegant, and captivating. Their websites reflect their enigmatic personalities and showcase their talent for creating things of compelling beauty. The sites in this community are as varied and magical as the women who create them.


    Your homepage doesn't have to be the most exquisite specimen of coding and design in the whole world, but it
    must show some care in its creation. Sites which are sloppily thrown together with little inspiration or attention to detail will not be accepted. Sites which

  • Gods Little Angels
    This Community is for Memorial Tributes for Gods Little Angels, Infants and Children of all ages!

  • nappyblogz
    A community for blacks who choose to wear their hair in its natural state.

  • Advice Community
    The Advice Community contains advice sites of all kinds: relationship advice, self-improvement sites, dating and intimacy advice, and anything else pertaining to solving relationship problems of every nature.

  • I Love You To The Bones
    Pro-Ana Community.

  • FlipBlogs
    A blog community dedicated to filipino writers around the world.

  • Cherokee Descendants
    This Community was created for Cherokee Decendants and all American Indian Decendants To Honor Their Ancestors!!{;}No proof of blood line or cards needed to join, just Indian related content on your page!!

  • Women's Hearts
    A Community that contains all the things that are close to a woman's heart.

  • Tru_Woman
    Women Links

  • HälsingeCommunityen
    Community för oss som bor i Hälsingland

  • Women With Opinions
    We are a group of women who have opinions {;}and want to express them{;}in a safe place of love, fun and support.{;}So this list and community was created.

  • Divine Angels
    community to link all divine angels members

  • Kinderinfo Community
    De community voor alle sites over kinderen van 1 tot 6 jaar!

  • Women of Strength & Courage
    This community is for women only. We celebrate the strength of women, the diversity we encompass, and insist on tolerance as no two are exactly alike.

  • Debbie's Round-Up
    Since 1994 Debbie's Round-up has been the country western online, and here Country and Western sites can be joined together through a Country Western Link

  • Ultimate Community
    The ultimate community for personal (only) webpages pertaining to family, life, self-improvement, journals, hobbies, entertainment!! Love, Life, Home and Friendships!! Join our message board today!

  • RADcommunity
    Join our community to join together parents all over the world who are facing the same daily challenges of raising daughers in today's tough world!

  • Flying Wings
    Flying Wings Community is for Women Survivors of abuse, incest, rape, date-rape, domestic violence, etc. Due to the nature and content of some sites, {;}children under the age of 17 should not join.

  • Ladies In Harmony Community
    Community for members of Ladies In Harmony.

  • Today's Women for Tomorrow's World
    A new community formed by women for women with the aim of bcommunitying friendship, hence bridging the miles. W're all very friendly, we don't discriminate in any way, you'll only find friendship here.

  • redhead rants
    this is a community for redheads (and redheads at heart!) who have that firey spirit and are not afraid to show it! Rubenesque goddesses are also welcome! No porn sites please....

  • July 2002 Moms
    A collection of web sites resulting from a Yahoo email Group. Pregnancy Journals, Personal Family Pictures,

  • Sisters Forever
    This is the community for the online group Sisters Forever. Please visit our home page for more information before joining. Only members of Sisters Forever will be allowed to join this community.

  • The Birthday Community
    a community for anyone who is proud of their birthday

  • Women's Empowerment Community
    An interwoven internet community dedicated to empowecommunity women throughout the world through connections

  • I survived infertility
    A community for women who have overcome their infertility, and want to show off their wonderful miracle babies.

  • Unicorn Dreams
    A place where people dare to dream and share in happiness and sadness without being judged.

  • Where to Turn for Women’s Health Advice and Information


    Women have been fighting for equality since the beginning of time but there is one aspect of life when the differences between the sexes need to be acknowledged and that it when it comes to women’s health issues. We may be as strong and independent as the next guy, but we are wired differently and come with special plumbing that men just aren’t made with! For this reason, finding resources that cater to women’s health is important, especially in today’s world when women seem to be struggling with so many issues: breast cancer, reproductive issues, etc. For these times, having access to professionals trained in the care of women’s health is crucial in order to get the best care that you can.


    When it comes to women’s health, as much improvement as there has been over the years, there are still certain problems that some women face when it comes to getting the medical help that they need. This is especially the case with reproductive health. Sadly, many complaints from pain to just feeling as if something is off has a tendency of being brushed off as ‘girlie problems’…a.k.a. PMS. There are symptoms and complaints that are not always taken very seriously even though they could indicate something serious. This is common in doctors that have not received the training or exposure to the many health issues that women face which is why access to professionals who specialize in women’s health matters is so important.


    Aside from wanting the peace of mind that comes from seeing a professional who understands the issues you’re facing; for many women having a female doctor or therapist can provide comfort. It’s natural for a woman to be more comfortable opening up—sometimes literally!—to someone of the same sex. For some it’s because of personal preference and comfort level while for others it may have to do with their background and belief system. There are cultures that consider it unacceptable for a woman to be seen in a state of undress by a man other than their spouse which makes the need for women-specific care so extremely important. Again, access to information and resources for women is extremely helpful in a case like this as well since being able to pick and choose your health professionals is not as easy as it once was. These days you’re better off researching your options and calling/emailing around as opposed to showing up at a doctors or therapists office expecting to be accepted as a patient.


    It’s a good feeling to know that women’s health advice and information is readily available online as is access other women who are dealing with or have dealt with the issues that you may be facing. A little bit of clicking and reading is all it really takes to open you up to a plethora of helpful advice, information and support made specifically for women just like you. Take comfort in that and use the resources that you’ve been given in order to make the most of your life and your health.

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