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  • The Girl Gamers Community
    A community for ALL girls who play and love video games. Are you woman enough?

  • Scatterdaisies
    A group of people who are enjoying playing a funny little game with letters and categories and photos.

  • FF fanlistings
    THE community for ALL Fanlistings about Final Fantasy World!!

  • War of the Websites - Weekend Challenge Website Competition
    Official Website of Weekend Competition

  • Sudoku community at communitysurf
    All things Sudoku (a.k.a. Su Doku). Puzzles, games, solvers, programs, books, and more. A community which is currently very small but would like to grow. Please visit our site(s) for lots of Sudoku fun.

  • Memory Games
    Brain Games and Exercises that stimulate our memory.


    All Kinds of Games


     People use to have fun right from the very beginning of human history, they used to rise before the sunset and play games. They had different sorts of games, as today you enjoy indoor as well as outdoor games, they also had these games of their own. Who knows, they may have played polo but with a little change in the style of playing, as today we use sticks to hit the ball, they might have played picking up the lamb skin. Well! Games are games, no matter if they are from the modern age or the Stone Age.


    As mentioned above today we have many games to spend our leisure with and we do enjoy them in different ways. Sometimes we do take part in the games while some times watching them over your T.V set with you friends is quite enjoyable.  For these incredibly fun filled games we have two categories. Indoor and outdoor games . Let’s

    study the details.

    Indoor Games:


    All of the games which are played in side the walls and under the roof are placed under the indoor category, you could sub categorize these games as:


    1        Board/ card Games

    2        Computer Games

    3        Racquet games (a few)

    4        Paper and pen games

    5        Verbal games


    Board games are all of the games in which you use board to play on, Ludo, monopoly, scrabble, carom etc. the video games you play in the computer  are computer games. While some of the racquet games are also being placed under this category, this includes squash, table tennis and badminton. Some of the paper and pen games are also been played around the world, they only require paper and pen to have fun . Some verbal games are also being played and enjoyed around the world.


    Outdoor Games:


    Outdoor games are another category of these games. These games are REAL fun for both players and also for spectators. You must be aware about the sports such as rugby, volley ball etc. these are few of the outdoor games. Among other games you also have a vast variety of the BAT and BALL games. This include base ball, cricket etc. one would love playing these games.


    No matter what sort of a game you play, you would enjoy it at its fullest. Studies have shown that outdoor games and sports are quite important for physical fitness and are a great way of reducing stress and other stress-triggered diseases. Playing indoor game is also a way of warding off the stresses and tensions, as these games excite their player and help circulatory system to increase the blood circulation work with strength, flushing off blues and stress. If you are a regular player then be informed you have fewer chances for getting hit by some viral or bacterial disease, as you have stronger immune system as compared to the inactive person, which is a greater risk then getting hit by a Ball.