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  • Understanding Web Hosting


    You might have heard term “web hosting” but very possibly have no idea what it means, which is why we’re going to explain it to you so you finish this article knowing all that you possibly can. Web hosting is a hosting service which enables you to have your web site published on the World Wide Web. Hosting is a word which is used in literature for welcoming and serving guests so if you consider this word in terms of the Internet then it makes it very easy to understand what web hosting is! The use of a web hosting service allows a webmaster to have their site online and gives them the tools they need to run the site.


    How it works? When some one gets to launching a WEB site he is asked to contact a hosting SERVER. This server actually is an automated machine or a computer which have the web installed on it and later launched on the World Wide Web. This service provided by the servers and is generally known as the internet hosting service.


    What are the things administered by the web hosts? They generally take up the administration of the following things


    -         making up for the web traffic

    -         administrating and watching out the WEBSITE functions

    -         Clearing out the discrepancies of the website.


    Web hosting and its kinds:


    Following are the kinds of web hosting:


    The first kind of web hosting is free web hosting. It is free (duh!) and is generally supported by the advertisements which is why this kind of hosting offers very limited space for your web content. The other kind is shared web hosting, here you would required  to share your web server with more than one web site, they are comparatively cheaper then dedicated web hosting. Dedicated web hosting is one of the most expensive ones of them all because they are completely yours and have more bandwidth and space for you to utilize allowing you to place more relevant content on your site.


    One more type of web hosting is virtual dedicated web hosting, in this sort you have to share your server with other websites but you are provided an environment a virtual environment which feels like ONLY yours. Some other types of web hosting are:


    -         Reseller Web Hosting

    -         Managed web hosting

    -         Collocation Web hosting

    -         Clustered Web Hosting

    -         Home Web hosting


    If you are planning to have your web hosted then be informed that you have to go through the internet Access Plans. Web hosting is generally provided to the web managers with the General Internet Access Plan. You can get them free and paid. These are available with different operating system and management tools depending on the package you choose. It may seem like a lot to grasp but they really do make it easy for you once you’re in there.