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  • Mage Knight
    MKRealms.com is a site dedicated to Mage Knight, and the Mage Knight Community. The site offers a variety of tools; including an Army Builder, Inventory System, and a Search Engine that scours the statistics of every Mage Knight figure. Beyond our tools lies a Forum and Chat Room, that is frequented by some of the best Mage Knight warriors in the World.

  • HeroClix Community
    A Community for the Heroclix Gamers and players. Amongst the sites listed you will find great ones with 3d objects, scenarios, online maps, battle planner tools, pictures and much more!!

  • The WOK & PBEM Community
    The WOK & PBEM Community offers a variety of sites with free Play-by-Email games on the net. It also covers sites around the popular free wargames

  • Mage Knight Fan Site Community
    This community is for unofficial, non-commercial sites devoted to the WizKids game Mage Knight Rebellion. Here you can find trade pages, hints and tips, and other information from your fellow players of the first collectible miniatures wargame.

  • The Vietnam Wargaming Community
    A community for Vietnam era miniature wargamers

  • WARMACHINE Kingdoms
    A diplomatic approach to connecting all the online Warmachine Kingdoms. View the player and Company sites here and share the knowledge with all the online community. Become part of a larger Warmachine community to make communications between players much better!

  • Digging into War Games



    Most popular among the various types of games played using the computer by people of all ages is the War Games that involve killing, violence and shooting.  Depending upon the level of the game being played, the intensity of violence, killing and/or shooting will be more.  It is advisable that people who play these games, understand the concept of the game in its clarity and view it just as a game and nothing more than that. Young children should be playing these games under the direct or indirect supervision of the elders. It is the responsibility of the elders to ensure that children are not carried away by the war games they play on computer and develop some sort of attitudes that might turn him or her into criminals at a later date.


    A number of war related games are available in the market and have gained popularity alike both among the kids and the grown-ups.  Prominent among them include the Bowman 2, Clear Vision II and Tactical Assassin 2.  A brief explanation of each of these war games will throw light on the level of intensity of these games and the negative impact that it might have on young children who happen to see these type of movies of late very frequently in the television.


    Clear Vision II is a hit man for hire. The first mission was to kill an x-wife of someone because they thought that she was crazy! They will pay you so much money and then you must hit the accept bar. After accepting your new job, you will stalk the target by looking through the spyglass. After finding and entering the "kill zone" you then take the shot. When you kill the target, blood shoots out where the bullet hit and the target falls. You calmly walk away and back to the office where you will collect the money from the grateful client. You then have the choice whether to go home or take another job.


    Bowman 2 is all about shooting an arrow through the heart of your opponent. Very graphic and disturbing. In order to shoot the arrow; you must use your mouse and your left button. Clicking anywhere in the game window (making sure that you always have enough room to adjust the strength and angle of the arrow), you must move your mouse back and down to get the correct angle and strength, then release the left button and your arrow flies. You are hoping the arrow will fly right into the heart of your enemy, thus killing him.


    Tactical Assassin 2 is a violence rated game. You are given a mission in which you are told who or what to kill. You are given your guns and ammo and sent out to find the target. The first time you play this game, you must get through training in order to be able to continue. This game is all about taking the shot at the right time. Killing with the first shot gets you points as well as killing within a specified time limit.