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  • Final Fantasy Girls
    this community is for anyone that have a shrine on final fantasy girls (Rinoa heartilly, Selphie tilmitt, quistis trepe, tifa lockhart, yuffie, aeris, yuna, ryukku, lulu, eiko, garnet, ellone...etc)

  • Gamer Girl
    A community for girls who love video games

  • Sonic Hacking Community Network
    Network community connecting several Sonic ROM hacking sites together.

  • Last Escape
    a community for survival horror gamers!

  • Sega Saturn Supporter's Sanctuary
    A division of the Sega Saturn Sanctuary (owned by your's truly ^_-), the SSSS's ambition is to link all those who still support the dear (dead) neglected system! {;}

  • Sega Video Games



    Sega Corporation, shortly known as Sega worldwide, is one of the leading manufacturers of video game hardware and software. Having its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Sega has spread its wings across all parts of the country, with offices in across Europe and North America as well.


    The company was initially formed in the year 1940 in Hawaii, United States by James Humpert, Irvin Bromberg and Martin Bromley, under the name of Standard Games, primarily with the intention of providing coin-operated amusement games for American soldiers who are employed in the military bases.  The company shifted its base in Japan in the year 1951 and merged with Rosen Enterprises, a company formed in 1954 by David Rosen for exporting art. The new merged entity was named as Sega Enterprises and the new company released Periscope, a submarine simulator game, in the year 1965. The game become a major hit across the world and the company’s growth path started moving upside since then.


    The company started releasing major hits of video games such as Out Run, Zaxxon, SG-1000 and Sub Roc-3D.  The company also released its first laserdisc arcade game Astron Belt during this period. 


    The company released the Sega 32X in an attempt to upgrade the Mega Drive to the standards of more advanced systems. It sold well initially, but had problems with lack of software and hype about the upcoming Sega Saturn and Sony's Playstation. Within a year, it was in the bargain bins of many stores.


    The 1993 release of Virtua Fighter was widely hailed as one of the greatest achievements in Sega's history, by utilizing their newest arcade cabinet, the Sega Model 1, they managed to create graphics and gameplay that were, at the time, revolutionary, becoming a massive critical success. The game was a smash hit with consumers, spawning four direct sequels, several successful spinoffs, as well as the 3D Fighting genre. It is one of the video games on display at the Smithsonian.


    2002 would see a major shift in focus for Sega as it moved out of the console manufacturing business.The company has since developed primarily into a platform-agnostic software company, known as a "third-party publisher", that creates games that will launch on a variety of game consoles produced by other companies, many of them former rivals, the first of which was a port of Chu Chu Rocket to Nintendo's Game Boy Advance.


    By the end of 2005, Sega experienced strong earnings growth across multiple divisions. Contributing to the company's success were strong pachinko sales, and sales of software titles Ryu Ga Gotoku (known as Yakuza outside of Japan), Mushiking, and Sonic the Hedgehog.


    In an effort to appeal to western tastes, they partnered with Obsidian Entertainment to develop a new RPG for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC based on the Aliens Franchise. The partnership was the latest in a series of collaborations with western video game studios, including Monolith Productions (Condemned: Criminal Origins), Bizarre Creations (The Club), and Silicon Knights (who have yet to announce their project with Sega).