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  • FreeRPG Community
    The Free RPG Community is for sites that offer free, downloadable tabletop role-playing games and rpg source material. Shareware role-playing games are also welcome, provided that the complete game can be downloaded (the excellent Forgotten Futures series is a good example of this kind of game).

  • Allies of the Empire
    The Allies of the Empire community is a community for any site containing fantasy or roleplaying material. Whether you have created your own fantasy realm you wish to share with others, or have a site full of information regarding roleplaying games, this is the community for you.

  • Traveller
    This community is for Traveller; Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future in all its forms. Classic Traveller, Mega-Traveller, Traveller TNE, Marc Miller's Traveller, GURPS Traveller, d20 Traveller all are welcome.

  • OpenRPG Community
    The OpenRPG community was created to help people using the OpenRPG roleplaying tool find other players and/or games and to build a larger OpenRPG community.{;}{;}Only sites with information related to OpenRPG will now be accepted.

  • Night World Clubs
    The original community for L. J. Smith role-playing games!

  • PBeM Realm
    A community designed to link all things fantasy. If you've got a PBeM (Play By e-Mail) club, then so much the better! If not, then join anyway. As long as your site has a fantasy theme we're more than welcome to have you join us!

  • Role Players Union
    A Community of Free Form Role Players, where the sites can differ vastly, one being realistically based on historical events, the other a free form fantasy where anything can happen. Whatever the site is, though, you can be sure that Creative Writing and Imagination reign supreme!

  • Clan of the Lost Dragon
    An interactive story rpg set in the mythical world of Mysteria. We have an world map with over 25 kingdoms and villages to visit, each with multiple areas to explore! A maze to conquer, contest to enter, awards to win and fun to be had for one and all!{;}

  • TML Land Grab
    This is a collection of worlds defined for the classic SF Role Playing Game Traveller.

  • The Gamma World Net Community
    The Gamma World Community supports all versions of the Gamma World Role-Playing game.

  • En Garde PBEM Community
    This is a community devoted to PBEM En Garde fans and games.

  • Women In Gaming
    This community is for members of the internet-based group Women In Gaming, and for web sites that support women and role playing games.

  • FudgeCommunity
    This is a collection of websites dedicated to promoting and supporting the Fudge Role Playing Game. This game system written by Steffan O'Sullivan (and published by companies such as Grey Ghost Press) offers a completely customizable set of rules that will allow any setting, any character...even bunnies!

  • Star Wars Combine Community
    Do you have a Star Wars Site and want more vistors or just want to show off your great Site, then this is the Star Wars Community to join. Part of the Star Wars Combine community http://www.swcombine.com

  • RPG Community
    This is the RPG Community! Do you have an rpg and need players? Then you can join the community! You can also look for new rpgs to join. The rpgs can be about anything. Musicals, movies, fantasy, whatever.

  • Only the Best; Wolf Rpgs
    Only the Best; Wolf Rpgs. Here are some of the finest and only top quality wolf rpgs. All are intermediate advanced and have passed a very tough inspection. I hope that you will look at them all and join as many as you can.

  • Dragonsfall RPG
    For those involved in online role-playing, whether it be MUDs, play-by-emails, or any style of gaming. Any type of game site (official or member) is fine, and any game is welcome, from Star Trek to D&D.

  • Role Players Direct
    Role Players Direct is a site devoted to various systems and genres of role-playing games. We want to be able to assist beginners and veterans alike with any questions they might have, or certain resources they might need. If you don't see what you are looking for on our homepage, come on over to our forums and ask around. We'll do our best to supply you with whatever you need to make your gaming experience the greatest!

  • Freedom Force Fans
    Welcome Freedom Force Fans,Enjoy the great creations at these sites.

  • Aberrant Community
    This community is for sites relating to the "Aberrant" role playing by White Wolf. Sites may be in or out of character, feature Team Tomorrow, Project Utopia, the Teragen, Aberrants, or any other faction, so long as they relate to the game.

  • The Mystic Community
    The Mystic Community is a community containing fantasy-related websites. The topics range from Advnanced Dungeons & Dragons to J. R. R. Tolkien to general fantasy.

  • Reavers' Deep
    This community is for sites containing information on the Reavers' Deep section of the Classic SF RPG Traveller universe.

  • Unofficial Gen Con Community
    A collection of websites dedicated to the "Best 4 days of gaming" ever GEN CON!

  • VP Realms
    VP Realms are kingdoms or homes built in Virtual Places chat sites.It's purpose is to bcommunity together virtual realms as one united group,with the intention of peaceful interaction among VP chatters ,especially among those involved with Role Playing Games and virtual avatar shops.This community will make surfing and visiting of fellow realm sites convenient and get traffic to sites.Awards form time to time to deserving realms{;}

  • Dark and Shattered Lands Community
    This is a community for pages having to do with Dark and Shattered Lands, a fantasy mud dsl-mud.org 4000 Newbie help, roleplay, stories, clans, kingdoms, whatever... FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME!!

  • Dead of Night Community
    Dead of Night is a community for role-playing games, especially ones with a 'horror' theme... That is, were-wolves, vampires, and other things that go bump in the night. Games based around books, TV shows, and movies are acceptable, just so long as they have a horror theme.

  • The Vampire Court Community
    This community it the location for the personal and IC homepages to the Vampire Court's members.

  • Kingdom Hearts
    This community is for any fansite dedicated to the new roleplaying Kingdom Hearts by SquareSoft and Disney Interactive for the Sony PlayStation 2. Websites dedicated entirely to Kingdom Hearts are very welcome, but if you have a site with a decent section (i.e. a Final Fantasy or Square/Disney Games site) on the Kingdom Hearts, you are welcome to submit your site as well.

  • AOL RPG Community
    This community is for those sites having to do with rpg, or roleplaying. Visit the community homepage for more details.

  • Allies
    Allies among PBP games.

  • Angel Bless: Cloud x Aerith
    An English community to Cloud and Aerith from Final Fantasy VII.

  • RPG Publisher Shop Community
    The RPG Publisher Shop Community is intended to allow customers to browse between role-playing publisher storefronts without the need of a third-party storefront facilitator.

  • Free Form Gaming Community
    The FFG Community is a collection of websites dedicated to the concepts and members of the Red Dragon Inn, Stars End Spaceport, and Dueling forums on America Online. These are role-playing interactive forums, where members of AOL may play the role of a character of their creation. This community is closed to new members. If you wish to join an RDI or FFRP related community please go to this site http://www.dragonsmark.com/community.php

  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
    For any websites/pages with content relating to the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. Please visit the community's homepage to Join or for more info.

  • NeoDance
    Dancing NeoPets for kids of all ages :) You must have at least one Neopian graphic on your page to join :) Rock on NeoLovers :)

  • The Historical Roleplay Society Community
    Community sites dedicated to those who like to read, write and interact in a historical setting covecommunity everything from ancient civilizations to contemporary history.

  • One World By Night Community
    This is a community linking sites created for the One World by Night roleplaying universe. The sites may include chronicle sites, clan pages, personal websites, game resources, and much more. The information on each page may be in-character or out-of-character, so check with your storyteller if you're not sure!

  • Traveller Starship Deckplans Community
    This community is for players of the Traveller science fiction role-playing game who like to create and enjoy starship deckplans. Designs from all versions of Traveller are welcome, and periodic starship design competitions are held.

  • Baronien Aventuriens
    Baronien Aventuriens

  • Wolf Clan's Community
    Wolf Clan resides in many categories, among them are: goth, fantasy, wolves, and role play. This Community is to ment to unify all the categories Wolf Clan resides in.

  • The BtVS RPG Mafia Family
    It's a community that links together the members of the BtVS RPG Mafia Family.

  • Lair of the Dragon
    The Lair of the Dragon is a community comprised of web sites created by players of DragonRealms and Gemstone III. It's purpose is to promote roleplaying and to aid newcomers to DR and GS.{;}(DragonRealms and Gemstone III are registered trademarks of Simutronics Inc.) {;}{;}

  • Yaoi Gamers Community
    A Community for Yaoi and Shounen-ai based Role Playing Game websites.

  • Dransik
    The Dransik Community is composed of informational, guild, and individual player websites from Dransik.

  • Nova_Net
    The Nova_Net is to complement the aeonverse game, aberrant. Trinity and Adventure sites are welcome as well. They can be about anything Project Utopia, Pax, Devries, t2m, terregen and divis mal. ANYTHING!{;}{;}aberrant, trinity and adventure are trademarked and produced by White Wolf.

  • Embrace Creativity
    A community dedicated to the creative minds on the AQ forum. Artists, poets, Rpers and story writers.

  • Chivalry and Sorcery Community
    A web rign for the famous and first medieval Role-playing game

  • Roleplay with Dragons
    For all who Roleplay with dragons, whether it's on a Pern MUSH or in Yahoo! Group with dragons. Any zize or type of dragons are welcome, including the smaller versions such as those called Firelizards, in Anne McCaffrey's world of Pern.

  • Une balade sur Pern
    Un anneau pour les rassembler tous. Qui? Les passionnés de la Ballade de Pern! Vaillants chevaliers-dragons, lyriques harpistes, courageux Pernais et terrible Étoile rouge... entrez dans le monde de Pern et vivez de grandes aventures!

  • The Dark Island Community
    Welcome to the Dark Island Community, which ties together roleplay-related sites of a World of Darkness nature.

  • Roleplaying and Fantasy Games


    The term “roleplaying” refers to the act of playing different roles, especially in a theatre setting. In the act of role playing, participants assume the role of a person having motivation and personality different from their own.  Role playing is also referred to as an improvisation of drama.


    Role playing games give people the opportunity to entire a world that is completely different from their own, with its own set of rules and often filled with a number of fantasy characters. This allows them the chance to escape and have an adventure, which is something that is appealing to a great number of people. Indeed, it is often the biggest draw into playing a role playing game in the first place. One of the aspects of entering this fantasy world, however, is forming a character to play. This character is someone who will fit into this special world with its special set of rules, and will often have a specialty within that world. Usually the game will provide a certain number of character types for a player to choose from. These are characters that come with a basic set of tools and skills which are suited to their role within the game.


    Besides this basic set of tools and skills, however, players are given a lot of room to develop their character and what they might become. Normally, a player can give their character any name that they might desire as well as a personal history. Then, as play of the game commences, a personality might start to form. These characters can be played in any way that the player might wish, being overly friendly and bubbly or gruff and rude. The purpose of having a character in this role playing game is to provide someone for the player to identify with and to explore this new, fantastical world with.


    Players are able to give their character more than a name and a personal history, though. As the game progresses, they can teach their character new skills and magic. They can earn upgrades for the tools of the character and find them better weapons. As they progress through the game, they can become more proficient with their fighting techniques and become a stronger warrior overall.


    Characters within the game can develop partnerships with other players; sometimes even relationships can brew. The world created within a role playing game is nearly a self-existing entity and while it is fully dependent on the people playing within it, the world can often be built to such a degree that it can be run as its own plane of existence.


    People can feel very close to the characters that they come to develop. More than one character is usually developed by long-term players of a role playing game.


    The most common, not to mention the most fulfilling, type of play occurs when children imitate the situations and experiences they encounter in their everyday life. Role play toys are traditional toys that encourage children to pretend and play out these different opportunities for learning.


    Pretend, or dramatic play, is the foundation of most childhood games and often centres around a variety of toys. When children pretend, they assume the roles of others and imagine what life would be like in their shoes. Make believe games are essential to a healthy childhood and is such a natural part of play that toys aren't even a requirement. Role play toys enhance play time by providing props that make pretend play more realistic.


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