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  • Certified Hunter
    This Certified Hunter Community is for those of us who love collecting and displaying our treasures proudly on our site. {;}{;}We like nothing better than to participate for hours in the fun, adventure and challenge of the many excellent hunts and puzzles thought up by webmasters.

  • Sudoku Puzzles Community
    This community is all about Sudoku Puzzles and was created for everyone who loves playing Sudoku and can't get enough of this addictive game.
    Use our nifty little Sudoku community to find help with solving Sudoku. Our Sudoku solver helps you solve difficult puzzles.You can also get Information and background about Sudoku, Free downloads and a bunch more!

  • Rubik's Cube
    Ahh the frustrating and fun Rubik's Cube -- still managing to amuse us more than 20 years later! This community is for anyone who has ever tried,failed or suceeded at solving the Rubiks cube.
    Use this community to find out the history and even learn how to solve the Rubik Cube after all these years. You can find out things you never knew and even find a Rubiks Cube!

  • The Puzzle Community
    Here you'll find pages devoted to all types of puzzles. Some can be fun and easy, others can be very difficult and annoying. If you run a Puzzle website or you have puzzles on your site then you are welcome to join The Puzzle Community

  • Memory Jogging Puzzles
    Community for simple easy puzzles that stimulate the minds of those with Alzheimer's and Dementia. Mine are simple, easy puzzles with Norman Rockwell and The Saturday Evening Post themes. These puzzles with real life images are beneficial in triggecommunity recollection and emotional memories, plus they encourage the person to use their problem solving skills. Developed for Alzheimer's and Dementia but also being used for small children and those with Autism. Visit my website for more information: http://www.memoryjoggingpuzzles.com

  •  Puzzles Good For Us?


    Have you ever found yourself working hard on any sort of puzzle? Not just puzzles in real practical life but gaming puzzles? We may get frustrated and shy aways from anything that we deem too...well..puzzling, but psychologists say “puzzles are the means of sharpening your mind”. It makes sense if you think about it. Puzzles make you think, the more you think, the more efficient and quick your mind will be.


    There are all  sorts of gaming puzzles available on the market, if you're looking for a neat little pastime that is also good for the brain. Aside from the piece-together puzzles of ol', you can know buy a whole range of electronic puzzle games that make you think quick:


    1        suduko

    2        cross-words

    3        jig-saw


    These are popular for several reasons; they're fun, they're portable and they really pass the time! Suduko is a game for mathematical numerals, where you are required to arrange numbers in columns, rows and blocks, in such a way so that no digits from 0 to 9 repeat itself. Cross words are a similar game of language, you require filling in the right word so that the crossing word do also make the right word. Here even a single word can spoil your whole table of the cross-words. In jig-saw puzzle you are given a picture which is torn away in different shapes, what you are required to do is, putting the right piece at the right place and making up the torn picture again.


    In jig-saw puzzle complex pictures are torn into small pieces and are to be completed. Once I bought a jig-saw puzzle of a picture of hounds and the vast frost covered mountain and guess what! It took me four whole months to complete that puzzle. Well! The time taken to complete such puzzles does depend on following two factors:


    ·        the interest or keenness of a player

    ·        The time of thought given to the puzzle.


    Puzzles are available in different formats. You could have the suduko and cross word puzzles in the daily or weekly magazines, while books are available for these puzzles. These books have a large number of such puzzles while they are also available in electronic media, so you can enjoy solving and brain storming over these puzzles sitting comfortably in front of your computer. For jigsaw puzzles you do have an option of the computer games or the old fashioned card board games.


    One of the most prestigious sorts of puzzles which are played among two players is CHESS. It gives you much mind sharpening and good competition is must if you want a sound game. I have seen many chess masters playing this game, believe it or not they spend days and months ending up a single game and when two little guys were playing this game I had observed them playing and ending up in not more then twenty minutes. So, do play this game but with a powered mind!