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  • Love Cloud
    A support community for everyone's favorite heroic nutcase: Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII (and other games) fame.

  • Imagine
    Impassioned's (http://yunaleska.net/tidus) community/clique that collaborates fans of Tidus.

  • Fighters
    This community is dedicated to uniting all fighter fans of videogames. If you have a site that's game related and you love fighting games, you are more than welcomed to join!

  • Bloody Roar Lovers
    The community for to link all Bloody Roar fans to Bloody Roar sites! There really aren't enough sites out in the Internet world, or maybe they're all in hiding. Join this community, and find out where other Bloody Roar webpages are!

  • Final Fantasy Females
    A fan of Final Fantasy? A girl? Then join this community!

  • The Valkyrie Profile Community
    A community dedicated to an underappreciated game...if you love it, then this is the place for you!

  • angel wings :: a rinoa support community
    a community for supporting Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII

  • 1000 no Kotoba
    1000 no Kotoba is a community for fans of the female characters of Final Fantasy X-2, Yuna, Rikku, Paine, and Lenne.

  • Parasite Eve Network
    A Parasite Eve community

  • [The_Void_of_Silent Hill]
    For all who belive in places like Silent Hill Fan for the game, fanlist, more! [Jump into the void]

  • Core Dump Armored Core Community
    A Community for English speaking fans of the Armored Core series of games for the Sony Playstation.

  • Tranquility and Beauty
    Is a community for beautifully designed RPG site's, come see!

  • Iron Fist
    A Tekken community for all kinds of Tekken sites.

  • Red-eyed
    Community for Fans of The Hot and Sexy Dart Feld of The Legend of Dragoon. All Sites owned by Dart fans are free to join.

  • Kingdom Logs
    A community for people who own a blog and like the videogame Kingdom Hearts.

  • Red XIII's FF7 Net Community
    This community will soon contain some of the best FF7 sites that are out there.

  • WindRage's Turk Community
    This community is for fans of the Turks or anyone in ShinRa.

  • Final Fantasy Community
    Whether your choice of the FF series is Final Fantasy 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9...or anything else...you are all welcome to join! ^.^

  • Seiftis Forever!
    For web pages of the memebers of the seiftis forever message board.

  • The Judgement Community
    This IS a Shadow Hearts community! It HAS just been brought back from the dead.... by moi, Feemy, and the rest of the Nemeton Online random people who are by name, Leels, Kitty, Grey, and Sk8r Halley. If you'd like to join this community, then PLEASE DO! We like any members- the site does not have to be about Shadow Hearts or actually have anything to do with anything! We have no members. *cries* JOIN, SOMEBODY!

  • Eternal Dream
    A site dedicated to Tidus and Yuna, the main characters of Final Fantasy X. Packed with proflies, images, wallpapers, multi-media, lyrics, and much more!

  • Thorned
    A community for fans of Rose from Legend of Dragoon

  • The Seifer and Squall Yaoi Community
    Did you play Final Fantasy VIII and realize that Seifer and Squall looked better next to each other than Rinoa and Squall? Did you watch the scene where Rinoa fell into Squall's arms, and think that it would have been better if Squall fell into Seifer's arms? If you are one of many who believe that Seifer and Squall were truly meant for each other, then this community is for you!

  • Sephiroth: A Final Fantasy Community
    Everything Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy IX. Non-Hentai Anime sites are also welcome to join.

  • . A e r i t h .
    A community for fans of Aeris Gainsborough, a character from the game Final Fantasy VII.

  • Protect Shana
    Protect Shana is a Community where you can protect and support Shana from the role playing game, the Legend of Dragoon.

  • 440 wagon
    i have a amc rambler i want this page to find out someinfo about my car n other peaople that enjoy there own amc cars

  • SeeD
    A community for Final Fantasy sites.

  • Energetic Wingly
    A web-community dedicated to the ever so energetic Meru of the Sony Playstation Game The Legend Of Dragoon

  • PSP Collections
    Free PSP Games Themes!!

  • PlayStation – Better with Each Passing Generation


    The PlayStation is a 32-bit 5th generation video game console released by the Sony Computer Entertainment in 1994 December. The PlayStation was the 1st of ubiquitous PlayStation sequence of console as well as handheld entertainment devices. Successor upgrades and consoles comprise the Net Yaroze, Pocket Station, PS one, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, a modified slim line PlayStation 2, an altered PlayStation Portable Slim and Lite, other revised PSP 3000, PSX, as well as the PlayStation 3. On 31 March 2005, the PS one and PlayStation reached a collective sum of about 102.49 million units shipped turning the 1st video game console to attain the 100 million mark. As of 20 July, 2008, PlayStation has sold about 102 million units. Sony ceased production of PlayStation on 23 March 2006, in 11 years as it was first formed.


    The first commencements of PlayStation date back to the year 1986. Nintendo had been trying to work with disc expertise since the Famicom, however the medium had troubles. Its rewritable magnetic nature can be easily removed (thus leading to require of sturdiness), plus the discs were the copyright infringement hazard. As a result, when the details of CDROM/XA (extension of CD-ROM format which combines compressed video, audio and computer data, permitting all to be accessed concurrently) came out, Nintendo was concerned. CD-ROM/XA was being at the same time founded by Philips and Sony. Nintendo moved towards Sony to expand a CD-ROM add-on, cautiously titled the "SNES-CD". An agreement was signed, and work started. Nintendo's alternative of Sony was because of a previous dealing: Ken Kutaragi, the individual who will later be dubbed "Father of PlayStation", was a person who sold Nintendo on using Sony SPC-700 processor for utilization as the eight channel ADPCM sound fusion set in Super Famicom console by an inspiring demonstration of processor's capabilities.


    Sony even intended to develop one more, Nintendo friendly, Sony branded console, however one which will be more of a home amusement system playing both the Super Nintendo cartridges along with a new CD format that Sony would intend. This was even the format to be used in SNES-CD discs, providing a greater degree of manage to Sony in spite of Nintendo's foremost position in video gaming market. The SNES-CD need to be announced in June 1991 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Though, when Hiroshi Yamauchi comprehend the unique 1988 agreement amid Nintendo and Sony, he understood that earlier bond fundamentally handed Sony total control on any as well as all the titles written on SNES CD-ROM format. Yamauchi determined that the agreement was completely undesirable and he clandestinely canceled all the plans for joint Nintendo Sony SNES CD add-on.


    By end of the year 1992, Nintendo and Sony reached a contract whereby "Sony Play Station" will still have port for SNES games, however Nintendo will possess the rights and get the bulk of profits from games, plus the SNES will continue to utilize the Sony designed audio chip. Though, Sony decided in early 1993 to start reworking the concept of the "Play Station" to aim a new age of software and hardware.