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  • Online Reality Game Shows
    This community links sites that are all about online reality game shows. Whether it be created through stories, movie clips, forums, video games, whatever. If you play the game online and it is reality-based. This is the community for you!

  • Dark Harbours Star Trek RPG Community
    a collection of Star Trek Role playing games using the SMS management system, Forum boards, and Play by email The Tholian CommunityA community of Star Trek communities!Community Owner: Fleet Admiral Surok Site: Star Trek Forums

  • Guild Wars Webs
    Athanatoi Guild a Guild Wars online gaming guild.

  • Land of Spirits & Guides
    This is the Private Team Community for the Battle of the Ancients', Land of Spirits & Guides Team.

  • SoacommunityEagles2006
    All about soacommunity with Eagles. Site competition.

  • There: Fansites
    A community for fan sites of There.

  • CommunitySurf: Runescape Online RPG Community
    Community with sites dedicated to the free online role playing game Runescape, join now with your site, blog, forums or clan informational site!

  • PokePlushies FanSites
    Community to connect all the PokePlushies Fan Sites. We all love our PokePlushies!

  • Small Games Online
    2000+ Flash Games Online. Totally Free. Find One Here.

  • Virtual Pet Sites
    A list of online Virtual Pet Sites of all kinds. All sites listed here are free and open!

  • MMORPG Games
    Ring for all clans guilds pages and portals about MMO Genree and all other Online Games

  • Getting Online



    In the recent decades the term “Online” has gained much popularity and people are often found talking about getting online. But the question is what does the term ‘online’ actually imply? Well! Online is generally meant as being getting on to the line and if speaking in the terms of internet it means to get into the network lines of this vast and virtual network. 


    Let’s take a look on how it works? Internet generally is the vast network of unknown origin, obviously sitting in front of this computer you look around and find the wires for your internet connection getting out of the room but you don’t know how do these wires take your written words away to the far and wide countries in just few seconds. How could it be possible? Well! This is the essence of the virtual network.


    When this term was introduced in the world, people didn’t get the precise meaning of the word online, but today as soon as you take this word ONLINE out of your lips, your listener gets the idea that you are certainly using the internet.


    Sometimes friends do ask each other to get online for discussions, what they really mean by this is to get on for a CHAT on a messenger service. We do generally make mistakenly use the word online interchangeably with Chat, so we need to clear our concepts for both words. The term chat does means using a software or a web plug-in to contact our friends and have some chatting with them, either by writing or through voice. Chatting is simply the means of taking some time to have few words; the precise word for chatting can be replaced with SHOWING UP on a virtual connection instead of online.


    On the other hand, online means to “get in to the virtual world”. As you are aware that internet is considered the huge replica of a cobweb, so if you step in to any of the strands of this huge WEB network you get online. So! Better be informed, next time you want your friend to get on to his computer for chatting, you would ask him to “show up” rather than inviting him to get online.


    Internet and getting online are directly related to each other, however using internet and getting to know its terms are as essential as water to sea and light is to sun. But still if you find difficulty clearing your concepts you better give some time to these concepts and get the right knowledge. So the next time you get your Internet cable plugged to your computer you must remember now you are ONLINE!