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  • The Legends of Hyrule
    Legends of Hyrule contains sites dedicated to Zelda fanfiction.

  • Jess LaFleur's Pokemon Community
    A Pokemon Community created by Jess LaFleur people can see other Pokemon Webpages and sites and have lots of fun

  • Chris's Legend of Zelda
    Only sign up if you are a Zelda fan that that has there own web page.

  • Nintendo – The Ultimate Entertainment System


    Nintendo is the worldwide company situated in Kyoto, Japan established on 23 September, 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi to create handmade hanafuda cards. By the year 1963, company tried a number of small niche businesses, like the cab company as well as a love hotel. Ultimately, Nintendo emerged in a video game company, turning one of the most powerful in industry plus Japan's 3rd most precious listed company, with the market value of more than US$85 billion. In the year 2007, Nintendo ranked 10th on list of the biggest software companies in the globe. In addition to video games, Nintendo is even the popular owner of Seattle Mariners, a chief League Baseball team in Washington. In accordance with Nintendo's Touch Generations site, the name "Nintendo" interpreted from the Japanese to English meaning "Leave fortune to Heaven”. Nintendo sold more than 500 million hardware units as well as more than three billion software units.


    Nintendo has created several homes as well as portable video game consoles ever since 1977. Home consoles comprise Color TV Games (1977), Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom (1983), Super Nintendo Entertainment System or Super Famicom (1990), Nintendo 64 (1996), Nintendo Game Cube (GCN, 2001) as well as most lately the Wii (2006). Portable consoles comprise the Game and Watch line (1980), Game Boy line (1989), Game Boy Advance (2001) plus the Nintendo DS (2004).


    Nintendo was established as the Japanese business by the Fusajiro Yamauchi in the late 1889, initially named "Nintendo Koppai". Founded in Kyoto, Japan, business created and marketed the playing card game known as Hanafuda. The cards made by hand soon turned out to be popular, as well as Yamauchi hired supporters to mass create cards to please the demand. In the year 1956, Hiroshi Yamauchi visited the United States to talk with US Playing Card Company, leading playing card producer in that nation. He establishes that the globe's largest company in the business was just utilizing a small office. This was a turning point, where the Yamauchi recognized the limits of playing card business. He then increased access to the Disney's characters as well as put them on playing cards to the drive sales.


    In the year 1963, Yamauchi renamed Nintendo Playing Card Company Limited to Nintendo Company, Limited. The company then started to test in other regions of business utilizing the recently inserted capital. In this period of time among 1963 as well as 1968, Nintendo associated a taxi company, "love hotel" chain, TV network as well as a food company (attempting to advertise immediate rice, similar to immediate noodles). All these schemes ultimately failed, as well as after 1964 Tokyo Olympics, playing the card sales dropped, leaving Nintendo along with 60 yen in stocks.


    In the year 1966, Nintendo shifted in Japanese toy business with Ultra Hand, the expanding arm established by its protection engineer Gunpei Yokoi in free time. Yokoi was transferred from maintenance to new "Nintendo Games" section as the product developer. Nintendo sustained to create popular toys, comprising Love Tester, Ultra Machine as well as the Kousenjuu sequence of the light gun entertainments. In spite of some triumphant products, Nintendo struggled to gather the fast growth and developed turnaround necessary of toy market, as well as fell behind well-established companies like Tomy and Bandai.