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  • Abermud Community
    This community contains sites relating to AberMuds. AberMuds are less complex than diku muds and tend to have much more of a social feel to them. This community welcomes new sites that contain information about AberMuds. Your site might be the official site for an existing AberMud or it might be a personal web page with information about AberMuds.

  • The Betterbox Community
    The Betterbox.community is comprised of MUDs or online games run on the various Betterbox servers and also other various websites that are hosted here. This community is maintained and hosted by a Betterbox voluteer with their consent.

  •  Defining MUDs


    You might be familiar with the term MUDs or might even have seen a number of people playing MUDs, but still after hearing, reading and watching; have absolutely no clue what MUD stands for! Well, you’re in luck! MUD’s are Multi User games. Wondering what the ‘D’ in MUDs stands for? MUDs, is an abbreviation for varied terms such as:


    ·      Multiple User Dimension

    ·      Multiple User Dungeon

    ·      Multiple User Dialogue


    These are the three ways for defining the abbreviation MUDs, as are given by different people. How does this type of computer game does work? Well! This is a game which requires you to connect to the internet or more precise get ONLINE.


    In this sort of computer game you would require getting in to the game, you log in to the game and then explore your interests in there. In the game you select your computerized fellow to play as your player. The game is as fascinating as you are free to move about in the gaming arena and even have chats and words with other players. The best part of the game is you get yourself in to the dangerous allies and grounds of the game and then have to find the way out of the game. Sometimes your player interacts with the player and be-seated with them to play a board game with them, sometimes in case you play these MUDs you also are confronted with puzzles and you have to find out their solutions. The MUDs are also appreciated all around the world for you are free to create your own rooms in the game and manage your descriptions.


    In short MUDs are the sort of whole new world of your won where you could enjoy your time through your own computerized SELF. Once when I jumped in to the game with out giving much consideration to the rules and guidelines of the game, I got lost and was much confused about the game.


    If you are interested in playing these internet based MUDs then you require much information regarding these games. You can refer to the USENET for the details of the MUDs. For your information I feel like adding in here that these computer based internet environmental games are running from computers all over the world. If you are interested in playing this game then you better telnet to the internet protocol port to the MUDs and you get in to the game. Yes! One thing more, you would have to pay for these games and they require you registering to the games. This is for your and the game’s security to avoid any sort of abuse.


    In order to get your character for this game you would require sending an email to the wizard of the game, he will send you the description of different fellows for the game and after you pick one from the range of the characters you would be assigned the character.


    Now as you are a member of the game you can start playing this game, have fun!