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  • Shine More!
    A community for fanlistings that are dedicated to subject relating to video games.

  • Children of the Devil: A Devil May Cry Community
    Children of the Devil is a community for Devil May Cry fansites of all kinds: personal pages, fanart site, fanfiction site, shrine, fanlisting... if it's about Devil May Cry, you're welcomed to join!

  • Gamergirl Blogcommunity
    A community linking together blogs of girls who play video games. Gamer girls unite! ^_^

  • Square Blogs
    Community for webloggers who love games made by Squaresoft!

    A community dedicated to the Megaten RPG series. Titles include: Shin Megami Tensei, Devil Summoner, Soul Hackers, Persona, Devil Children, Digital Devil Saga and more.

  • Xbox Gamers
    A community for gamers who blog about their Xbox gaming experiences (and games on other platforms).

  • Hyrule
    A semi-elitist community for sites related to The Legend of Zelda.

  • The Megaman Archives Mega Community!
    From One of the biggest Megaman sites around, a community with many other great Megaman pages!

  • SH Freaks
    A clique for the fandom of the Silent Hill series.

  • Soldier
    Soldier is a community for people who love games. Come join if you are interested. ^_^

  • Chrono Trigger Shrine Community
    The newest and best Chrono community around!

  • The Enhasa Community
    If you have any site that's related to any Squaresoft game, join the Enhasa Community!

  • New Romz
    Free roms and emulators for all systems. Guaranteed page hits. ALL NINTENDO ATARI SEGA AND MICROSOFT systems available for free rom or emulator download

  • Leonhart
    A support community to Squall Leonhart of Final Fantasy VIII.

  • Ivalice Alliance

  • Competitive Gaming - Tatsunoko vs Capcom
    Competitive gaming, console, pc, live or wifi

  • The World of Console Games 

    Console games are a type of interactive multimedia used for amusement. The game includes manipulable images (and generally sounds) produced by the video game console, and shown on a TV or alike audio-video system. Game itself is generally manipulated and controlled using a hand held tool linked to console known as a controller. The controller usually holds many buttons and directional controls (like analog joysticks) all of them having been assigned a reason for interacting with as well as controlling images on screen. The display, console, speakers and controls of console could even be incorporated in one small object recognized as the handheld game console.

    Game multimedia generally comes in the shape of a disc that could be inserted in the game console. Current advances have permitted games as well as game demos to be installed straight to the console by the Internet. Simpler consoles, though, might just have a permanent selection of incorporated games.

    Video games usually all hold different game play, objectives, aims, control-schemes, characters, in addition to other features. Every video game is generally contained on a particularly planned multimedia cartridge or disc, which are usually sold unconnectedly from console and one another. To play the particular game, you require the particular console for which it was planned. For instance, to play video game Sonic Adventure, you require using a Sega Dreamcast. The most well-liked consoles in market today (as of 2007 May) are the Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3.


    The different consoles each utilize diverse controllers. Controllers are the input devices used to interrelate with a game. So, for instance, if you had the game where you should control a character to get a red apple, you will be able to utilize a directional pad or an analog stick or ("D Pad") to travel your character to the apple to gather it. Video games are generally much more complex than this. In the game Pikmin for Nintendo Game Cube, player makes use of the analog stick to direct his character; "C" analog sticks to inform his Pikmin where to go or what to do, and "A" button for throwing the Pikmin.


    Many video games need a screen of some kind. In case of usual consoles, a TV is the most ordinary form of the screen used. The screen is utilized as the source of visual output. When the player pushes the buttons as well as moves analogs on controller, screen responds to actions and alterations occur on the screen, simulating genuine movement.

    Consoles utilize a big sized (albeit low-resolution) TV as their image output device: best for viewing at a larger distance by better spectators. Consequently, a lot of video games are planned for the local multiplayer play, along with all players viewing the same TV set, with the screen divided into several sections and every player utilizing a diverse controller. Video games have usually had access to fewer computing power, less flexible calculating power, as well as lower resolution displays. Devoted consoles were highly developed graphically, particularly in animation. This is since video game consoles had committed graphics hardware, able to load data immediately from ROM, as well as a low resolution output will look better on the TV because it obviously blurs pixels.