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  • A Look at Computer Games

    Gaming has been part of the human nature right from the beginning of human life on this planet. We enjoy playing games and even watching them while other does play these games. There are many games present around for you to pick at a time and play. There are many games which require you having a partner to play against while many games are there which you can enjoy on your own. Among such games computer games are ranked really high.

    For computer games you only need your computer or the computer game unit and obviously yourself. There are many games available to let you enjoy your time at you’re fullest; some of these games are work of fiction while other is the 2 dimensional or dimensional electronic versions of the REAL games.

    Let’s take a look at these games.

    Fiction games:

    These games are generally loved by children of ages not more then thirteen. They are involved in such dreamy thoughts so do they love fighting against monsters and other such things. These games are just based on fiction and usually have the goal to set a princess or a fairy free out from the clench of a HUGE monster, these games are usually 2 dimensional games.

    Sport games:

    Sport games are also available in the computer game format. You can play soccer, baseball, volley ball and other such sports while sitting in front of your computer. You do also have option to play against the computer and other humans and sometimes with the internet connectivity you can also play these games against other person sitting far and wide from your location. Cars, formula1, bikes and other racing games are also available in computer game format.

    Board and card games;

    These games are also available in computer game format, you can enjoy different sort of board games on your computer. Chess is better played against the chess master, don’t bother, it is a computer game in which you have a chess master as your competitor and the best part is that if you are not a good chess player you can learn gaming techniques from the chess master. Moreover you also have different games like solitaire, hearts and pinball installed in your computer at the time you have the Windows installed in it. Some other games like scrabble and monopoly are also available for you and you can also play them against other player Online.

    War games:

    War games are also available for to enjoy your time with. These war games are mostly three dimensional. These games do come from the real wars from the past such as Crusaders, a popular computer war game and Commandos, with its all editions is derived from the World War 2. Similarly many other games are available online to give you a craving for.

    Believe it or not! A man played an addicting game for non-stop eighteen hour and was hospitalized for several weeks, so if you find some interesting game it is suggested to give it only some time...no matter how appetizing it is!