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  • Magic l'Adunanza
    Tutto, ma veramente tutto su Magic l'Adunanza

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  • Jeu de Tarot: International
    Jeu de Tarot, Tarockspiele,

  • Beginner's Poker
    Learning poker card games draws poker players to poker sites which help them to understand poker rules and game variations including Stud, Texas Holdem and Caribbean Poker

  • Spadoholics
    A Community filled with sites that are dedicated to the game of spades. As people who love the game of spades this is a community that supports your creativity and originality for something you like. The common bond is the game and uniting an online spading community. Most people who have a hobby enjoy reading about that hobby and interacting with others who share a same interest. With multiple sites, we are sure to have lots of information, insight, more community, and hopefully some laughs. {;}

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! News
    A great community with Yu-Gi-Oh! Sites. Please Join.

  • On-Line Card Game Websites
    This Community is for NON Gambling On-Line Card/Game Websites such as; Gin, Spades, Hearts, Canasta, Backgammon, Checkers or Chess. All websites must be a family friendly environment. Websites that allow profanity, vulgarity, offensive language or discrimination of any kind will be deleted from community.

  • Memory Exercise Cards - Alzheimer's and Dementia
    This community is for those who are interested in Memory Exercise Cards for Alzheimer's and Dementia; and anyone who want to increase your memory. These cards have themes by Norman Rockwell and The Saturday Evening Post and trigger memories from the past. For more valuable information visit: http://www.memoryjoggingpuzzles.com

  • Poker portal
    Best poker sites, tournaments, bonuses, rules, reerolls, live tournaments WSOP, EPT, APT ...

  • Card Games: A Deck for All Games

    To sum it up; card games are any games using a deck of playing cards, either conventional or game-specific. Countless card games subsist, comprising families of associated games like poker. Some games have officially consistent rules, whereas rules for others can differ by region, person and culture. A card game is usually played with a deck of cards planned for that game which are equal in shape and size. Every card has 2 sides, the face plus the back. The backs of cards in the deck are similar, preventing a player who cannot observe the card's face from recognizing its value. The faces of cards in the deck might all be distinctive, or might comprise duplicates, depending on a game. In both the cases, any card is voluntarily identifiable by its face. The set of cards which make up the deck are identified to all players making use of that deck.

    The composition and form of European technique playing card decks have emerged over above 600 years, plus a variety of cultural decks have appeared. The deck usually seen in the English-speaking cultures, as well as widespread in various other countries where deck has been commenced, is Anglo American poker deck. This deck holds 52 unique cards in 4 French suits (Spades, Clubs, Hearts and Diamonds) and 13 ranks running from 2 (deuce) to 10, Jack, Queen, Ace and King. Commercial poker decks usually comprise 2 to 4 Jokers that are used in a few games as special cards. 

     Other decks, although not as much popular internationally, are basis of a specific culture's card games. For instance, a 32-card deck is recognized as a piquet deck as well as is utilized for a lot of European card games comprising Belote, the very popular and accepted card game in France. A same deck utilizing German suits (leaves, acorns, hearts and bells) is used for card game Skat that is a national card game in Germany plus also hugely popular in nearby countries like Austria and Switzerland. Variants of 78-card Tarot deck, mainly famous in the United States for its utilization in occultist divination, are ordinary through the majority of continental Europe to play family of card games called as Tarot, Tarocco or Tarock, depending on language. 

    There are even some card games which need many copies of the similar deck, or copies of subsets of the deck. For Pinochle as well as its parent Bezique, sole "deck" is collected of 2 piquet or poker decks with all the values from two to eight removed; initially this in fact needed 2 poker decks, however the game's recognition led to commercialization of the particular single deck of required values. Four-player variants normally use 2 such decks; the correspondent of all the high-value cards from four poker decks. For the games like blackjack, multiple full poker decks are utilized to dishearten card counting, as well as variants of a lot of other card games make use of numerous decks shuffled jointly when large number of players are partaking. In this situation, a "deck" refers to 1 set of the essential cards, whereas a shoe or pack refers to compilation of "decks" as the whole utilized to play a game.